Youtube Bans Baked Alaska For Three Months, Removes His Anglin Vs Sargon Debate For ‘Hate Speech’

Baked Alaska joins me for an hour about 40 minutes in.

Baked Alaska posts on YouTube has banned me from live-streaming for 3 months….. for HATE SPEECH…. from the Anglin vs. Sargon debate…. I don’t know how I’m supposed to function in this world anymore they just ban me from everything I’m not breaking any rules, simply putting out good conversations and content.

List of tech companies that have banned me:

YouTube (3 month, “hate speech”)

Twitter (Lifetime IP & Hardware Ban, no explanation, no appeal)

Periscope (Lifetime, no explanation, no appeal)

GoFundMe (Lifetime, no explanation)

Patreon (Lifetime, “hate speech”, no appeal)

PayPal (Lifetime, no explanation, no appeal)

Amazon (Book removed, no appeal)

From my live Youtube chat:

Keith Champ​Destiny and the liberalist strike again…..

Anonymous​On the edge to getting our own platforms

Patrick Jensen​Lets talk judaism. Alt right is a dead cause.

Edwin Boyette​I had a conservation/interview with Zeiger with the Daily Stormer today, it will be curious to see if I get banned for just talking to someone

K. Christensen​Zeiger is great

Keith Champ​In the end its good, people need to move to GAB and other platforms, this forces them

Edwin Boyette​@K. Christensen he’s definitely sharp and intellectual

Patrick Jensen​No, but i am also antiporn

K. Christensen​no fap is the way to go

Degenerate Scumbag​It amazes me that ADL etc don’t see that every act of censorship only serves as a demonstration of Jewish power, and brings the JQ further into the light.

K. Christensen​Zeiger is writer @ Daily stormer

K. Christensen​also has apodcast

Wild Graf​Luke, you’re basically competing for prime time w/ other alt-right shows (like Warski Live). I’m sure you know.

Wild Graf​Anglin will never.

Wild Graf​Never Ever.

K. Christensen​If the alt right is wrong about one thing it’s that they claim it’s exclusively the jews. It’s not all jews, but I sympathize with their hatred of jews

Anonymous​Warski’s talking about autism tonight

Wild Graf​@Anonymous Yes, it proves he’s Autistic! :=)

Anonymous​I want autism superpower of pattern recognition

Terrance Hightower​get Baked on

Terrance Hightower​i think i have autism now 🙁

Alexander Solzhenitsyn​Sargon is on the show to tout autism.

Wild Graf​@Alexander Solzhenitsyn That’s why I’m here! :- )

K. Christensen​taking the red pill comes with a side of autism

resurrectionjose​Greetings y’all.

Wild Graf​@K. Christensen Yup!

Alexander Solzhenitsyn​Why would they shoah Baked and not Warski?

Degenerate Scumbag​@K. Christensen Funny cause it’s true.

Terrance Hightower​because it’s ANGLIN

Terrance Hightower​Jew world order enemy no 1

vi hu​where´s sammy boy?

K. Christensen​subbed to you edwin

resurrectionjose​This channel is such a joke!!!

Bjorn O​My native tunge is not English.. Is Autism the opposite to altruism?

resurrectionjose​Oops, I meant not Luke’s channel but You Tube.

Degenerate Scumbag​@Bjorn O No, it’s a brain condition.

Wild Graf​@Bjorn O Ha Ha!

Anonymous​Warski regularly gets #4 streaming on yt. Shekels. Says he’s “verified”.

hiehavoc​i’d say it was because of ANGLIN and the 30% on the superchats.

Terrance Hightower​Baked is verified too

Luke Ford​if anyone can get word to baked, would love to have him on now

Luke Ford​or any time

resurrectionjose​@hiehavoc — I brought that up once on a previous live stream here on Luke’s channel.

Wild Graf​@Anonymous Warski is smart enough to not directly address JQ.

The Hidden Hand​I will try to contact him right now on Gab

resurrectionjose​I’m under the impression that even the powers that be here on You Tube know the old expression: “Money talks, bullshit walks.”

Alexander Solzhenitsyn​Nah…they don’t care about money. They care about ideology.

resurrectionjose​But I’m also under the impression that You Tube gets it bread buttered in other ways, and it’s in no need of monetary compensation from the likes of Baked, Andy, and others.

cochranj24​Baked, Southern Dingo, and Infowars channels all got strikes today. Another platform shoah is starting

Alexander Solzhenitsyn​Shut it down!

E. Vee​so, i don’t mind that he’s not an intellectual in terms of his public persona, i care that his lack of intelligence hurts the movement.

The Hidden Hand​😏Yes there were 2 different Dodge Challengers. One had a stripe and a sunroof, the other did not

lone musician​wtf…?

resurrectionjose​@E. Vee — Is that so? And you don’t think the likes of Mr. Taylor, Mr. MacDonald, et al. are indirectly heaping much derision towards the ‘Alt-Right’ from MSM???

GLAHN​i can’t believe they DELETED the damn vid

Sarah Love​Vee is obviously perfect

Gerard Perry​I actually think the Milo/Allum Bokhari piece on the alt right was fair.

50 Shades of Lamp​we need six gorillion videos

Terrance Hightower​I bet Kronos has a full copy

Sarah Love​I wish I would have downloaded it

Asadian Belifont​I guarantee you Sargon went to YT and got it banned.

