Jessica Drake – Educator


* Wikipedia says, “Jessica Drake (born October 14, 1974) is the stage name of an American pornographic actress and sex educator.”

Wow, who knew that getting boinked on camera for a living was a ticket into becoming an “educator”. And here my niece went to school for five years!

* Gives new meaning to the phrase “school of hard knocks.”

* Edge in what? Believability? Do you think Drake’s accusation is more credible than Hayek’s?

* Desirability, dear fellow. 5’8 Anglo vs 5’1.5 swarthy Mexican dwarf. I Still think that 10,000 seems excessive, though. Perhaps Trump was a fan of her work?

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The Hamilton Phenomenon

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* The Hamilton phenomenon says something weird about the elite psyche. Surely, without the minority angle, nothing about the Founding Fathers would ever seem cool and become a cultural phenomenon. By casting everyone as non-white and making it into a rap video, educated Americans of all political persuasions, Republicans and Democrats, can come together and celebrate a shared history. The dark cast removes the stain of whiteness that is there throughout European and American history.

* Hamilton is a good signal to determine those who are in the elite and those who aspire to be in the elite. I know some people my age (20s) who want nothing more than to see this play. They have the soundtrack, read the Ron Chernow book, and talk about how Miranda is a genius yet they have not seen the play themselves, since they are still broke and paying their massive student loans. It’s really weird to witness but easy to figure out why. Going to or wanting to go see Hamilton is an excellent virtue/progressive signal, maybe the best one out there now since too many people own a Prius.

* Unlike our current crop of pro-plutocrats, however, Alexander Hamilton was most decidedly not pro-immigration:

The safety of a republic depends essentially on the energy of a common national sentiment; on a uniformity of principles and habits; on the exemption of the citizens from foreign bias, and prejudice; and on that love of country which will almost invariably be found to be closely connected with birth, education, and family.

“The opinion advanced in the Notes on Virginia is undoubtedly correct, that foreigners will generally be apt to bring with them attachments to the persons they have left behind; to the country of their nativity, and to its particular customs and manners. They will also entertain opinions on government congenial with those under which they have lived; or, if they should be led hither from a preference to ours, how extremely unlikely is it that they will bring with them that temperate love of liberty, so essential to real republicanism? There may, as to particular individuals, and at particular times, be occasional exceptions to these remarks, yet such is the general rule. The influx of foreigners must, therefore, tend to produce a heterogeneous compound; to change and corrupt the national spirit; to complicate and confound public opinion; to introduce foreign propensities. In the composition of society, the harmony of the ingredients is all-important, and whatever tends to a discordant intermixture must have an injurious tendency.

“The United States have already felt the evils of incorporating a large number of foreigners into their national mass; by promoting in different classes different predilections in favor of particular foreign nations, and antipathies against others, it has served very much to divide the community and to distract our councils. It has been often likely to compromise the interests of our own country in favor of another. The permanent effect of such a policy will be, that in times of great public danger there will be always a numerous body of men, of whom there may be just grounds of distrust; the suspicion alone will weaken the strength of the nation, but their force may be actually employed in assisting an invader.

* The rock musical Rent (Broadway debut 1996), principally about living with AIDS/HIV, had a very similar vanity-signaling effect on the culture at the time. It was the must-see/hot ticket show for a number a years. It ran for 12 years on Broadway.

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I am grateful for the headline. That way I know who to root for in the story.

Yair Rosenberg writes for Tabletmag:

Earlier this month, The Atlantic announced the appointment of longtime reporter Jeffrey Goldberg as its 14th editor-in-chief. As the publication’s press release noted, Goldberg has written 11 cover stories for the magazine, and interviewed an impressive array of world leaders, including President Obama, Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu, Britain’s David Cameron, Cuba’s Fidel Castro and Jordan’s King Abdullah.

