Who Accused FSU Star Quarterback Jameis Winston Of Rape? Erica Kinsman

Erica Kinsman (on the left) apparently is the one accusing Jameis Winston of rape.

Erica Kinsman (on the left) apparently is the one accusing Jameis Winston of rape.


The formula for winning in college football is to have as many thugs on your team as possible. The downside of this is that you will have to put up with more rapes on campus.

No charges are pending for Jameis Winston because we learned Dec. 5 that Erica Kinsman no longer wishes to press charges. There was DNA from two guys (from Jameis and from presumably her boyfriend) found on her panties and on her face.

CBSNews reports Dec. 5:

The accuser told police that she remembers consuming several shared drinks with friends at Potbelly’s, a Tallahassee establishment, but was not sure how she ended up in a cab with the suspect (Winston) and other males. Other Florida State football players named in the police documents of the case include defensive end Chris Casher (Winston’s roommate at the time) and defensive back Ronald Darby. The accuser told police that she was assaulted in the bedroom of a first-floor apartment matching the description of the residence shared by Winston and Casher.

The accuser did not identify the suspect as Jameis Winston until January 2013, when the woman saw Winston in a class. The Tallahassee Police Department alerted Winston to the allegations, but the case was then suspended on Feb. 11, 2013 “due to a lack of cooperation from the victim.”

According State Attorney Meggs, DNA tests of the accuser’s pink shorts and underwear revealed not only Winston’s DNA but an unknown source. Meggs indicated there was little cooperation from the accuser in identifying that source, which is why the case took as long as it did. When asked if the woman had sex with more than one male, Meggs told reporters “that would be a logical conclusion.”

Here are excerpts from the Tallahassee police report released Dec. 5:

ARRIVAL ON SCENE: Upon my arrival I was meet by FSU PD Ofc Harris 432 who stated that the
victim was sexually battered by an unknown male in a off campus location.
DESCRIPTION OF SCENE: The victim was not able to provide the address of the incident location.
PHYSICAL AND EMOTIONAL CONDITION OF VICTIM: The victim had no obvious signs of external
injury. She was slightly upset but was able to clearly communicate. As the investigation continued
several bruises began to appear on the victim.
OFFENSE/VICTIM’S ACCOUNT: The victim stated that she was at Potbellys drinking with a male friend
( Marcus Jordan) and they were drinking same cup. As she was walking through the club she was
offered a shot by an unknown white male who is friend with Jordan. A short time later she texed her
friend Monique Kessler. She then stated that she possibly got into a cab and was driven to the unknown
incident location. She stated that she can not recall how she met the suspect. Upon arrival at the
incident location they went into the suspects room and the suspect removed the victims clothes and
began to have sexual intercourse with her. The victim stated that he thinks the suspect was wearing a
condom during the incident. At some point a person passably the suspect roommate entered the room
and told the suspect to stop. The victim stated that she was telling the suspect to stop but he did not,
she further stated that he was trying to kick the suspect off of her but was unable to. The suspect also
pinned the victims arms down. The suspect then took the victim to the bathroom and continued the
assault. She does not remember dressing herself, the next thing she remembers is ridding on a scooter
that was being driven by the suspect, and being dropped off at Call and Stadium. She then walked back
to her dorm and called FSUPD.

OFFICER OBSERVATIONS: Upon my arrival I noted that the victim was slightly upset and was not able
to fully recall the incident. She was very cooperative during the investigation. Forensics responded to
TMH and took photos of the victim.
suspect was a black male wearing jeans, and a red T-shirt.
EVIDENCE RECOVERED: I collected the victims outer clothes from her dorm room, She was unable to
recall where her underpants were.