E. Vee​You don’t even know what mistakes I’m talking about, lol

Terrance Hightower​contact Kronos

Sarah Love​Maybe I’ll download all the others now

c thornton​KRONOS

laststand​only 6 gorzillion?

Anonymous​Anglin’s goys will have a copy

Andybaby​hi all

Sarah Love​Yea. Kronos had to of downloaded it to edit

paulczar​@e.vee do you agree that baked Alaska is a targeted individual? By that I mean, the powers that be have his name and won’t leave him alone. They won’t let him earn money or have a online platform

resurrectionjose​@E. Vee — Then enlighten us ol’ Great One! The floor is all yours…………

wakeupy0um0r0ns​weev talked about this on race ghost DOWNLOAD EVERYTHING

Greg Girardin​yup @Terrance Hightower, presumably he downloads everything to make his clips.

Gerard Perry​David Brock is, was, and will-unless God intervenes-be a sleaze.

c thornton​the warski stream is nothing but CALL BAKED

Judes Nudes​this is from orwells 1984, did it happen the way you remember it, or the way we tell you to remember it.

Aeschylus Jones​Baked has a voice that people need to hear..kind of the regular guy perspective….not everybody needs to be Greg Johnson

E. Vee​paulczar absolutely.

Thomas From Norway​The video may be gone but Sargins epic “oh I didn’t come here to debate” will live on

Terrance Hightower​that’s what i heard him say he downloads everything

Gerard Perry​He was a right wing sleaze merchant, now he’s one for Hillary and corporate Dems.

E. Vee​on that point, i support him completely.

paulczar​Even if you had a copy of the video and you tried to have hundreds of people upload it, YouTube can simply content ID it and block the video from even being uploaded in the first place

Privada Machina​But call him a Jew and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: “I’ve been found out.”

The Hidden Hand​@BakedAlaska, dude I want to help you with producing content. Your skills at marketing are legendary

resurrectionjose​@Aeschylus Jones — Thank you!

Fehnrir Hansa​The liberalists did it

AmericanRebel​It makes no sense that Warski streams are still on but Baked is banned. He is obviously is being targeted

E. Vee​Aeschylus Jones no, we have “everymen” already, who don’t embaress the alt right publicly. I already explained the public persona thing.

Thomas From Norway​Andy “Zyklon beat” warski was beatboxing with an autist earlier

paulczar​In a world that made sense, baked Alaska would be able to sue the shit out of these people, or be left alone from the beginning

Sarah Love​BLOCKED ALASKA! lol best new name

resurrectionjose​@Luke Ford — I’m probably going overboard and/or sounding like an alarmist, but I wouldn’t be too surprised if You Tube starts sniffing around your channel over this interview.

Judes Nudes​the truth is not subjective, they can’t force us to forget what happened, they can’t tell us what to think



Gerard Perry​That wouldn’t surprise me.

wakeupy0um0r0ns​he’s in cal8 should join jarred Taylor’s lawsuit or file his own


AmericanRebel​Download this stream when it is fully uploaded.


Based Deplorable​This goes back to Ancient Greece

wakeupy0um0r0ns​talk about the hit on your cat

c thornton​glad someone got a kick out of blocked alaska

gjjd​I am really missing out by not seeing Sargon vs. Anglin. What intellectual heavyweights. /sarc

resurrectionjose​Even putting aside the possible Jerry Springer-like stuff, the whole notion behind ‘Bloodsports’ has given the ‘Alt-Right’ a good shot in the arm.

Asadian Belifont​While I do love the bloodsports debates, it’s not exactly family friendly lol

Shadows and Dust​NO MORE TREASON

c thornton​# BLOCKED ALASKA

Anonymous​HAIL BAKED!!!

paulczar​These tactics by YouTube (who now partner with the ADL) help fuel what they call “anti Semitic”

c thornton​best of luck friend

Aeschylus Jones​James and Baked….great idea

Thomas From Norway​It was hardly Frost/Nixon


Anonymous​We’re spreading, Baked.

AmericanRebel​God bless Baked

Judes Nudes​if the alt right is nazis, then two plus two makes five, so says the ministry of love

resurrectionjose​@Baked Alaska – I’m pretty sure you saw it already, but you might have to change your name to ‘Blocked Alaska.’ 😃

c thornton​need a new sight for u guys to use

paulczar​God bless you baked

Aeschylus Jones​Baked…keep up the great work you’re doing


ARYA DHARMA​Who is James?

Anonymous​Your subs jumped after Nehlen, Southern

50 Shades of Lamp​(((cohencidence)))

Fehnrir Hansa​привет друг другу роботы

c thornton​Thanks for having Baked on Luke. Have a good night sir

E. Vee​Mike Enoch is actually a perfect example of someone who has blue-collar appeal, can convey things on a down to earth level, but can also bat in the big leagues and spar intellectually with the best

Sam Ludwig​Luke Ford! Oy Vey!

Fehnrir Hansa​oy gevalt

50 Shades of Lamp​Rabbi Media

ϟϟ Gulags_4_You ϟϟ​gas the who?

