NYTIMES: A Year After Charlottesville, Disarray in the White Supremacist Movement

From the New York Times:

“Now, we are facing so much pushback that people are not in the mood to celebrate,” said Richard B. Spencer, the white nationalist and prominent alt-right figure, who declined to attend Sunday’s event. “And I’m not going to do something demoralizing.”

The coalition of old-school racist groups, neo-Confederates and Internet-savvy white identitarians that brought about last year’s rally has proved, in the months since, to be a disparate herd that cannot agree on a leader or a particular brand of intolerance. Mobilizing large numbers of white supremacists in public appears to be a challenge, even though nobody would ever say they have gone away. In fact, their discriminatory messages are now echoed by some politicians and commentators…

But in a sign of the fracturing of the alt-right, before, during and after the Sunday rally, hard-core racists and neo-Nazis, whom Mr. Kessler has publicly disavowed, took to social media to attack him and this weekend’s protest, which was billed as a second Unite the Right event. Many of those attacks took place on Gab, an online forum to which many on the alt-right migrated after they were kicked off Twitter.

The attacks came from both well-known members of the alt-right and from anonymous followers. Their argument, in essence, was that Mr. Kessler was not extreme enough.

One Gab poster, who identified himself as Sterben, said that Mr. Kessler should have been more welcoming to Nazis and other such groups “because there’s more of us and history is never on the side of the cowards.”

A week before the event in Washington, Andrew Anglin, who runs the neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer, published an article titled, “Don’t Go to Unite the Right 2 — We Disavow.”

“We cannot win a battle on the streets,” Mr. Anglin wrote.

Instead, he counseled taking part in events like “Stormer Book Clubs,” where followers “can get together with other people who think like we do in real life.”

“We need to remain in the realm of the hip, cool, sexy, fun,” Mr. Anglin wrote. “We need to speak to the culture. We do not want the image of being a bunch of weird losers who march around” while “completely outnumbered and get mocked by the entire planet.”

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Stephen Miller’s Uncle Raises Question: Should Jews Have Been Allowed To Immigrate?

Peter Brimelow writes:

Of course the great Stephen Miller‘s uncle Dr. David S. Glosser [Facebook] didn’t think he was raising the question of whether Jews should have been allowed to immigrate to the U.S. when he wrote Stephen Miller Is an Immigration Hypocrite. I Know Because I’m His Uncle. If my nephew’s ideas on immigration had been in force a century ago, our family would have been wiped out(Politico, August 13, 2018).

Painfully obviously, Glosser didn’t think at all. His entire screed is an embarrassing immigration-enthusiast emotional spasm, so self-absorbed that he congratulates himself on his work for the notorious refugee racketeer HIAS (which has changed its name from the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society as it ran out of Russian Jews) with absolutely no consideration of whether the importation of his sob-story Eritrean illegal, who apparently sought asylum at the Texas border despite passing through other countries and now has a wife and child but is still unemployed,is something his fellow-Americans should or actually do want.

I refuted Glosser’s underlying fallacy in Alien Nation no less than TWENTY-THREE (!!!) YEARS ago: just because Stephen Miller’s family made it on to the lifeboat, is he not supposed to point out that taking on more people will cause the boat to capsize?

Maybe Glosser has forgotten that part of Alien Nation?

But a more profound point was made by the late, and greatly missed, Lawrence Auster—himself, as he noted, “a descendant of Eastern Europe Jews”—

If America had known when admitting Jewish immigrants between 1880 and 1920 that the descendants of those immigrants would oppose America’s right to have any future control over immigration, would America have admitted those immigrants in the first place?

As a descendant of Eastern Europe Jews, I never would have imagined that to be descended from immigrants requires a person to have more allegiance to future prospective immigrants than to America; nor would most European-Americans who are descended from 19th and early 20th century immigrants imagine such a thing. But many Jews, as well as many Catholics, think otherwise. They think that because they come from immigrants, their sacred mission in the universe is to crusade for open borders and deny any ability on America’s part to have any say about who comes into this country.

I say that this is a legitimate point to make to the open-borders Jews and Catholics. “Was this part of the deal when your grandparents were admitted into America? That the fact that America let your grandparents into this country requires you to subvert America’s national existence? In that case, your grandparents shouldn’t have been admitted in the first place.”