On December 7, 2012, the Florida State Police Department contacted this agency about a possible
sexual battery that occurred off campus. Officer Fallis responded to and made
contact with FSU officer Harris (432) and the victim . told Officer Fallis she was at Potbelly’s
drinking with some friends. She then remembers getting into what she believed was a cab and was
taken to an unknown location. Once they arrived at the incident location, she and the suspect went into
a bedroom and the suspect took her clothes off, and began to have vaginal intercourse with her.
was unsure whether the suspect wore a condom.
According to ., she told the suspect to stop and tried to physically resist him; however, he had her
pinned down by her arms.
At some point another male entered the bedroom and told the suspect to stop. The suspect then took
. into the bathroom and continued the assault. Her next memory was that she was on the back of a
scooter with the suspect driving. She was dropped off at Call St. and Stadium Drive. She walked to her
apartment and called the police.
. was transported to the Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare (TMH) emergency room for treatment
and evidence collection. According to the Sexual Assault Information Sheet, . “had vague
recollection of events from last night. Reports vodka 5 cups and shot of something @ bar. Unknown
Perp states held down by arms & legs. Now (with) generalized muscle aches and vaginal tenderness.”
The Sexual Assault Nurse notes some redness on knees and the top of her left foot. She also
noted brown bruises on left knee and on her right elbow.
I initially made contact with in the emergency room. She appeared to be very tired, but lucid (not
intoxicated). We spoke briefly.
did state that she and her friends went to Potbelly’s earlier in the night at about 11:30 and had
some drinks, (she estimated about 5). Somehow she got separated from her friends and next thing she
knew she was in a taxi with several males. She then remembers being on a bed in a bedroom with a
male subject holding her down, having vaginal intercourse with her. At some point a male entered the
room and told him to stop. He responded by taking her into the bathroom and continuing what he was
described the male as a black male that was about 6’2″ tall, with a dark complexion, and had hair
that looked like it needed to be cut. She said that he had “kind of Asian looking eyes.”
described the male that interrupted the incident as being not as big and having dreads. She
couldn’t remember more than that about him. couldn’t remember anything about the apartment
other than the suspect’s door didn’t lock. She did remember being driven home on a black scooter.
Due to exhaustion, it was decided to conduct a second interview later in the day. ended our
conversation by stating she wasn’t sure whether she wanted to press charges.
came to the station on 12/7/13 at about 3:45pm. According to , her friend Ashley told her that
she saw a text message on phone from someone that told her to meet him outside. stated
she does not remember getting a text like that but that she checked her phone and didn’t see a text like
arrived with her friend Monique. Monique told me that she remembers was talking to a larger
black male near the bathrooms. Monique stated the male stated he was a linebacker on the football
team. She did not know whether left with this subject.
In a recorded interview started out by stating she and some friends went to Potbelly’s bar. While
there, they were drinking from some of their friends’ cups until their friend Marcus arrived. Once Marcus
arrived she, Marcus and Monique shared 5 drinks. stated she heard that she also had 3 shots but
does not remember them.
Later in the night a shorter “Indian” looking guy was following her around and a bar tender came to her
rescue. The bar tender also gave her a shot. She described the bar tender as being a tall, black male
but could not described him further.
described the suspect as being between 5’9″ and 5’11” with big muscles. She said that he had a
“short afro” that looked like it needed to be cut.
stated there were three males, besides the driver, in the Cab. She remembers a FSU card was
used to get a discount on the cab and that a credit card was used to pay for the ride; but, she does not
remember which male subject paid. She stated that all three males in the cab with her were black
males. The male the interrupted the incident sat in the back seat and a larger male with a shaved head
sat in the front seat. According to , the male in the front seat was repeatedly telling her to call her
friend, but she was unable to reach Monique. said that he seemed to know who Monique was;
although, he never said her name.
She described the apartment complex where the incident occurred as “looking like a hotel”. She said
the complex appeared to be two buildings with an area between them. The apartment was on the
ground floor and there were two scooters (red and black) parked in front of the apartment. was
unable to say where the complex was located.