Anonymous​gas the juice

Sam Ludwig​juice

resurrectionjose​@E. Vee — Good point in regards to Mike Enoch. But Baked Alaska is NOT Mike Enoch — or anyone else for that matter — and vice-versa. In short, everyone has their own persona and we like them for it

Jack Wilson​lol

Sam Ludwig​juice, toast and eggs

Sarah Love​Enoch is my favorite because he isn’t a dry talking head like most of em

E. Vee​jose, that’s not the issue here. it’s not his personality or persona that i take issue with.

Anonymous​Hitler said “Glass of JUICE”!

gjjd​a 29 year old should know how to watch his mouth


ϟϟ Gulags_4_You ϟϟ​give them baby redpills

Sam Ludwig​Glass of Juice!

resurrectionjose​@E. Vee — Even taking into consideration the different personalities and dispositions, and even your own preferences, the bottom line is that you’re comparing apples and oranges.

Judes Nudes​hitler was justified, the soviet union invaded poland at the same time he did, it was a race between the two, why did we side with the brits and the jews?

Sam Ludwig​Race more now! Glass of juice!

Apple Fritter​Hitler’s Victory – A Final Appeal for Peace and Sanity, July 19th, 1940


DavyBoy007​Germany invaded Poland before the Soviets did

E. Vee​jose, once again, you’re misunderstanding. I’ll give you an example:

Sam Ludwig​The rain sounds lovely

Judes Nudes​not true davy

Aeschylus Jones​Even though many people put down alex jones and gavin Mcinnes…they are an intregal part of the red pill ladder

DavyBoy007​Germany invaded several days prior

resurrectionjose​@E. Vee — I said it way before you got on here. Take Spencer. He’s not exactly the sharpest blade in the knife rack, but he is able to cut through bread and stone and that’s good enough for me.

Judes Nudes​the soviets were taking over their society

Anonymous​Rain sounds perfect

Anonymous​Southern got one strike today

Sam Ludwig​Baked is not happy I’m sure


gjjd​@resurrectionjose you think Richard Spencer is not that smart? Have you seen his academic credentials?

Aeschylus Jones​Cant wait to see Lauren’s doc on South Africa

resurrectionjose​@E. Vee — Heck, I’ll even throw in Nick J. Fuentes. As quickly as I subbed to him back in January I unsubbed. But that “kid” has lately been impressing me despite not caring him for much.

DavyBoy007​Richard Spencer = M.A. in Goyishe Kopfism

Aeschylus Jones​These days guts are more important than intellect

resurrectionjose​@gjjd — I will further elaborate. I like Spencer and have actually come to his defense on Tree Of Logic’s channel back in Nov./Dec. and she banned me for it. I have more to say….

Apple Fritter​hitler had both, we should emulate

Judes Nudes​richard spencer is awesome

E. Vee​once again youre not understanding lol. Baked Alaska used his platform to have a gun control debate, as you probably saw. as we know, Baked is anti gun control, like most of us in the alt right… and

E. Vee​in his infinite stupidity, he chose Joe Biggs to represent our side of the argument, and pitted him against Destiny, who is a formidable debater. Joe Biggs was crushed.

DavyBoy007​Richard Spencer should be invited to play Haman on Wednesday eve

resurrectionjose​@gjjd — I’m not knocking the man’s intelligence and/or credentials, but speaking for myself he could be “flowery” in his delivery and not exactly my cup of tea at times.

Anonymous​History Reviewed dot com is run by an Afrikaaner

Shadows and Dust​When You Can’t win the Debate…Silence..Violence..Lie..Indoctrination..and Import Millions of Voters

E. Vee​It’s constant blundors like these that make Baked a liability

Apple Fritter​formidable debater? you mean talmudic

Tom Anderson​my man jeff 💪

Judes Nudes​are you serious? destiny couldn’t crush anything

resurrectionjose​@gjjd – To add further, what I mean by “flowery” is not his latent effeminate manner which many folks take him to task over, but the way he comes across when he speaks philosophically.

Shadows and Dust​Australian Youtuber Suit Yourself was Banned

E. Vee​Destiny crushed him for 30 solid minutes, anyone denying that is delusional.. Thank god other people jumped in, (4 on 1), in a last-ditch attempt to mop up this mess

ARYA DHARMA​Halsey vs David Duke will get Warski banned.

DavyBoy007​”White” is made up of many dozens of nationalities

Debi Daly​hello luke ford, do you remember me?

Shadows and Dust​Sanctuary Cities=Treason. open borders=Treason

E. Vee​I despise Destiny myself, but the truth is the truth. Biggs looked like a fool for most of it.

Apple Fritter​your the one calling everyone else delusional


resurrectionjose​@gjjd — Surely I can’t be the only one who notices the same thing. Here, too, different strokes for different folks. But overall I like Spencer and will defend him no matter what. TOL be damned!!!!

Judes Nudes​destiny had no argument, it was just constant ignorance

E. Vee​jose, read my comments. i covered this already

E. Vee​and provided examples

Tom Anderson​tell us about the talmud

Based Deplorable​Despite us outnumbering them six to one.

DavyBoy007​And there are Xtian community centres

gjjd​@resurrectionjose​ the good think about Richard Spencer’s delivery is that what he says sticks. I find him kinda gay, but he is far more powerful than anyone else I’ve seen.

resurrectionjose​@E. Vee — There’s only so much I can read at the same time. I need to scroll up and/or make a copy of this live chat to read at my own pace later on.