Across the political and media spectrum, most cheered Goldberg’s appointment. As Conor Friedersdorf, an Atlantic writer who has often differed with Goldberg politically, put it, “[he] subscribes to the core values that enable the finest work we produce.” At the same time, some criticized the choice on account of Goldberg’s prior support for the Iraq war, and his perceived interventionist bent on matters of foreign policy.

And then there was the anti-Israel hub Mondoweiss, which attacked the appointment because it whitewashed the fact that Goldberg was a Jew.

Gosh, that sounds awful. Let me have a look at that awful awful Mondoweiss piece:

Today’s breathtaking announcement by Atlantic media’s owner David Bradley that Jeffrey Goldberg will become editor-in-chief is curious not for the accolades it showers on the star writer — “no greater journalist writing in the country today” — but for the laundering it does of his resume.

There is no mention of his one book about Israel, Prisoners: A Story of Friendship and Terror. No mention of the fact that Goldberg emigrated to Israel and served in its armed forces as a corporal. No mention of his Iraq war resume, giving America grounds for invasion with bad reports on Saddam’s connections to Al Qaeda and his manufacture of chemical weapons. No mention of Goldberg’s substantial Israel portfolio. The word Israel appears only once in the announcement, in the delectable phrase, Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel.

It would seem that both the Atlantic and Goldberg are determined to pivot and rebrand. I’m no longer the go-to expert on Israel, no longer the war-drum-beater who told the world that Israel was about to attack Iran, I’m no longer the most powerful Jewish reporter in the country. I’m Jeffrey Goldberg, American editor in a literary line that goes back to Hawthorne, Emerson and Robert Frost. And so much for the fearful anti-semitism of my youth; I’m past all that.

Bradley says that “Jeff’s best-known writing” is “long-form narrative for the print magazine.” Well that’s not entirely accurate. Narrative has never been as important to Goldberg as information and driving an argument. And he is surely best known today for his writing about the Middle East, notably those flat tires in Iraq and his promotion of Israel, like his first and only book.

The media establishment is today a self-protection racket, for all the journalists who supported the greatest foreign policy disaster in U.S. history. “In five years, however, I believe that the coming invasion of Iraq will be remembered as an act of profound morality” — Jeffrey Goldberg said that in 2002, Yousef Munayyer reminds us today.

Goldberg has appeared at numerous Zionist events, for instance the American Jewish Committee conference, and Zionism 3.0, where he was introduced by Charlotte Halle, English edition editor at Haaretz, as “for many, the preeminent voice among American Jews.”

The word Jew made no appearance in the Atlantic announcement. Here’s the cleansed resume paragraph from Atlantic media:

As background only, here is Jeff’s story in brief: raised in New York, Jeff attended the University of Pennsylvania, where he edited the Daily Pennsylvanian. Beginning his career as a crime reporter for The Washington Post, Jeff moved through The Jerusalem Post, The Forward, New York magazine, The New York Times Magazine and The New Yorker. Jeff joined The Atlantic in 2007. Across his nearly-10 years with us, Jeff has written many of our most-successful cover stories, including this year’s “The Obama Doctrine,” and has interviewed many world leaders on our behalf including King Abdullah of Jordan, Cuba’s Fidel Castro, Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, and the former British Prime Minister David Cameron.

For the record, Goldberg made aliyah to Israel in his early 20s (30 years ago) and spent several years in Israel. “The Diaspora was the disease, and Israel was the cure,” he wrote in his book. He felt that a red river of anti-semitism flowed just under the surface of American life, and even after he decided to come back stated that America was “unhealthy for Jews and Judaism.” He came back because he realized he wasn’t all that comfortable with Israeli culture, and because he was journalistically ambitious, which is of course no crime.

Goldberg said when his book came out in 2006 — “I love Israel, with all its flaws. I’m deeply committed to its safety and its future” — and he demonstrated as much with all his reporting that promoted the American involvement in Israel’s battles in the Middle East. Like the famous Point of No Return in the Atlantic in 2010, which pressured the United States to take action against Iran before Israel launched its jets within the next year. That article was one of several that earned him the reputation that even his colleague Robert Wright noted: a “channel” for Benjamin Netanyahu.

Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, that is. Just in case you all forgot who Benjamin Netanyahu was…

Not long ago (2011) Goldberg observed, shrewdly (and he’s nothing if not shrewd), that while he vehemently disagrees with the left’s position that Zionism is a settler ideology, the left “has the wind at its back.” Five years have passed, and the wind has become a simoom: we’re in the 50th year of the occupation and leading Israel Zionists talk fearfully about growing fascism in Israel and on September 29, as he was negotiating this job, Goldberg at last cashiered Netanyahu with a piece in the Atlantic titled the “Unbearable Smallness of Netanyahu.”

Seems like Goldberg has chosen just the right time to pivot.

Steve Sailer writes: “Brooklyn-born former Israeli army prison guard Jeffrey Goldberg has been named editor of The Atlantic, capping a memorable journalistic career of succeeding by failing. Goldberg is one of the many advocates of the U.S. Iraq Attaq of 2003 whose careers haven’t been hurt at all by helping plunge his country (or co-country) into an utterly unnecessary foreign policy catastrophe…”

“Unlike Editor Goldberg, I don’t have a co-country. So I take it personally when my fellow Americans get slaughtered due to the conventional wisdom of Invade the World / Invite the World.”


* In 2002, I read Scott Ritter’s little book on Iraq, which as I recall basically predicted everything that has happened since then: ethnic cleansing and Sunni-Shiite conflict, a dangerous quagmire for US soldiers, and a completely destabilized Middle East and ascendant Islamism. He was convicted later of exposing himself online to a federal agent who claimed as part of a sting operation to be 15. He obviously has issues, but it sounded to me plausible he might have been deliberately targeted by people who knew his peccadilloes and wanted payback for opposing the Consensus.

* David Remnick should write the Jeff Goldberg story: about how a lowly Israeli prison guard fulfilled the destiny of his race by ultimately editing the magazine of Emerson, Holmes, and Longfellow and turning it into even more of a critical studies clickbait factory.

* It is remarkable how, post 2001, some Jews have pushed their own peculiar agenda and their own particular ethnic interests off on this country, without even feeling the need to disguise it much. I guess the rest (the interests of gentiles) is just commentary.

* Goldberg served his country (his actual country, that is) by standing guard over captured rock-throwers, so I’ve no doubt that he’s a very brave man. He also suffered at the hands of “juvenile pogromists” on Long Island (his wikipedia page makes for rather funny reading).

* I don’t see the problem. He clubbed Palestinians over the head to protect Israeli nationalism. Now he’ll be clubbing Americans over the head to prevent American nationalism. All in the name of Jewish Supremacy.

* Interestingly, Jeffrey Goldberg, Stephen Glass, and Sabrina Rubin Erdely, are all Penn graduates and wrote for the school newspaper there. What an incubator!

Although he didn’t attend Penn, “award-winning” journalist and longtime editor of The New Yorker, David Remnick, was also a strong advocate of Iraq Attaq; and now almost 15 years later we’re getting advice from him on Russia. It also appears that his wife and son work at the NYT.

I have a feeling that earlier this year, President Obama decided to grant Jeffrey Goldberg all that Air Force One interview time for some of the same reasons that Fidel Castro chose him for a chat back in 2010: Jeffrey Goldberg is just a lot of fun to have around and he gives really great advice…

* Goldberg’s Wikipedia page quoutes him on his hatred for the “Irish pogromists” who made his adolescence on Long Island miserable and how he says that’s why he fell in love with Israeli muscle-flexing.

* In Goldberg’s mind, nationalism is a privilege reserved for Israel.

* As far back as 1965 I became convinced that The Atlantic was a front publication for America’s intelligence community. The content was sophisticated but was always just a little off, a little not quite right. I confess that my opinion was based on nothing more than my reading between the lines of the magazine. Yet, in over fifty years I have found nothing that changed that early opinion. Appointing Jeffry Goldberg editor only confirms my long-standing belief. Move along! Nothing to see here.

