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There Went My Afternoon

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What Does ‘Nigger’ Mean?

From Urban Dictionary: * A fully grown niglet Theres one of them niggers * A word that everyone else is afraid to define except in utter seriousness, for fear of being branded a rascist, in total ignorance of the colloquial … Continue reading

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What Does ‘Kike’ Mean?

From Urban Dictionary: * A racist name for a Jewish person. American History X – “You think I’m gonna sit here and smile while some fuckin’ kike tries to fuck my mother?” * Kike is derived from the hebrew word … Continue reading

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What Is A ‘Bogan’?

Who’s behind Urban Dictionary? Aaron Peckham. Jewish? Urban Dictionary: A fascinating beast. The majority of the species are hideously repugnant and unintelligent, and yet they manage to breed in ever-increasing numbers and populate an area known as the outer west. … Continue reading

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JSwipe Vs Tinder

Swiping both apps in Los Angeles shows that more than 90% of the girls on JSwipe appear white compared to about 30% for Tinder. JSwipe girls rarely have tattoos, Tinder girls often have tattoos. Most JSwipe girls appear classy, most … Continue reading

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