Based Deplorable​@Tom Anderson — he talked about Talmud yesterday, if you want to check it out.

Anonymous​The Bolsheviks will march into Warski Live studio and arrest David Duke and Mark Collett on livestream


E. Vee​gotcha jose. make sure to do so, though, because I want to make my points clear to you.

Aeschylus Jones​Luke is an open book…he is not a hypocrit

Shadows and Dust​Partnership For A New American Economy.. Murdoch. Bloomsburg putting 3rd worlders in Suburbia

paulczar​@e.vee I kind of get the impression from you that you think baked almost deserved to be banned in a way for his own stupidity? Am I wrong the think this?

E. Vee​you’re wrong, lol. weird assumption

Anonymous​Luke is an interesting man indeed.

resurrectionjose​@gjjd — Good point and observation. Whether it’s a gift or it can be described in some other way, the man has a way of making his statements stick to the wall like molasses. 😃

Apple Fritter​christ is boiling in seamen and detritus. rabbis are cleared to mutilate children

The Westerner​@lukeford wassup my dude

Shadows and Dust​And GOD directed Nehemiah to Build the Wall

paulczar​@e.vee okay, sorry. I only saw a few comments of yours earlier and it kinda made it seem like that. But yeah, I thought it was a weird opinion to have, so I’m glad to hear I was wrk g in thinking that

Smug Level: Zen Master​Why would you willingly convert to Judaism?

E. Vee​no problem, paulczar. unfortunately my opinions are nuanced, and youtube chats arent good for nuanced discussion

resurrectionjose​@Luke Ford — I hope to God you have already copied & pasted this live chat from early on!!! I normally do so from the get-go, but somehow forgot to do within the first hour. 😞

Judes Nudes​lol i had a jewish friend that told me he wasn’t white. Why does that matter? What is white? Its not clear and it doesn’t matter really.

paulczar​@e.vee yeah I understand

DavyBoy007​I recently had to self-identify myself based on alleged race. I checked off “other” and put in “Jewish”.

Aeschylus Jones​Are these jews who push anti-western ideas part of the pharisee class Luke?

Apple Fritter​the goyim are more inferior to the tribe than humans to animals

Apple Fritter​Judes Nudes is being talmudic

Tom Anderson​Pilpul

Shadows and Dust​Colin Flaherty…Suit Yourself… Dr. of Common Sense have been kicked off YouTube

gjjd​lol there is no “push for multiculturalism” gene. This guy doesn’t have the intelligence to speak about science

resurrectionjose​@Aeschylus Jones — I’ll let Luke speak on his own behalf, but I’ll stick my out here and say ‘Yes.’

DavyBoy007​Jews have no desire to import large numbers of anti-Jewish, anti-Zionist Islamics

Shadows and Dust​SWEDEN..Swedish liberal Media is mostly run by Jews

Anonymous​Somebody make a yt RIP gravestone meme for censorship

Zed Dez​Jews ran the slave trade in the US.

Apple Fritter​but are rather incessant for us to

Judes Nudes​davyboy has been wrong several times tonight

Degenerate Scumbag​It’s hard to believe it’s a defensive instinct, when so many prominent Jews have openly acknowledged it will lead to the end of white people, and are actually celebrating it.

Tom Anderson​Jews can always just hop

DavyBoy007​Judes has no cure for his Goyishe kopf

ARYA DHARMA​A few thousand years isn’t enough time to evolve a genetic mutation for multiculturalism. It goes back much further. Something developed during hunter gatherer

resurrectionjose​@Luke Ford — Are you sure about that??? I do know prominent Jews up here in the North (e.g., Rabbi Abraham J. Heschel) have gone and defended civil rights and MLK in particular back in the days.

Tom Anderson​on a flight to Tel Aviv if things start to go bad

Judes Nudes​european americans unite, fight fire with fire

Smug Level: Zen Master​Around Jews, never snooze

DavyBoy007​Ron Blomberg – former Jewish baseball player from the US South

Apple Fritter​Luke should play som Mr. Bond for us

resurrectionjose​@The Southern Dingo — I heard you sometime last year on ‘The American Nationalist’ during a particular live stream, and like what I heard.

Anonymous​Luke – how do you explain Barbara Spectre’s end of Europe comment “jews are at the centre of this”?

K. Christensen​Dingo has the best podcast on yt

Tom Anderson​Sandy Koufax greatest pitcher of all time

K. Christensen​its /comfy/

Apple Fritter​we are, we are also seeking vengeance

DavyBoy007​African immigrants have murdered two Jews named Halimi in France

Shadows and Dust​Simply put. Jews are a Disproportionate amount of those Supporting open borders

Tom Anderson​The problem is that even bringing up Jewish or Israeli influence gets one immediately branded an anti semite

resurrectionjose​@Tom Anderson — Interesting you bring up Sandy Koufax. I believe he was Jewish if I’m not mistaken.

Debi Daly​HI LUKE DO YOU REMEMBER ME? re: Moxie?

Luke Ford​hi debi

Debi Daly​hi

Anonymous​Whites took a wrong turn it’s true. We will learn from this near death experience.

