Who Killed Michael Hastings, Jorge Haider?

Steve Sailer wrote Nov. 5, 2013:

People who make themselves obnoxious to the Washington-Wall Street axis of power tend to get in trouble on sex charges (Spitzer, Assange, and Strauss-Kahn). So, when investigative reporter Michael Hastings, who had brought down the top general in Afghanistan, died last June in a car crash in nice part of Los Angeles, I actually left the house to visit the scene. 

In person, while still somewhat puzzling, it looked less suspicious than in pictures online. Brave guys, I guess, are often brave about bad driving, too. 

Interestingly, blogger Paleo Retiree of Uncouth Reflections (and formerly of 2Blowhards, the best arts and culture blog of the previous decade) had been a good friend of Hastings. Here he interviews brother Jonathan Hastings about the late Michael Hastings.

Comments today at Steve Sailer:

* Steve, it might be a good idea to bump some of your posts about Michael Hastings in light of today’s Wikileaks confirming that the CIA had access to hack the onboard computer systems of cars.

* Re the stuff about being able to take control of car systems remotely – anyone know what kind of engine/braking management system the late Jorg Haider’s car had when it went off the road? Not saying CIA did it, but it was very convenient. People like Haider with many political enemies shouldn’t be driving alone.

* Whatever you call it, Mark Felt’s actions were not driven by ideology but by the fact he was passed over for FBI head by Nixon.

So Nixon had to pay. Fortunately for Felt, he had a way of hitting back at Nixon. Nixon’s pre-election antics were enough to require him to step down.

The opposition to Trump, what form is it taking? Well, if it’s like the case of Mark Felt, we won’t know for decades.

It could be ideological or personal, but most important: does Trump have a weak point as Nixon did?

* I suspect it will eventually be confirmed that the FBI applied for a warrant from the foreign intelligence surveillance (FISA) court over the summer in order to monitor four members of the Trump team suspected of irregular contacts with Russian officials. The FISA court turned down the application asking FBI counter-intelligence investigators to narrow its focus. According to one report, the FBI was finally granted a warrant in October.

The media is ignoring the FISA request because it damages the story, if the Russians were working with Trump why did the courts reject the warrant to tap the lines of Trumps team members ? Lack of evidence suggests the Russia reports are not backed by any hard evidence…If the FBI was eventually granted the warrants to tap the phones it makes the Obama administration look sinister, wire tapping the campaign of the GOP candidate…which is much worse than anything Nixon did.

* A black man is arrested for making eight different bomb threats to Jewish organizations, and USDOJ charges him with one count…of harassing his ex-girlfriend.

I was hoping Jeff Sessions would be using a different playbook than the one Eric Holder used.

* US, from big Britain to big Italy.

From a nation built by people of trust to a nation divvied up by peoples of treason.

Given the growing diversity and competing interests, everything will be seen as ‘treasonous’ by some group. Wasps, Jews, blacks, browns, yellows, Muslims, and etc all have different visions of what American should be. That means one man’s patriotism is another man’s treachery or treason.

So, what was once considered Trust is now Treason. So, Trump’s nationalism and concern for working class is seen as ‘treason’ by some who even call for Deep State mafia-like coup or Military takeover. But to white patriots, globalists are the treasonous ones.
To white citizenists, illegal immigration is treason. To illegals and their supporters, secure borders is ‘treason’ against Statue of Liberty.

As common themes, bonds, and trust fall apart, the operative text of US will not be the Constitution of the Founders but Machiavelli’s THE PRINCE.

Each group will have to learn the Art of the Mafia.

* The security apparatus is a natural reaction to multiculturalism and the resultant political polarization. Large numbers of people in this country have no real ties of loyalty both to the state and their fellow citizens. Had the Democrats stolen the election, I had no intention of recognizing H. Clinton as the legitimate President. And I was quite prepared to do my own part to greatly increase the ethnoreligious tensions, via the instigation of a right-wing BDS movement.

Even an immigration moratorium of that length would not be enough. We need to deport a significant number of citizens-on-paper-only (subversives) from this country, or we need to explore a civil divorce of the states.

The CIA came into existence because the US and the UK could no longer rely in MI6 to carry out the work of global subversion by itself. The British were broke after WWII, we were not.

The people that make up the FBI aim to win criminal convictions, very by-the-book. They are not at all equipped to act as foreign subversives or as a secret police. That’s why we have both the CIA and the SPLC.

The USSR made this much easier to identify because all of this was centralized in the KGB, which remained organized using military ranks.

The allegation that Russia hacked the election results is prolefeed.

The actual allegations seem to be:

-Trump owes Russian banks a substantial sum
-Trump covered up his taxes for that reason
-Trump isn’t a billionaire
-Trump had a deal for debt forgiveness that involved recognizing Crimea
-Trump promised no retaliation in exchange for Russia hacking the DNC

As far as I know, there isn’t much evidence for any of these claims. Believing even one of them assumes that Putin is a reckless gambler who just pulled off the greatest upset in power politics since Louis XVI backed us in the Revolution. But yet he couldn’t cover his tracks from the NYT and WaPo.

It is much easier to cut through the Gordian knot to see the real agenda:

The permanent political class wants to overthrow Putin for the following reasons:

-Putin has resisted Cultural Marxism
-Putin obstructed the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood
-Putin supports Iran as a counterbalance to US hegemony
-Jewish tribal hate towards the Russian Orthodox

Tayip Erdogan is a far bigger threat to us than Putin.

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