stated the apartment in which the incident occurred was on the first floor. The room where the
incident occurred had a broken door that did not shut all the way. The room had a queen size bed with
red and gold sheets. The sheets had a polka dot kind of design on them. The bedroom had its own
According to she remembers lying on the bed and the suspect taking her clothes off. stated
she was “kinda incoherent” and was “just laying there”. When he started to have intercourse with her,
she stated she told him to stop but wasn’t yelling or anything, she was quiet because she felt sick.
stated the suspect started out on top of her but then rolled her over and tried to put her on top of
him but she “just laid there”, so he rolled her back over. After a little while a male subject she described
as a bigger but not taller (than the suspect) black male came into the room and told him to stop. The
suspect responded by picking up and carrying her to the bathroom. Once in the bathroom, the
suspect told that he could lock that door. He then put her on the ground and continued the assault.
After the assault he told her that she “could go now”, but then said he’d take her home on the scooter.
The suspect put her on the back of a black scooter and drove her to the intersection of Call St. and
Stadium Dr. and dropped her off. The drive from the apartment to the intersection was less than 2
minutes. When he left he turned account on Call St and went towards the new Chick Fil-A between
Tennessee St. and Call St..
wasn’t able to describe the person that came into the room during the incident any more than the
night before.
stated she is familiar with the football player she was talking to by the bathrooms that Monique
mentioned. According to that person is a freshman football player and his name is Chris. She
does not remember seeing Chris after that. She did recall Chris saying that he was looking for his
roommate. She does not think Chris was in the cab after they left the bar.
Following the interview, still wasn’t sure whether she wanted to press charges.
Efforts to locate a suspect via records at Yellow Cab were not productive. The GPS units on the
vehicles are not precise enough to eliminate enough cabs to focus the search. Several cabs left the
area of Potbelly’s bar the night in question and several of those cabs has FSU card swipes. An email
was sent to all cab drivers working that night asking for drivers to come forward when provided the
demographics of the passengers and the pick-up location. No drivers responded.
On January 10, 2013 I received a voicemail from . In that voicemail, stated she thinks she
knows who the suspect is. According to the suspect is in one of her classes.
I returned ‘s call on January 11, 2013 and scheduled a meeting with her later that day. According
to the suspect’s name is Jamies Winston. I was called later in the day by a Patricia Carroll. Ms.
Carroll advised she is and is also an attorney. Ms. Carroll asked that all communications go
through her. Ms. Carroll advised and her family were concerned because Winston is a big name
on campus and she is afraid of the consequences of pressing charges. Ms. Carroll said that she has
advised to seek some counseling and then decide whether she wanted to press charges.
Investigator Osborn made contact with Winston to schedule an interview. Winston stated he had
baseball practice but would call back later to set a time. The next day, Dan Jansen Esq. arrived at the
station and said he had been retained to represent Winston. Mr. Jansen was given enough particulars
to allow Winston to be able to recall the incident. Jansen stated he would be in touch. Jansen was
later contacted. He stated he did not think it was in his client’s best interest to give a statement at this
According to the FSU Police Department CAD notes, the FSU PD was called to on
December 7, 2012 at 3:29am reference a sexual battery. The caller identified herself as a Jenna
Wiesberg (phone number 561-886-7595). According to the CAD notes, Wiesberg stated her friend had
been raped. The notes indicate the victim met the suspect at Potbelly’s and was hit on the head
and kept blacking out during the incident.
FSUPD Officer Harris wrote the following in his report of the incident:
Upon arrival I made contact with the victim, . She informed me that
earlier that morning she was at Pot Belly’s, a local bar, with some
friends. She stated she had five mixed drinks that contained vodka and a mixer
that was unknown. said she wasn’t old enough to drink and that a male
friend of hers was sharing his drinks with her. did not want to provide
the male friend’s name because she knew he wasn’t off age to buy drinks either,
but he had a way to get drinks. informed me that while walking through
the bar a male (unknown to her) handed her a shot. After she consumed the shot
she stated she couldn’t remember what happen next. She thinks she got into a cab
with someone because they asked to see her student ID. stated she
blacked out after that. The next then she was able to recall was waking up on
the floor of someone’s apartment. She knew she wasn’t at Pot Belly’s, but she
couldn’t tell me exactly where she was. The next thing she remembered was being
on a bed and a black male having penis to vagina intercourse with her. She
stated she saw the door open and another black male with dreads in his hair
stand in the doorway while telling the other black male to stop what he was
doing stated she told the black male to stop, but he replied it would
be ok.
.’s text messages (SMS and Apple Messages) were downloaded from her phone during her follow
-up interview on December 7, 2012. There are no texts as described by Ashley. The only texts around
the time in question are to Monique Kessler (850-826-1994). That exchange is retyped below:
12:50am -Come Find Me
1:45am – do you have me I’d?
1:47am Kessler -I don’t think so! You grabbed it
1:48am -Fuckkkkkkk
1:49am Kessler -It was with your money
1:49am Kessler -Find it!!!
1:48am Kessler -Did you find it
2:24am -I didn’t find it. Where are you?
2:29am Kessler -His house
2:29am -I need to talk to you tomorrow.
2:36am Kessler -Where r u?
2:36am Kessler – are u home?
2:37am . -yes
2:38am -Are you in your room?
The next text messages on the phone for this conversation aren’t until 10:14am when Kessler replied
“No where are you”.
Another item of note regarding the text messages downloaded from .’s phone is that an unknown
individual sent . a text at 4:41am (an hour and 12 minutes after the incident was reported to police
and before she was transported to TMH) stating “I got spa-2”. immediately replied “will you text me
the answers pleaseeee.”
A preservation letter was sent to ‘s phone provider Verizon, the day of the incident and a Search
Warrant was alter served to retrieve those records. According to those records attempted to
contact Kessler twice (1:40 and 1:46), spoke to a Bria Henry twice (2:48 for almost 174 seconds and
2:56 for 72 seconds), Weisberg twice (2:48 for 524 seconds and 3:07 for 142 seconds), and a call from
home at 3:15 for 973 seconds.
The following morning, Bria Henry made sent a text to . apologizing for contacting s parents
despite her request not to do so.
I spoke to Bria Henry on December 18, 2012. According to Bria, she called . after . sent her a
text to please call her. . told her that she was at a party and got hit on the head and blacked out
when the incident occurred. Bria said did not give her any other details.
I have tried multiple times to get in touch with Monique Kessler; however, she has not returned any of
my calls despite my leaving her several voicemail messages.
In December 2012, Winston lived at 415 Chapel Drive on the first floor. That complex matches the
description of the incident location as described by . At that time, Winston’s roommate was Chris
Casher, a freshman defensive end with the football team.
This case is being suspended at this time due to a lack of cooperation from the victim. If the victim
decides to press charges, the case will be pursued.