Debi Daly​so good to see you

Degenerate Scumbag​@Shadows and Dust And the good goyim politicians that go along with it are often heavily funded by Jews.

Judes Nudes​most jews are slime, I know a jew who works in the white house that calls trump supporters nazis but its supposedly his job to help trump with economics

Apple Fritter​who is the gain on the anti white message being propagated?

DavyBoy007​How about those anti-Zio politicians in Europe who adore jihadism and Arab supremacist ideology

resurrectionjose​@Luke Ford — Once again, I don’t want to go overboard or sound alarmist but I suggest you watch your back in the coming days with You Tube. You’re Orthodox so they might back off, but who knows.

Anonymous​Globalists, liberal left egalitarian utopians. And juice.

ARYA DHARMA​I predict warski ban after David Duke.

K. Christensen​Is david duke going on his show?

Aeschylus Jones​I believe the elite jews align themselves with the ordinary jew to further their cause….The elite jews not only mind fook goys but also the ordinary jew

ARYA DHARMA​David Duke vs Halsey on Thursday

Tom Anderson​Warski will definitely get shoah’d after David Duke

resurrectionjose​”It’s hard to discipline male sexuality.” Tell me about it! :::whistles:::

Shadows and Dust​@Degenerate lots oLit’s of blame to go aroundf blame to go around

W A K E​@notshadowbannedyet Is Joe here?


K. Christensen​duke will destroy that freak

Degenerate Scumbag​@Aeschylus Jones That’s half the purpose of the Holocaust myth.

Tom Anderson​only in a diverse area Luke Ford

Judes Nudes​i can resist

resurrectionjose​ Prefers Caucasian women 99.9% of the time, but damn me if I don’t think at times of non-Caucasian babes.

Apple Fritter​good prediction, sealing the building pressure will backfire hopefully

sho shana​not too late Mr Luke

Gerard Perry​Luke made his way around the Pacific Rim.

Tom Anderson​dysgenic

Apple Fritter​was it an interracial smut film luke?

Shadows and Dust​Current Republicans are continuing Obamas plan.. Homeowners are NOT allowed to stop Welfare/Section 8 housing from being built in their neighborhood

sho shana​I would only date Jews but admire white

Aeschylus Jones​The ordinary jew needs to fight back against the elite jew to free himself from the stigma that is put upon him….because the regular jew will once again get the blame for the elite jews doings

Shadows and Dust​BORDERS…IMMIGRATION…little else matters 4 now

DavyBoy007​It was never in my mind to marry a shikse.. not for a moment

gjjd​all peoples are subject to suffering brought about by their leaders. Think about all the goys pulled into wars their governments felt were necessary, but were not.

resurrectionjose​@Aeschylus Jones — Great comment! I was thinking something along those lines the other day. I’m not into Jew-bashing — BUT — I kid you not when I say my blood boils at what elite Jews do!

ARYA DHARMA​I think we should differentiate between a Jew and a Zionist or an international Jew

Zed Dez​What people who choose to have interracial children don’t comprehend are the health consequences. It does NOT make them stronger, it makes them weaker, and more susceptible, as well as no donors.

ARYA DHARMA​Regression to the mean

Shadows and Dust​GOD Told Nehemiah to Build The Wall

Judes Nudes​we shouldnt call them jews at all, we should find out what their names are and use them exclusively so when can bring them to trial

Gerard Perry​lol. True.

DavyBoy007​Should differentiate between a Gentile and a behema.. if possible

Gerard Perry​The wall

Apple Fritter​#notall you mean?

Shadows and Dust​Most Blacks Will Vote to stop illegal immigration

Tom Anderson​what a mess in the truest sense of the word

resurrectionjose​@Luke Ford — Judging from he said it seems his wife is a Trad. wife (re: Ephesians 5:22-32). Not the only part in the N.T. mentioning “household codes” but the main on.e

Tom Anderson​most blacks don’t vote

Gerard Perry​I forget the percentages, but I think close to 40% of black voters voted in favor of Prop 187. Maybe more.

Gerard Perry​Correction: half of black voters, 25% of hispanic voters cast ballots in favor of 187

Zed Dez​187?

Tom Anderson​Proposition 187

Shadows and Dust​Press 1…if you all think Sanctuary Cities are Treasonous

Anonymous​No. 1488

Gerard Perry​Prop. 187. Pete Wilson’s initiative in California.

Zed Dez​Not American.

Anonymous​Trump should pull ICE out of Cali and let it get smelly

Tom Anderson​No White Guilt was the best guest @The Southern Dingo

resurrectionjose​(((Sanctuary cities)))

Zed Dez​Yeah, but I would like to know what prop 187 is if you don’t mind. I can look it up, but if you could encapsulate it.

DavyBoy007​Timmy had to go light his havdalah candle

E. Vee​greg johnson

Gerard Perry​A rearguard action against invasion. It put Wilson, and a lot of Republicans, over.

E. Vee​you had greg johnson on

Sam Ludwig​Kessler is a UVA grad, def not a dummy

Apple Fritter​no white guilt was here?

Bill z​Doomgaurd is a meat stick, ask him about The American Nationalist he’s a great guy

ARYA DHARMA​Mike Enoch was on here

Anonymous​No White Guilt is a powerful man.

Tom Anderson​No White Guilt was on Southern Dingo’s podcast

Gerard Perry​It restricted public benefits, re: illegal aliens.