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Coverage & Commentary On Unite The Right 2

Dennis Dale comments: “None of this is going to mean anything by this time next week, but it’s a win for Kessler. His critics were right–turnout was awful, but that didn’t turn out to be the disaster imagined, because the counter-protesters were so many and so manic. The story is a bunch of antifa starting fights with cops, harassing reporters and making general spectacles of themselves.
The low turnout and tepid speeches of Kessler et al only serve to make the lefty reaction look more paranoid.”

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Google Blocks JWed For Being ‘Exclusively Jewish’

JWed posts:

We need your help! Last summer, google blocked JWed ads in their display network because our ads said ‘Exclusively Jewish’. In a follow-up phone call, they advised us we need to remove the word ‘exclusively’ from not just our ads, but also from everywhere on our website!

We obviously did not comply because the whole reason for the existence of JWed is that we are Jewish-only and we promote Jewish marriage in order to reduce intermarriage. At the time, we spoke with some attorneys and decided against taking any action.

However, the situation with them just escalated in this past week, so it’s time for us to take action.

What Happened Next?

Last summer, advertising was not our top priority which is one reason why we chose not to fight Google at the time. However, in recent weeks, we have made plans to increase our advertising efforts to give you faces of more Jewish singles to choose from. Google Advertising remains one of the most effective ways to advertise so we looked for ways to work around their block. We determined we were willing to remove the word “exclusively” from our ads and landing page if we re-targeted our ads to people who we know already clicked on previous JWed ads (on Facebook, JPost.com, etc). This was our audience after all so how could Google object?

Boy were we shocked with their response! Last year they said the problem was “exclusively” but this time, they told us on the phone that we must also remove the word “JEWISH” from our ads AND everywhere on our website. They said our dating site would only be acceptable to them if it was a plain vanilla dating site for ALL people.

Why Are They Doing This?

Clearly, the reason for their policy is that they believe any service which exclusively serves one religion or ethnicity is somehow discriminatory. However, the Jewish religion demands that Jews marry only other Jews. This makes Google’s actions religious discrimination. Google can claim we are also religiously discriminating but there is one large difference. CHOICE. Consumers have the option to use any number of THOUSANDS of dating sites – many of which are far larger than JWed. If JWed does not serve their needs, they may try another dating site. However, Google has a MONOPOLY. There are no other cost-effective choices, particularly in display ads and retargeting.

Aren’t They Violating Their Own Policy?

You will note in their rejection message above and in their own written policies, they say advertising to specific ethnicities or races is prohibited but nothing is said about religion. Does google really want a fight to decide if Judaism is a religion or an ethnicity? After all, ANYONE can convert to Judaism. Last we checked, that makes us a religion.

Aren’t Their Actions Clearly Illegal? How Can this Happen!

Religious discrimination, violation of their own policies, abuse of monopoly power… take your pick. There is plenty here which seems illegal but the government has done nothing about this. Google is powerful so action will not be taken unless we band together and take action.
What Will JWed Do About It?
Honestly, we don’t know yet. If we make too much noise, Google could retaliate. We rely on their company for many critical business services including search advertising for which we have not been banned from yet; but we believe the time has come to do something.

Our next step is to raise awareness of this issue, and network with people within the Jewish community and beyond who care about religious freedom. Will that lead to Google dropping their ban, will it lead to us suing Google? We don’t know yet how that will play out.

In the meantime we need allies.

How Can I Help JWed?

Today all we are asking is for one simple thing. FOLLOW US ON TWITTER and FORWARD THIS EMAIL TO ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS.

We have revived our Twitter account and we plan to raise awareness of what has happened here. We need you to retweet our posts to influential organizations, politicians, and other individuals who you think can help.

Through these efforts, we hope to gain free legal representation, public relations services, and other advocates who can help us traverse the terrain ahead. Ultimately, we would be happy if our efforts placed public pressure on Google to change their policy and lift the ban against JWed.

WE BELIEVE THIS IS POSSIBLE WITH YOUR HELP. After all, does Google really want to be accused of HINDERING an organization dedicated to reducing intermarriage 70 years after the Nazis tried to wipe us off the face of the earth?

