Banned For Your Political Views

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* Airbnb is apparently banning users who appear to be going to Saturday’s “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. They apparently are doing “background checks” including looking through linked Facebook accounts for crimethink.

This is a new and very aggressive front in the Social Justice War: targeting users because of their possible intent to go to a political event (a “signature strike”) and “unpersoning” them.

* It is getting more and more totalitarian. Eventually they will tell all companies (including employers) about anyone’s participation in a political rally, and then total excommunication will follow: you’ll no longer be able to buy food at the grocery store. It won’t be a problem because you won’t have any money, since you won’t have a job and your business will be boycotted out of existence. Your only option will be begging on the streets for food. SJWs will roam the streets searching for badthinker beggars, and will threaten anyone willing to give them food.

* As a software engineer in greater Boston for the last 35+ years, the number of female engineers I worked with in telecommunications (R&D) startups could be counted on one hand. Some were good, others were not. But the issue is usually not the capability, but the sometimes testosterone-filled environment. And I am not talking about cigars or sexist comments, only the amount of *drive* exhibited by young and smart males (I was average on all counts). It a technical design review meeting, “feelings” don’t enter into it! BUT IT’S NOT PERSONAL!

So in a way, I can understand that some women do not *like* that environment, but most move into other areas of tech where it is less masculine (or more people-oriented), e.g., IT or tech marketing, etc.

* It’s a common place observation that when a woman complains to you about problems with relatives, coworkers, or whatever she doesn’t want to hear your solutions, she just wants to unload her mood and have you validate her emotions. “Yes, yes, this is so terrible.”

You can see how this approach may be counterproductive in the corporate environment. “Our sales are down. Let’s all feel bad!”

Ironically, something of this dynamic may be happening in the celebrated witch hunt cases. SJW women complain about nasty brutes who say nasty things. SJW men come up with a solution – fire the brutes. But that’s not what the women had in mind. They just wanted to be the center of attention and gain status by using the most powerful weapon in their social circle – whining.

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