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Political Differences In Marriage, Israel vs Palestinians

Imagine this. 35 000 people come marching towards your border armed with rocks and petrol bombs and starts attacking. What do you do? The only acceptable answer is to stop them with force. That's exactly what Israel is doing. And … Continue reading

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Strain Counterstrain Physical Therapy

From Gadibody.com: Strain and Counterstrain has an extremely broad application for physical ailments. This technique can be used for very acute traumas (sports injuries, motor vehicle accidents, ankle sprains, post-surgical, etc.) or for chronic conditions (osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, TMJ pain, headaches, … Continue reading

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Vox Day Vs Jordan Peterson

Comments at Steve Sailer: * Why has Vox Day started to attack Peterson? Is it because he has rational, rather than supernatural, explanations for human behaviour? * Vox: No, it is not because he has rational explanations for human behavior. … Continue reading

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