From “Like many others in Norway, he saw this with the religious eyes of the day: Banning Jews from Norway was nothing less than a Christian necessity. His son believed the opposite: How could a so-called Christian society behave in such an unloving and discriminatory manner? Had Jews not been created also by the hand of a loving God? How could it be that we cast them from our midst and condemned them to vilification?”

Torah makes no provision for non-Jewish citizenship in the Jewish state. Why should Christian states be different? The mere presence of Jews, let alone Jews thriving, denies the religious claims of Christianity.

“Highly romantic though it was, and designed to make Christmas eyes weep, Wergeland’s purpose was clear, which was to awaken his people to the reality of the asp in the heart of their newfound and hard-won constitution. They had to see that the clause went against the whole spirit of the constitution, and the very character of the Norwegian people.”

The very character of the Norwegian people is to welcome strangers? As Mark Twain noted, the Jew is everywhere a stranger and not even angels like strangers.

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