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Vox Day Vs Jordan Peterson

Comments at Steve Sailer: * Why has Vox Day started to attack Peterson? Is it because he has rational, rather than supernatural, explanations for human behaviour? * Vox: No, it is not because he has rational explanations for human behavior. … Continue reading

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The Case For Podcasts

Steve Sailer writes: I don’t have the patience to listen to talk when I could be reading. Comments: * No offense, but since you are a Baby Boomer, I feel compelled to ask: were you aware that you can download … Continue reading

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Vox Day Vs Richard Spencer

Vox Day blogs: I remember being surprised when I interviewed Richard Spencer and discovered him to be to the Left of the entire Brainstorm community and surprisingly vague about anything that was policy related. This was the great extremist, the … Continue reading

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Is Vox Day Anti-Semitic?

Rabbi B writes: I have to confess, this one is a personal favorite. I am a Jew and I have been reading Vox Day’s blog since he left World Net Daily. Before that, I was reading his column at WND … Continue reading

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