Goldman vs Sailer

Steve Sailer writes: [David P.] Goldman [aka Spengler] is real smart but his judgment is iffy: e.g., he collaborated with Lyndon LaRouche on at least one book.

I’m not as smart, but my judgment is a little more trustworthy.

But of course I’m widely considered a dangerous wacko because I worry about whether Invade the World, Invite the World is truly prudent.

Dr. Kill writes: “The only thing worse than the old [David] Brooks is new Brooks. Never underestimate what an older man will do to keep banging a babe 25 years his junior.”

* There is a modest possibility that the phrase “Sailer’s commenters are not happy about this latest trial balloon” occasionally gets passed up the chain.

* Well, they’re probably right this minute huddled together in the oval office, and at some point you’d hear: “How many divisions does Sailer have?”

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