Apple Fritter​oh, listened to that already, good show

Gerard Perry​Illegal immigrants couldn’t access any sort of public social services-if it had been implemented, which it wasn’t.

resurrectionjose​@Luke Ford – Heh, good question. I remember he was on ‘The American Nationalist’ live stream and thought C’ville was a good thing despite many other naysayers.

Judes Nudes​cancel your tv subscription, shut down the jews

Gerard Perry​It effectively banned sanctuary cities.

Gerard Perry​Prevented illegal immigrant children from attending public schools.

DavyBoy007​Tape the mouths of chazirim.

Gerard Perry​Making false identity documents was a felony.

Degenerate Scumbag​Whites had to start organising sometime, and the anti-whites were always going to play the same tricks. If it hadn’t been Charlottesville, it would be still to come somewhere else.

Gerard Perry​It was based.

Shadows and Dust​Milwaukee Riots…….Mainsleaze Media.. said the Sister of Dead Thug was calling 4 ✌. showed a video of Miss Smith calling 4 ✌.. full video shows her Saying Burn Down the Suburbs

Judes Nudes​buy a universal remote and turn tvs in public places off of CNN

ARYA DHARMA​Nick the Knife

Gerard Perry​Thelton Henderson, a single, Carter-appointed judge, enjoined Prop 187.

Zed Dez​@Gerard Perry Oh, that’s the core of 187. Thanks.

Tom Anderson​🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪

TexasorBusted​Nick the Knife is undefeated…

Gerard Perry​Gray Davis dropped California’s lawsuit, and that was that.

Gerard Perry​No problem, Zed.

ARYA DHARMA​Nick is only 19

Gerard Perry​This guy sounds like Hank Hill.

resurrectionjose​@Luke Ford — :::LOL::: Those of us who are not Millennials don’t seem to like Nick J. Fuentes — BUT – after that Halsey debate he won a number of us over.

Tom Anderson​there’s a real problem in the united states with judicial supremacy

Colin Colenso​🔪

Zed Dez​@Gerard Perry LOL you’re so right!

Bill z​Matt Fortney and Hunter Wallace need to neck themselves

Gerard Perry​A soft-spoken Hank Hill.

Judes Nudes​move them to gab you fools

ARYA DHARMA​True – I didn’t like Nick at first.

Zed Dez​We’re not asking.

Bill z​Do them on GAB!!!!!

Colin Colenso​Nick Fuentes just persicoped about getting assaulted at CPAC

DavyBoy007​Nick the little pisher

resurrectionjose​GAB or Bit Chute is the way to go, but their reach is not as extensive.

Shadows and Dust​If You Support Strong Borders..Limited/No immigration.. Welfare Reform/stoppage.. and LAW enforcement.. that’s all that Matters 4 now

ARYA DHARMA​Warski will be shut down after David Duke.

Zed Dez​So, right Luke. I can’t watch anything else/

Apple Fritter​has Jan Lamprecht on here before?

Anonymous​Not One Step Back!

Tom Anderson​big brain nibbas

Judes Nudes​if all these youtubers took the first 5 minutes of their videos and put it on youtube, and the rest on gab, the audience will follow

sho shana​well fox is trash Luke is truth

Zed Dez​@Anonymous Not one.

Bill z​Weev is the ultimate channel and website killer

resurrectionjose​Where You Tube, ironically enough, has something in its favor is that these ‘Bloodsport’ debates have a much wider reach to normies and the like.

ARYA DHARMA​I hate watching TV, but bloodsports is addicting

DavyBoy007​Americans seem to be easily impressed

Tom Anderson​🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠

Bill z​It came from Pewde pie

Shadows and Dust​VICTORY

Anonymous​Thanks Luke! Thanks Dingo! Hail Victory!

Apple Fritter​gtfo

Tom Anderson​Luke Ford 👍

resurrectionjose​’Hail Southern Dingo … Hail Our People! … Hail Victory! :::raises mug with German beer::: 😃

DavyBoy007​Such chachamim on your show

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WP: ‘I don’t know how you got this way’: A neo-Nazi’s family wonders if they can get him back

Washington Post:

What Kam was doing, and what he wasn’t, had come to dominate so much in their lives. He was two years out of high school now, and he didn’t have a job, or a car, or a place of his own, or much money beyond what his mother gave him — nothing at all to occupy his time except a computer that had carried him to the most extreme parts of the Internet, and to beliefs that no one in his family could understand. In the year since the 2016 presidential election, Kam had gone from supporting white supremacists, to joining a neo-Nazi group, to shouting “white lives matter” at a rally, to standing beside Richard Spencer outside the White House, to increasingly tense conversations with his mother and grandmother, both of whom were beginning to fear that what they had once thought was just a phase was quickly becoming his life.

How did this happen?

Where did these ideas come from?

Could he still be saved?

From my Youtube livestream chat room:

amongnumbnutz​Jf smart I like him, but he is a little vulgar when I comes to women

TexasorBusted​I fear that…Frame Game will get doxxed…

Helen Greywood​I findJF fascinating,but he’s a leeetle bit slimey

TexasorBusted​Hope Frame Game has F-U money…

Maceo Flux​Let’s hope he stays safe.