Let’s make sure this is a battle that Google cannot win.

See you on Twitter! – https://twitter.com/JWed

Ben Rabizadeh,
Founder & President, JWed.com

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Ross Douthat: The White Strategy

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* Ethnogenesis is most effectively implemented by attacking random members of a group for being members of that group.

In self-defense they begin to feel a sense of solidarity with other members of that group.

This is so profoundly obvious I’m unclear why it even needs to be mentioned.

It is true Trump lost the GOP many Romney voters, especially educated women, lost the popular vote, and carried the electoral college by winning PA, MI, and WI by very thin margins.

Trump, however, ran a disorganized campaign and was, notwithstanding some unique strengths, not a very good candidate. He also had the good luck of running against a nepotism/affirmative action candidate that was extraordinarily unpopular and united the GOP in a way Obama and Bill Clinton did not.

Other politicians can take Trump’s coalition and expand it just by being more personally appealing than him.

Would Tom Cotton, for instance, running on a Trumpy platform, lose many of Trump’s voters? I think he wouldn’t, but would also take back many of the educated McCain/Romney voters who defected or stayed home in 2016. The same for Mike Pence or Kris Kobach.

I seem to remember Ross linking right to iSteve several times before. But these days the kooks and “Featured Book: Mein Kampf Adolf Hitler” lined up to the right of the blog prevent that from happening.

Douthat is a conservative Catholic on social issues and centrist on economic issues, and I believe has likely been a straight-ticket GOP voter his whole adult life.

Also a Stevosphere member of long standing.

* As my favourite Jewish academic and Labour Lord likes to say, it isn’t that the English hate the Labour party, it is that the English think the Labour party hates them.

Obviously, the truth is that the English are racist for noticing…

* Sailer has catalogued the ‘Flight from White’ for a number of years now. Many Whites will simply attack other Whites in order to fit in with the zeitgeist or simply make up tall tales of their own ethnic background (Elizabeth Warren’s supposed ‘native ancestry’ fits this).

But there will be a core who do not shy away from the fight. And it is this core upon the future hinges.

* The polarization is inevitable. If you see anti-Whitism, don’t bother trying to argue against it. Just expose it. Encourage the person to say the most anti-White things possible.

* He wasn’t the perfect candidate but he was by far the best candidate, and one of the best of any era in this country. Trump’s no Demosthenes and he won’t have his speeches compiled as masterpieces of literature but his ability to get unlimited free publicity with his antics is just the right tool for survival in postmodern democracy.

* Republicans who are unapologetic, tough and practical – while also fair – will get more respect from all but the elite minorities. For example, cracking down on illegal immigration will be more popular with Hispanic voters than open borders. Why people can’t understand that a Texan roofer named Jorge might not be happy about a couple million Central Americans suddenly showing up just confounds me. And as for black voters, you aren’t going to outdemocrat the democrats, so appeal to the types who have their lives together and dislike the BLM punks. They need a reason to vote Republican, and if you just imitate the democrats with racial platitudes there is no reason.

Pandering will get Republicans nowhere. It will have diminishing returns for democrats as well. Now that minorities have more of their own candidates to choose from, why vote for some supplicating white sad sack?

The way forward for Republicans is to be unapologetic Americans. That includes being unapologetic about race, culture, religion, etc. You don’t gain admirers by grovelling. Especially not among your typical working class minorities.

Now the elite minorities are another story. They have assimilated to white elite norms of contempt for non-elite white Americans. Most of them are fully onboard with the new Morgenthau Plan for non-progressive white America. It’s a shame but it is what it is, and there’s probably not much that can be done about it besides clamping down on immigration from Asia and letting the Sarah Jeong’s of this world have it with both barrels.

And speaking of her, that fine lady is now Ross Douthat’ s esteemed colleague. Mr. Douthat, always ready to condemn any hint of something inoffensive and normal such as white solidarity, hasn’t made a peep about Jeong’s racial trash-talking. Her employment at the Times is only going to make him look more like a hypocrite than he already does. I mean, you could make excuses for Charles Blow, but not an ungrateful little snake like her. So every time he gets on his high horse about racism, people are going to know he works for a paper that endorses racial hatred of whites.

That can’t be a very comfortable position to be in for Ross.

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