I, RONALD DARBY, hereby having been duly sworn and affirmed hereby state the following as true and correct:
1. My name is Ronald Darby. I am over 18 years in age. I am a resident of Leon County.
2. On December 6, 2012, I went with Chris Casher and Jameis Winston to Potbelly’s. We arrived around 11:00
p.m. While there, I watched Jameis talking with a white female that had blonde hair. It appeared that the
female was pursuing Jameis. In an effort to continue to hang out with Jameis she was trying to get her
friend to go home with Chris Casher. As Jameis and this girl talked, she did not want him to leave.
3. Jameis Winston, Chris Casher and l decided to leave Potbelly’s and the same blonde female followed us out
of the club. This female did not appear intoxicated. She was able to walk out of the club, have a
conversation with all of us and use her cell phone to text her friend to join us. She even got in the cab with
4. When we returned to our apartment building, she followed Jameis into his apartment and into his bedroom.
5. Jameis and the girl went into his bedroom. The lights were on and the door was cracked open. The door did
not lock and did not close all the way because the lock was broken.
6. As the door was partially open, Chris looked through the opening and we could see her giving Jameis oral
sex. Chris continued to watch Jameis and the girl through the cracked door. He was playing jokes on Jameis
and trying to embarrass Jameis. Chris walked in Jameis’ room and the girl told Chris to get out. She then got
up turned off the light and shut the bedroom door. Chris and I could hear her and Jameis having sex. At no
time did the girl ever indicate that she was not a willing participant. In fact, she wanted more privacy by
closing the door and turning off the lights.
7. After approximately 20 minutes, I left the apartment and went upstairs to my apartment. As I was walking
to my apartment l saw Jameis leave with the same girl on his scooter. Approximately five minutes later,
Jameis returned on his scooter.
8. On November 13, 2013, I was interviewed by Monica Jordan. As a result of this interview she prepared this
statement based on what I told her. This is a true and accurate statement. Ms. Jordan has presented the
facts as I provided them to her. This statement is voluntary. I understand that Ms. Jordan is working on
behalf of counsel for Jameis Winston.

