Hello Recovery! Goodbye Morbid Self-Reflection!

One of the benefits of working a 12-Step program is that you learn about the five character defects — selfishness, self-seeking, dishonesty, inconsideration and fear. With this clarity, you waste less time in morbid self-reflection.

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Respect For The Alt Right

Richard Spencer says the Alt Right’s premiere intellectual is Kevin MacDonald. Spencer has apparently not read the Nathan Cofnas critique of Kevin’s book Culture of Critique but he has praised Kevin’s response to Cofnas.

Oxford scholar Nathan Cofnas writes:

…MacDonald’s work has been influential—enormously so—in a certain segment of the lay community, namely, among anti-Semites and adherents of the burgeoning movement known as the “alt-right.” It is hard to overstate his influence among this group. Some years ago Derbyshire (2003) called him “the Marx of the anti-Semites,” and with the advent of the alt-right his audience has grown substantially. Richard Spencer, whom the New York Times calls “the leading ideologue of the alt-right movement” (Goldstein 2016), introduced MacDonald at a conference with one sentence: “There is no man on the planet who has done more for the understanding of the pole around which the world revolves than Kevin MacDonald” (Spencer 2016). Andrew Anglin, who runs the most popular alt-right/neo-Nazi website, says in his “Guide to the Alt-Right” that “MacDonald’s work examining the racial nature of Jews is considered crucial to understanding what the Alt-Right is about” (Anglin 2016). The New York Times describes MacDonald’s trilogy as “a touchstone” for the alt-right, a movement encompassing hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people (Caldwell 2016). MacDonald is also editor of the Occidental Observer, a fairly popular magazine that is devoted largely to interpreting current events in the light of his theories about Jews. Anglin (2016) lists the Occidental Observer as one of eight “sites and people” playing a key role in the alt-right movement.

The refusal of scholars to engage with MacDonald has had unintended negative consequences. Many of his enthusiasts see him as credible because there has never been a serious academic refutation of his theories. The strategy employed 18 years ago—declaring his work to be anti-Semitic and/or to not reach the threshold to warrant scholarly attention—had the doubly unfortunate effect of intimidating scholars with a legitimate interest in the topic of Jewish evolution and behavior, and creating a perception among some laypeople—even if it was false—that MacDonald was being persecuted by the academic community.

On a recent show with Big Cat Kayla, Greg Johnson said that reading Kevin MacDonald’s book Culture of Critique was the thing that sent him into white nationalism.

Greg: “The most important book that I read early on in that period [of investigating white nationalism] was Kevin MacDonald’s Culture of Critique. That really put together a lot of things for me. I was getting a doctorate in Philosophy and a lot of my reading was in continental philosophy and I was dealing with schools of thought like deconstruction and the Frankfurt School and post-modernism and it didn’t make sense to me. There were certain things about it that struck me as incoherent. And when I read Kevin MacDonald’s approach to treating these Jewish intellectual movements as tools of Jewish dominance and upward mobility and stigmatizing traits of gentile society that they didn’t like, a lot of things fell together and made sense that simply hadn’t made sense before. That was extremely powerful to finally get these things making sense. At that point, I started reconceiving everything. Before that, I was a race realist. I had read The Bell Curve. I had this idea that maybe we could work things out within the framework of conservatism. Then I realized that we can’t be libertarians, we can’t be conservatives, we certainly can’t be neo-cons, we have to reconfigure America along racial nationalist grounds.”

Cofnas tells me: “I had more respect for the alt-right 5 months ago. I thought people believed CofC because they took it as part of the package of politically incorrect truths. But now they refuse to even consider that they were mislead. They are no different from liberals who deny race differences.”

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I Can See Clearly Now

My iphone over-heated and automatically shut off, killing my stream. It was only 83 degrees outside. Sad!

Art Bell: “THE LIGHT SHINES IN – Luke just admit you are talking about the Donald – he stopped taking your calls. Good advice in this video, but I miss the anger at poor drivers threatening to do you harm by their very presence behind the wheel of a car – meanwhile errant gas emissions from your human tail-pipe threaten you and those around you.”

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9 Things Alt-Right Men Need to Know

Sophie writes:

5. Stop trying to purge people!
What kind of whacked out brain-fry drug den did you just crawl out of to think that any white person to the right of center is disposable? Identify them for what they are, and then utilize whatever it is they do or can do to benefit our immediate concerns. We have other concerns than just Zionism. We have to get legislation passed or stopped. We have to spread the word of first and second amendment breaches and violations. We have to talk about immigration. We have to talk about MS-13 and other gang activity. We have to have discussions existing on the internet that we don’t have a million hours in the day to have. I personally am very critical of basic CivNat conservatives. They are weak and ineffective at conservatism, but i never advocate for purging their huge, beautiful, rarely banned platforms. Stop being ridiculous. Immediately.

6. There’s no such thing as “Punching Right”
Nobody is above criticism. Nobody is above harsh criticism. Nobody. This doesn’t mean that person needs to be “purged” from the movement. We refine ourselves through defending our positions, we refine our arguments by having them more than once, and losing more often than we win. We refine our ideology through discussion; and you aren’t the gatekeeper of how that discussion is meant to be hosted. Anyone who has put their name or pseudonym forward accepts the inevitability that they will be challenged intellectually, morally and spiritually. There is surely no reason to schism between fans of this guy or that guy. That guy is not the be-all end-all, and this guy is only the guy until we find a better guy. Avoid cults of personality.

SUICIDE WEEKEND Weirdness. Come on up to the Lab. #Bourdain #Spade #Pizzagate #QAnon #GreatAwakening

* The ADL’s hate symbols index.

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Boston Globe: Man arraigned on charges of illegally recording patrons of Brookline restaurant’s bathroom

Boston Globe:

BROOKLINE — The owner of a kosher Chinese restaurant stayed out of public view Friday as he was arraigned for allegedly secretly recording patrons as they used the bathroom at his restaurant.

Tze Ping Chung, 63, of Weston was arraigned Friday in Brookline District Court, where he pleaded not guilty to 15 counts of photographing sexual or intimate parts without consent.

Chung was ordered to stay 100 yards away from the Taam China restaurant in Brookline and from the primary victim identified thus far — a waitress at the restaurant who Brookline police said was recorded “dozens of times and possibly more” while she used the toilet.

The waitress, who ended a relationship with Chung six years ago, told investigators she did not know she was being recorded in the restroom of the restaurant. The video files were allegedly found on Chung’s iPad and iPhone, which were seized by Weston police as they investigated allegations that he sexually assaulted a girl who is “known to him,” according to police reports.

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