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Paypal Cracks Down On Conservatives

Kyle writes: WSJ Interview of PayPal CEO: https://outline.com/2FUJSU Dan Schulman makes clear that Charlottesville was the impetus for an intensified crackdown: WSJ: When do you think people first took note that PayPal makes business decisions according to how they align … Continue reading

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A Chinese Massacre In 1871 Los Angeles

From David Kipen’s new book, Dear Los Angeles: The City in Diaries and Letters, 1542 to 2018: Frank Lecouvreur writes: October 24, 1871: There has been a Chinese massacre this month, a most disgraceful affair, the like of which is … Continue reading

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Declining Global IQ

John Walker writes: That is the thesis explored by this insightful book, which is packed with enough “hate facts” to detonate the head of any bien pensant academic or politician. I define a “hate fact” as something which is indisputably … Continue reading

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