David Brooks (NYT) wedding registry is pure gold

Politico posts: “WEEKEND WEDDING – NYT’s DAVID BROOKS got married on Sunday to ANNE SNYDER, a freelance writer and director of the Character Initiative at the Philanthropy Roundtable, in a ceremony at the National Arboretum. Atlantic Media owner David Bradley and his wife Katherine held a rehearsal luncheon for Brooks and Snyder on Saturday. @kirstenpowers posts on Instagram: “Beautiful wedding of two beautiful souls. A love story for the ages. Congrats to Anne and David!””

I wonder how David’s ex-wife and children feel about this love story for the ages.

Economist posts: “His over-the-top praise for her in the acknowledgments from his last book (when they were in theory unattached) are pretty funny- so over the top that some Christian college used them recently as an example of the benefits of attending a small Christian college, since Anne Snyder was obviously such a great influence on old Brooksy:

“Anne C. Snyder was there when this book was born and walked with me through the first three years of its writing. This was first conceived as a book about cognition and decision making. Under Anne’s influence, it became a book about morality and inner life. She led dozens of discussions about the material, assigned me reading from her her own bank of knowledge, challenged the superficiality of my thinking in memo after memo and transformed the project. While I was never able to match the lyricism of her prose, or the sensitivity of her observations, I have certainly stolen many of her ideas and admired the gracious and morally rigorous way she lives her life. If there are any important points in this book, they probably came from Anne.”

* “gracious and morally rigorous way she lives her life.”

So that’s what they call home wrecking nowadays.

* I’m still hung up on the fact that Americans post a list of the gifts people should buy them online. Then they call it a “registry” to disguise the fact that they are disgusting hedonistic jerks.

* They have no class. They should ask their guests to give to charities. Why do they need all that stuff? They are old.

Amanda Marcotte posts: Weirdly, my gift idea for the man marrying his 23 year younger research assistant (Viagra bucket) is not on there!

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