I, CHRISTOPHER (CHRIS) CASHER, hereby having been duly sworn and hereby state the following as true
and correct:
1. My name is Chris Casher. I am over 18 years in age. I am a resident of Leon County.
2. On December 6, 2012, I went with Ronald Darby and Jame is Winston to Potbelly’s. We arrived around
11:00 p.m. I met a white female with blonde hair. She came up to me and asked if I played football. When I
responded that I did play football she seemed more interested in me and gave me her telephone number. I
went off and started mingling with other people in the club.
3. When Jameis Winston, Ronald Darby and I decided to leave Potbelly’s and the same blonde female that
gave me her telephone number followed us out of the club. This same female wanted to leave with us in
the cab and virtually invited herself. She was not intoxicated. She was able to have a conversation with us.
She was not slurring or stumbling. She was using her cell phone to try and invite her friend to join us.
4. When we arrived at Legacy Suites, she got out of the cab and followed Jame is to his apartment and into his
5. Jameis and the girl went into his bedroom. The door was pulled shut but could not shut all the way because
it was broken. The lights were on.
6. Since the door was partially open, I looked through the opening and we could see her giving Jameis oral sex.
They had only been in the room a few minutes before I witnessed her giving him oral sex. Jameis was facing
the door with his hands on his hips while she was in front of him on her knees. I witnessed them both take
each other’s clothes off and lay on the bed. Jameis and the blonde female began having intercourse. As a
joke, I busted into the room to embarrass Jameis. The girl yelled at me, “get out.” She got up off the bed
and turned off the light and tried to close the door. I could hear them continuing to have sex. She never
indicated that she was not a willing participant. From what I saw she was a more than willing participant.
7. After approximately 20 minutes, I went into my bedroom . I could hear Jame is and the girl leaving. They
were talking to each other in a friendly manner.
8. On November 13, 2013, I was interviewed by Monica Jordan. As a result of this interview she prepared this
statement based on what I told her. This is a true and accurate statement. Ms. Jordan has presented the
facts as I provided them to her. This statement is voluntary. I understand that Ms. Jordan is working on
behalf of counsel for Jameis Winston.

