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I Want To Show You My Heart

Does that look ok to you?

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Parents And Children

Last night I was watching episode five of season three of the TV show Halt and Catch Fire. It featured yet another young man yelling at his dad for not being around enough decades earlier. It seems like most movies … Continue reading

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Falling In Love

I fall in love way too easily, way too quickly, and way too intensely. I’m an easy target for mockery because I can’t help wearing my feelings on my sleeve. I’ve had long stretches of my life feeling helpless, feeling … Continue reading

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Empathy Vs Ego

I remember training in a field where one teacher (alone among all the teachers) was not particularly interested in teaching us. He was a superstar in the field, and he would show up late 95% of the time, and when … Continue reading

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Doctors Still Make Housecalls

I have the flu today so I ordered my first housecall through the Heal app and a doctor came to my door with an assistant and gave me a physical and spent about half an hour with me answering all … Continue reading

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