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What Makes For A Good Interview?

I asked people for suggested questions for Richard Spencer, who was on my show Alt Right Torah Talk Sunday, but almost all of the proposed questions contained statements, moral judgments (which put people on the defensive and close down a … Continue reading

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Shot in the Dark (2017)

This is the first reality show I’ve watched. It’s mesmerizing and beautifully shot. It has the production values of a movie and it’s a wonderful way to see Los Angeles at night. It’s a reality show version of the film … Continue reading

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Jews & Their Enemies

Comments at Steve Sailer: * The Jewish establishment and their Gentile colleagues clearly have a symbiotic relationship with the anti-Semitic Far Right. They need each other, define themselves in opposition to the other and justify the need for their continued … Continue reading

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Having It Both Ways

Comments at Steve Sailer: * Men and women always had a libido but civilization existed to tame it and channel that libido into the socially useful institution of marriage and family – husband and wife could hump like bunnies and … Continue reading

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Nazi Drummers II

Comments at Steve Sailer: * It’s interesting that Eric Garner lost his martyrdom in favor of Heather Heyer. They both had a kind of static health where they could roll out of bed in the morning but any additional stress … Continue reading

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