Frederick White​who is frame game???

Charles Thompson​the benefits of homogeneous states was noted at least as far back as Aristotle…it was never some sort of secret historically

Bernard Brightson​@Luke is the King of Norway a German? He is of the German dynasty of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg but his family has been in Norway since 1905.

TexasorBusted​A based Jew in NYC in corporate law I believe…Not 100% sure…

Gaius Genovese​@Anonymous Personally I like taking the masculine angle, like “what kind of man would let his people go extinct”?

SNOWNIGGA​JFs stream isn’t very exciting. Don’t really care about AI

Maceo Flux​Check out Frame Game Radio’s Youtube channel. Great stuff.


Anonymous​Yah. Age of Pretending has to die.

FukU2222​Murdoch Murdoch = best

brokennarcissist​Murdoch Murdoch are cartoons from the future sent back to save us

TexasorBusted​I found out last night that Nixon was super woke…The Watergate tapes are legendary…

Bjorn O​Baizuo (pronounced “bye-tswaw) is a Chinese epithet meaning naive western educated person who advocates for peace and equality only to satisfy their own feeling of moral superiority. A baizuo only

Bernard Brightson​Carl Schmitt also warned sternly against the Nazis before they came to power and had called on the German government in 1931 and 1932 to ban Hitler’s party.- The Concept of Carl Schmitt by P Gottfried

Louis Diaz​Nixon was totally woke, but he was trying hard to be fair to the Jews on the topic

Maceo Flux​What translation of Mein Kampf is the best?

TexasorBusted​@Louis Diaz I was watching /ibs/ backyard bloodsports…I heard a long quote…I was like…”He was our last truly woke president on The JQ and POZ”…

Anonymous​Was told Stalag ed. of Mein Kampf is the only unadultered verson.

Casey R. Pratt​We’re in a war for the souls of teenage Americans. The media is trying to convince them to be globalists. How do we bring them on board?

Thomas Bergman​Is that like Trump‘s speeches being analyzed by the New York Times?

Louis Diaz​I just so happened to watch a doc on the Israel lobby and Nixon’s tapes were part of it

Frederick White​German are so susceptible to extremism.

Casey R. Pratt​The poz has no rock bottom. It’s like a tapeworm. It’ll stay there forever until purged.

Gaius Genovese​Also teens will naturally rebel against what’s taught in their schools.

Frederick White​I wonder how many Germans will buy Mein Kampf?

SNOWNIGGA​Hitler isn’t John the Baptist, he’s the reincarnation of Vishnu

Gaius Genovese​We need to make men masculine again. No more sitting around playing video games. Conservative viewpoints will naturally follow, and the women will take notice (they hate modern beta males)

Helen Greywood​Bloody stink about the German skater dancing to a tune from schindlers list….what is the matter with these people…

Anonymous​Luke – “the jew like slime slips thru your fingers” quote describes anybody who you cannot nail down in an argument

Tom Anderson​I believe all of the editions of “Mein Kampf” available in Germany are heavily annotated

amongnumbnutz​That’s a good thing I think. It’s only the stigma

Louis Diaz​fascism is usually good with technology, theres a futurist aspect to it

Casey R. Pratt​Annotated: “here’s why this part is wrong.”

Tom Anderson​Exactly

James Edward​Luke is wearing the alt right clothing Ralph Lauren. Very Fashy. I love it.

Anonymous​Multicult fanning the fires of a race war is making men again. The German 120 db movement ie. women asking for help from the rapefugees is anchoring traditional norms

Mikey 87​hello Jew, who is that babe you used to talk to I miss her, oh and Hitler did nothing wrong!

Casey R. Pratt​Protocols.

Louis Diaz​fascism combines the ancient European metaphysics with a futurist outlook. its not a reactionary ideology although it shares a lot with it

TexasorBusted​The Brain Force of the Alt Right

Jewish Power & Privilege​Jews need to leave Europe alone and intact they have Israel and basically dominate USA politically. The conspiracy theories about them wanting to dominate the world look realistic.

Patrick Jensen​Wouldn’t it be funny to make Mein Kampf into a kind of white talmud, where the most prominent alt-right intellectuals contribute with commentary to be placed in the margines of the original text.

Bernard Brightson​#MakeLukeFordGoyAgain

Casey R. Pratt​WELTANSHAUUG. Say it.

TexasorBusted​@James Edward If you like internet bloodsports…Check out /ibs/ backyard bloodsports…Channel is Ancapistan…A /pol/ based bloodsports…

Tom Anderson​Should I convert to Judaism?

TexasorBusted​Very autistic but fun and entertaining…

Casey R. Pratt​Muh Kampf

Jewish Power & Privilege​Agreed. The sad thing is they killed off most of our leaders and good men in WW1 and WW2

AmericanRebel​@Tom Anderson Try Catholicism

Jewish Power & Privilege​They assasinated our aristocracy, we don’t have many leaders anymore.

James Edward​Not all Jews are bad. But the bad ones give them all a bad name and since you can’t tell the difference between a good and a bad Jew we might as hate them all. Hail Victory

brokennarcissist​Demographics vs individuals… every demographic has at least 10% good people but we can’t confuse a few trees for the forrest

James Edward​Dennis be careful. Luke is trying to soften you up on your opinions. Stay strong brother 👌🏻

AmericanRebel​Poland is 98% white. Poland is 98% Catholic too.