This case was left in suspended status because probable cause could not be established given the
conflicting statements between what the victim told her friends and what was reported to police. In
addition, the victim was unwilling to pursue criminal charges at that time. Based on these facts and the
fact it did not meet statutory requirements for prosecutorial review (domestic related incidents), the case
was not submitted to the Office of the State Attorney. My Sergeant and Lieutenant were both aware
and in agreement with this decision in February 2013.
On November 12, 2013, we were made aware that a media source was inquiring about the investigation
and was requesting documents pertaining to the case. On November 12, 2013 I was directed to notify
the Office of the State Attorney of the case for the sole purpose of making them aware in case they
were to receive requests for information. After discussing the case at length, I was asked by ASA
Cappleman to send her the reports relating to the case.
On November 13, 2013, ASA Cappleman provided the Tallahassee Police Department scanned copies
of “sworn statements” provided to their office by Jansen.
The statements were typed documents that each had eight (8) numbered paragraphs, six (6) of which
address the night’s events. The statements are consistent in their account of the night’s events. In
summary the statements relay the following:
1. Winston, Casher and Darby went to Potbelly’s and arrived around 11 :OOpm. While at the
bar, a blonde female began speaking with Winston.
2. As Winston Casher and Darby left, the blonde female got into the cab with them (according
to Casher, she invited herself). The statements indicated the female was not intoxicated and
was able to carry on a conversation.
3. When they arrived at their apartment, the female followed Winston into his bedroom.
4. The door was pulled closed but was partially open because it was broken.
5. Casher and Darby watched as the female performed oral sex on Winston through Winston’s broken
bedroom door. They then saw the female and Winston engage in oral sex. As a joke Casher went into
the room. In response the female told him to get out. She then got up and closed the door and turned
off the lights. According to the statements, there were no indications that the female was not a willing
6. Approximately 20 minutes later the female left with Winston on his scooter.
ASA Cappleman asked that we attempt to re-interview the victim and her friends. She also asked that
we interview Casher and Darby as well. It should be noted that Casher was not initially interviewed due
to the fact the victim advised she was familiar with him and did not believe he was present when the
incident took place. Additionally, Casher did not meet the description the victim provided for the subject
who she said entered the room.
On November 14, 2013, Inv. Osborn and I went to the Moore Athletic Office in an attempt to locate and
interview Darby and Casher. As is common practice, contact was made with FSUPD to advise them we
were going to be on campus to conduct follow-up regarding an investigation.
Upon our arrival at the Moore Athletic Center, we were met by Monk Bonasorte. According to
Bonasorte, the Florida State University Police Department had been requested to direct all law
enforcement officers to his office if they were seeking to contact football players regarding this
investigation. Bonasorte then stated he believed Jansen had already arranged legal representation for
Casher and Darby.
While we were present, Bonasorte made phone contact with who he said was Attorney Jansen.
Following the phone call, Bonasorte informed us that Darby had obtained an attorney, but that Casher
had not. Bonasorte had staff summon Casher to the Moore Athletic Center. Bonasorte then stated he
would be Casher’s representative. Bonasorte is not an attorney so we explained that, in order to protect
the integrity of the case, he would not be allowed to be present. We then explained if Casher wished to
have legal representation, he could request an attorney and the interview would be re-scheduled for a
later date.
When Casher arrived, I explained to him that he was just a witness in the case, but was still allowed to
have an attorney if he wished. I also explained that we could schedule the interview at a later date to
allow him to consult an attorney if he wished. Casher stated he did not want an attorney and consented
to an interview.
Casher stated he, Darby and Winston went to Potbelly’s the night in question. He stated he met a
blonde female there but cannot remember her name. After getting her phone number he went off the
talk to some other people. Later in the evening he saw the same female talking to Winston.
As he, Darby and Winston were leaving, the female got into the cab with them. Casher stated the
female repeatedly tried to call her friend so that she could hang out with Casher; however, apparently
did not speak to that person.
Once back at their apartment (Casher and Winston were roommates), the female and Winston went
into Winston’s bedroom. After about 10 minutes Casher and Darby peeked in the room and saw the
fem.ale performing oral sex on Winston. Casher stated the door to Winston’s room was broken and did
not latch closed. A few minutes later he watched as the female and Winston removed their own
clothing and climbed on the bed and began to engage in sexual activity. Casher stated he went into
the room to see if the female would engage in sexual activity with him as well (as has happened with
other females he and Winston have brought back to their apartment); however, the female saw him and
told him to get out. A little while later, Casher stated he tried to video tape Winston and the female;
however, when the female saw him she again told him to leave. The female then turned off the light
and went with Winston into the bathroom.
Casher stated a little while later he heard Winston and the female leave and get on Winston’s scooter.
Casher’s statements during the interview were consistent with the statement provided to the police by
Attorney Jansen. The only discrepancy was when Casher stated he went into the room to surprise
Winston. When asked about this discrepancy, Casher stated he did indeed go into the room to try to
have sex with her as well.
Bonasorte stated he would contact Darby to obtain the name of his Attorney and then let us know so
that we could follow-up with an interview.
On November 14, 2013, Winston consented to providing a DNA sample via a Buccal (cheek cell) swab.
Before making Winston available to provide the swab, Jansen again stated, he was not going to allow
Winston to be interviewed by police.
In a report dated November 19, 2013, the FDLE Biology Section provided the analysis of their
comparison of Winston’s Buccal swab with the DNA referenced in their report dated August 27, 2013.
According to the report, the partial foreign DNA profile from the victim’s underwear matched the DNA
profile of Winston. Winston was excluded as the source of the DNA profile from the victim’s shorts and
could not be either included or excluded as a contributor to the foreign DNA profile recovered from the
victim’s face (based on the limited nature of the profile obtained from the victim’s face).
I had to leave town for several days on a pre-scheduled, work related trip to another part of the state;
therefore, Inv. Osborn interviewed Darby and witness Jenna Weisberg. Weisberg was the individual
who first contacted FSUPD. These interviews took place on November 15, 2013. See Inv. Osborn’s
supplement for details. Sgt. Baldwin re-interviewed witness Bria Henry in my absence. See her
supplement for details.
On November 18, 2013, Inv. Osborn advised he attempted to contact witness Monique Kessler
Kessler, however, told Inv. Osborn she would need to call him back because she was in the process of
speaking with investigators with the Office of the State Attorney. The content of that interview has not
been shared with this agency.
In addition, I was made aware that ASA Cappleman scheduled an appointment to speak with the
victim’s attorney later that morning. Inv. Osborn and I requested to be present at that meeting but our
request was denied. The victim was later interviewed by members of the Office of the State Attorney.
The specific details of that interview have not been shared with this agency.
At the request of the Office of the State Attorney, the blood and urine samples taken from the victim
were sent to Dr. Goldberg, with the University of Florida for additional analysis. Dr. Goldberg confirmed
the findings of the FDLE lab that there were no drugs found.
Witnesses Darby and Marcus Jordan (the person with whom the victim shared drinks earlier in the
night), voluntarily submitted Buccal swabs to be compared with the unknown foreign DNA profile on the
victim’s shorts. In a report dated November 22, 2013, both men were excluded as possible contributors
to that foreign DNA profile.
Witness Casher was contacted to see if he would voluntarily provide a buccal swab to compare against
the foreign DNA profile found on the victim’s shorts. Casher initially stated he would meet to provide the
sample. Inv. Osborn was later contacted by Casher’s Attorney, Adam Ellis. Ellis advised he wanted
time to review the facts of the case before deciding whether he would allow Casher to provide a
sample. The Office of the State Attorney served a search warrant to obtain a DNA sample from Casher.
On December 5, 2013, I received the FDLE report regarding the comparison of Casher’s DNA sample
to the other items previously submitted in this case. Casher’s sample was excluded as the source of
the foreign DNA located on the victim’s shorts, underwear, and face.
The previously unidentified sample found on the victim’s shorts was determined to belong to a known
acquaintance of the victim, Jamal Roberts. Due to concerns voiced by the victim’s attorney that the
blood submitted which showed no drugs did not actually belong to the victim, the State Attorney’s Office
requested that the blood sample be re-submitted for blood typing. The FDLE reported obtained on
December 5, 2013, confirmed the blood initially submitted did, in fact, belong to the victim.