* I have no idea how the editor of The Atlantic gets chosen, but of all their regulars, Goldberg has always been the one to write the most blinkered and provincial articles-all Israel, all Zionism, all the time.

Of course, I exaggerate, but as with many other public intellectuals of his tribe, a lot of America simply doesn’t exist in this guys’ mental landscape. And much of their writing is cogitation of a certain specialized hair-splitting type that feels far removed from the historical Anglo-Saxon mindset.

Even in today’s Atlantic, much of Goldberg’s stylistically undistinguised writing comes across as that of an outsider nerd banging on about his special concern, a lot like Coates. Unlike the New York Times, The Atlantic’s print edition still doesn’t come across as (((The Atlantic))).

How did Goldberg get the job? Where do the reins of power at The Atlantic lead and who holds them?

* People have been speculating about George Plimpton’s Paris Review literary mag for a long time.

I would want to be on George Plimpton’s side.

I’ve never seen anybody make the accusation, but Tom Wolfe’s Ph.D. is from Ground Zero of CIA recruitment: the American Studies program at Yale.

* I forgot that Jacob Weisberg was for the Iraq War. And then he spent the next 6 years collecting his “Bushisms” mocking W’s speech.

* I think Mickey Kaus might have been against it. At the least, he was not really for it. Kaus is (to my mind) a sensible guy, and one of the better, more lucid writers, who was ever at Slate – an E-zine that went rapidly down hill after Michael Kinsley left it. Like NPR, it now exists as a parody of itself.

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Systematic Racism!

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* It’s absolutely the biggest conspiracy theory of all time.

The best part is, it’s actually the current scientific hypothesis for why there are different outcomes between the races! This is how bad the social sciences are in the west. A conspiracy about how white people keep down minorities (except Asians) because they just hate their skin color is the best theory that they can come up with.

It would be hilarious if it wasn’t for the consequences of policies made from this idea.

* What is systemic racism, really? It is the logical result of an absolute denial to accept group-related genetic differences. The logical equation is this: all groups of humans are equal in their abilities and temperaments, humans of groups differ in their outcomes on significant life measures, so some force must be affecting the ability of some groups of humans to translate abilities and temperaments into desirable outcomes on significant life measures. Since that force cannot be genetic, it’s called systemic racism.

The same principle applies in physics to dark matter. Something is affecting the model, it acts in certain ways, so lets just identify it. The difference between systemic racism and dark matter is that systemic racism has an obvious alternative theory, which is a genetic tendency toward economic capability that is largely correlated with continental ancestry.

* Respectable Opinion is full of conspiracy theories. The Holocaust is a conspiracy theory. I’ve read books that all but theorized Hitler communicated with Himmler and Himmler with his subordinates through telepathy. But that’s something regular people accept, and is useful to the ruling class, so it’s okay.

There’s something, a little, little something, to the negative connotation to the label “conspiracy theory.” Because once you start doubting the Narrative, once you swallow the red pill, you have kicked loose from the earth, with nothing either above or below you but the array of Crazy/Evil Opinion. It’s hard. You can easily fall into actual, not pretend, crazy territory. Because you don’t know what to believe. The divine right of kingship? Okay. The dictatorship of the proletariat? Why not?

At least with the blue pill you’re spared the effort, and can choose between preselected options. Like a supermarket. Freedom is hard.

* When are people going to start asking the most pertinent question of all:

“What’s so bad about racism in the first place?”

* To me the pseudo-science of systemic racism resembles a tautology, one that hangs together with the pseudo-legal concept of disparate impact, thus:

Where (you think) there is disparate impact, there is systemic racism. Where (you think) there is systemic racism, there is disparate impact.

All of this is made possible by the tabula rasa postulate, which states that all humans are equivalent blank slates.

In other words, all differences in human outcomes can be explained by racism.

