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The Best Of Nathan Cofnas

Here’s a selection of his recent tweets: Attention alt-righters/@RichardBSpencer: Your most important intellectual, Kevin MacDonald, says that you should welcome Jews into your movement. Indeed, it would be "nonsense" not to. https://t.co/57cfwtFD8y — Nathan Cofnas (@nathancofnas) April 29, 2018 * … Continue reading

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Alt Right Sunday: Styxhexenhammer666

Styxhexenhammer666 is my guest today. He joins here. Styx is a prolific Youtube personality with a recent video on this: “Any significant criminal enterprise has the cash needed to pay scientists to replicate DNA in order to plant false evidence. … Continue reading

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A Time Of Tribalism

Rod Dreher writes: The book starts by talking about how Americans’ blindness to tribalism as a social and anthropological fact has been disastrous for us overseas. She quotes President Woodrow Wilson saying that “America does not consist of groups” — … Continue reading

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