I’m Going Mainstream

From my JDate profile: "I have big goals and dreams. I’ve achieved some of them. I love that I’m a go-getter. I’m hopefully going to be doing more mainstream stuff. I’ve got an acting coach and a singing coach… Also, I’m doing anal now."

Chaim Amalek emails:

This shtick does not work. It just doesn’t. Your problem in life is that you don’t pour your energies into projects (books, TV, internet) that might actually pay off for you. And it isn’t as though you have not had any chances. Unlike some others here, you have. Just a few that I can name:

1. Internet radio – you never made enough of an effort.
2. Getting a tv show on cable. Ditto.
3. Fan bus tours. Easy money, but you demurred.
4. That woman, I forget her name, the one who was really really REALLY ferociously mad at you and for very good reason. She offered to set you up with internet gaming sites, which would have been a PERFECT fit for you. She had the connections. And you went out of your way to piss her off.
5. Your books. You pick topics that nobody cares about and that everyone knows nobody cares about. And you pick them over other, much more commercial work that has been offered to you.
6. Holly. I met her, and she is a real sweetie. Breeding material. You really screwed this up, way more than I did my Norwegian infatuatee (who since becoming a scientologist has fallen off my radar).
7. Remember that consulting gig? You billed way way too little per hour and squeezed too lightly.

OK, that’s at least seven opportunities that have come your way that most of us would have run with far and deep. SEVEN! And those are just the ones I know about for the last few years. No doubt there have been others. Sigh . . . what might have been.

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