Couple this with the fact that schools are now teaching two additional postulates, 1) All white people are racists, and 2) Nobody else is, and then you arrive at the corollary: Everything is white people’s fault.

Thus the conclusion: All failures of everyone else to achieve as much as white people are disparate impacts caused by systemic racism.

It’s all one big circle jerk.

* Right now, I’m sitting in a diner, waiting for my lunch. The TV set above my head is tuned to ESPN. (Mercifully, the sound is off.)

ESPN has suspended all regular programming for marathon coverage of the Josh Brown (a white football player) domestic-abuse situation. (Josh Brown is a white football player – a kicker.) Josh Brown – did I mention that he is white? – is a wife-beater. Josh Brown, a white guy, needs to change his name, because he is not a noble brown man – he is as white as a bedsheet.

Whites are rapists – look at that drunk swimmer who fingered that smashed girl! Whites are wife-beaters – look at Josh Brown!

Whites are evil.

Now they’re showing a jeans commercial. But I’m sure they’ll be all over the Josh Brown situation when they come back.

* Invisible racism is such a powerful force it operates backwards through time, retarding negroes in the past who had no idea whites even existed. How else to explain Africa always having been backwards?

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Monsieur Hulot and the Flynn Effect

Steve Sailer writes: Here’s a photo from 1966 of my father and I trying to recreate the famous poster shot from Mon Oncle on my dad’s new Honda 90:


For decades, this photo and the uncharacteristically carefree expression on my worrywart dad’s face were vaguely associated in my mind with the words “French comedian.”


* That’s colossally depressing but largely true. That old Paris is not completely dead, but dies a little more every year.

It is really painful to see photos of great western cities during the West’s long 1880-1970 peak. We’ve got better phones and better TV shows, but living in a safe central city among your own people is something we no longer can do.

Western whites no longer engage in the big building projects we once did. So many grand marble buildings in cities like Detroit, built to last 300 years, had to be abandoned after about 30-40 years. Now we know better, that building houses and schools that will be useful for hundreds of years by our descendants is a waste. They will be nice places for a few decades, then on to the suburb another 8 miles away from the growing underclass dominated city and older suburbs.

My parents certainly could not have sent me to the public schools they went to and their parents paid very good money to build.

I watched a few French language movies recently. Almost all the movies I watch are historical dramas involving war or politics, including all of these:

1. The Battle of Algiers – Great movie, I think this was the third time I watched it.

2. Army of Crime – Good recent movie about a Resistance cell in Paris that engages in some successful terrorist attacks before they are all caught, tortured and executed. Also based on historical events. It had a fairly big budget and has some great sets showing working class Paris in 1940-41, complete with plenty of chicken and horses, as well as portraying the relationship between the public, French collaborators, and the German army in Occupied France. Lots of fun chases, explosions, capers, gunfire, etc.

3. Au revoir les enfants – Great movie too, probably too pro-((())) for many iSteve readers. But hey, you can always just root for the Nazis. I know I was rooting for the French army in the Battle of Algiers against the filmmakers’ intentions! It is interesting to see that an upper-class boarding school’s conditions were pretty primitive compared to a lower class school today.

4. Le Roi Danse – A recent big-budget movie about Louis XIV’s earlier years. I quit watching about 2/3 of the way through. It wasn’t horrible and had some good moments, and lots of expensive and pretty sets, but kind of slow paced and lacking in any action.

5. Danton – Great movie with a young Gérard Depardieu as the lead.

6. The Dreamers – Rated NC-17 for good reason. Partly in English. Not for everyone, but I liked it a lot, nobody makes movies like it in the USA. The basic plot during the near-revolution in 1968 an American student in Paris becomes friends with some weird French twins who may or may not be in an incestuous relationship with each other. The twins’ large and slightly shabby Paris mansion and literary icon father are right out of Wes Anderson’s Royal Tennanbaums and Squid and the Whale.

The next movie I will watch is also foreign, this time Swedish, the big budget multi-part Arn, about some crusaders.

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