Report: “FSU star Quarterback Jameis Winston’s football future and his freedom are at stake because of this alleged accuser, Erica Kinsman. Our sources have revealed that she is the one who has accused Winston of the sexual assault claim. This is her a week after the “alleged rape” going out to some sorority Xmas thing. Here is a picture of her above (on the left) on Gameday, posted by her sorority sister on the day FSU played Miami.”

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The woman accusing Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston of rape just issued a new statement in response to her detractors — “To be clear … THIS WAS RAPE.”

The accuser, through her attorney, is taking aim at Winston and his lawyer — claiming the defense of “consensual sex” is nothing more than “reactive damage control” after Winston’s lawyer learned the DNA in her panties matched Jameis.

News has spread that the charges will not be filled on the heisman hopeful and she has decided to fight back. It was has been said that all accounts of the incident were consensual and Winston and the accuser were seen together prior to the incident.

The statement says, “To be clear, the victim did not consent. This was a rape.”

The accuser is also calling BS on Winston’s claims that he has multiple witnesses to support his account of consensual sex … noting that Winston waited for months after the allegation was made before claiming to have witnesses.

“If [Winston’s lawyer] had knowledge of witnesses beneficial to Winston back in February 2013, it seems logical that [Winston’s lawyer] would have immediately provided those alleged ‘exculpatory witnesses’ to Detective Angulo. Theoretically, Detective Angulo would have taken the statements of the alleged ‘exculpatory witnesses’ at that time. Instead detective Angulo placed the case on ‘open inactive’ status.”

FYI — the accuser claims the alleged rape took place in December 2012 — and the investigation was closed in February ’13. The State Attorney has since ordered the case reopened after finally learning about the case last week.

Report: “Our inside sources have informed us that come next week, no charges will be filed.”

Report: The accuser is Erica Kinsman from Zephyrillis Springs, FL.

How It Works

Steve Sailer writes:

You would assume that the Jameis Winston case would have been a huge story in the New York Times all fall with lots of long think pieces about the Meaning of It All. After all, the prestige press has been getting worked up recently over Rape Culture on Campus and in the Military and the like. But it has been slow to delve much into this particular story about the star of the #1 team beyond laconic news accounts like this one because it runs into other social concerns: promoting black quarterbacks, and the worry that the woman is white.

In contrast, the NYT was all over a story a year or two ago about an obscure white college quarterback accused of rape in some place like Montana or Wyoming. He wound up acquitted.

And of course the NYT ran a couple of dozen stories promoting the hoax that a black stripper (who, by the way, was just convicted of murder) had been gang raped by the white Duke lacrosse team.

There’s a similar case at the Naval Academy where three black football players are accused of raping a female student, presumably white, but that has gotten some Serious Attention because that can be filed under the Sexual Assault Epidemic in the Military category (talk about bogus trend stories …). And the alleged rapists are not shattering stereotypes by being passing quarterbacks.

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