Anonymous​I wanted to be a jew for their occult kabbalah

william looney​I believe eugenics may be a piece to the puzzle of improving race relations. Make humans great again

Casey R. Pratt​Dennis would’ve been a great color man for AM radio baseball broadcasts.

Bjorn O​Sweden was Catholic aswell, untill Gustaf Vasa did come along

James Edward​Casey. Hahah hail Victory

Louis Diaz​I had a Polish great great grandmother on my mothers side. so that’s like what 1/16th?

Jewish Power & Privilege​If people like Rothschild are leading the Jews, the Richest family in the world. There will never be peace between Jews and Gentiles.

AmericanRebel​A lot of the protestant reforms were infiltrated by leftists in the late 1800’s, and hence mainstream Protestantism became cucked

Tom Anderson​le 56% face

Gaius Genovese​Slavs are European and therefore our brothers

amongnumbnutz​I’ve learnt a lot from watching Jews when it comes to education and general learning and when I bring the jq up to normies I say this and that helps them to understand I’m not coming from hate

Jewish Power & Privilege​I don’t think people realize how strong this one Jewish family is. We aren’t even talking about the Sassons, Oppenheimers or 100’s of other Jewish families that are the richest in the world.

brokennarcissist​Alt right is concerned with becoming jews, a displaced culture that needs to infiltrate

Anonymous​So are we in agreement that upcoming crisis will be solved both politically and thru civil war, is there any other possibilities than war or no war?

James Edward​(((Alexander technic))) it’s used to subvert the goy

Tom Anderson​I want to learn Alexander Technique and study Torah

Jewish Power & Privilege​Unless we change our whole system of politics and do a monetary reset to take the wealth away from evil families like Rothschild there isn’t much we can do.

Gaius Genovese​The ethnostate thing isn’t the best idea. We should just focus on limiting non white immigration, ending the welfare state and promoting white births. And of course deporting illegals

SNOWNIGGA​I like JFs idea of a voluntary ethnostate. All those that don’t want to live there can leave. Within a few generations the world will be knocking on our doors wanting in.

Tom Anderson​@Jewish Power & Privilege *tips tinfoil hat*

James Edward​@Luke Ford do you own a gun? What do jews think about guns?

AmericanRebel​It might come down to militant factions, like we see portrayed in the movies (e.g. Star Wars). I don’t doubt that one day in the future there will be a global economic system

Jewish Power & Privilege​Its true Tom Anderson, you can laugh all you want though. They have the vast majority of wealth in the world. We are looking at the 1% here.

Gaius Genovese​Prior to WW2 Europeans were colonizing Africa. If it weren’t for the war we would have taken that continent

Tom Anderson​There already is a global economic system, has been for over 100 years now

Jewish Power & Privilege​I know, thats why I’m saying we can’t win against them economically

Casey R. Pratt​But the poz is always attacking.

AmericanRebel​I’m talking about a uniform, mandatory one unlike we’ve seen yet

Jewish Power & Privilege​They already have the monopoly on that

AmericanRebel​But yes, they sure have paved the way already

Louis Diaz​@AmericanRebel we need to take fascism to the stars

AmericanRebel​Yeah, it seems more appealing every day. Lol. ⚡⚡

Louis Diaz​I collect guns. ive been prepared for years

Alt-Media Team Room​JF corrected Metokur quite well, making it clear that the blood sports can bring about true philosophical illumination. Do you agree, Luke?

Louis Diaz​carry permit and all

Tom Anderson​@Luke Ford would you fit in in Israel as a convert?

Jewish Power & Privilege​We could try to Secede in white majority states and create mini nations. If we had enough people in power. I see people talking about Cali wanting to Secede all the time.

SNOWNIGGA​When I was in Israel I saw guns everywhere. There were guns formed into pyramids on the side of a soccer field put there by the people playing soccer. I was surprised

TexasorBusted​@Alt-Media Team Room Metokur is a shitposter…He’s there for the lulz…

william looney​Why won’t bland conservatives be open to eugenic ideas today? Can we break this taboo?

Alt-Media Team Room​A dialogic space, like Dostoevsky. Yes, it is a genre that can grow.

amongnumbnutz​@jewish power & privilege I understand, but if it comes to that it will be because I love mine not because I hate them.

brokennarcissist​We need a space for waring tribes onlie to interact

James Edward​I have talked to my brother about what if there is a race war and we both agreed we will kill people. Hail Victory

AmericanRebel​@SNOWNIGGA Yeah, well, they have mandatory one year military service for all, so they are well aquainted with guns

Louis Diaz​@SNOWNIGGA you mean when they stand 3 rifles together?

Bernard Brightson​where in Israel would you live? Tel Aviv or Jerusalem?

Alt-Media Team Room​Texas, Metokur seems to have depths he doesn’t verbalize.

Anonymous​There’s an open for business commercial about blacks returning to the African homeland. Change is thick in the air.

SNOWNIGGA​@Louis Diaz. Yes like that

Anonymous​Hail Victory

TexasorBusted​@Alt-Media Team Room I agree with JF…Metokur is likely alt-right-ish…It was funny seeing Sarg’n begging Jim to join the Liberalists™…

Tom Anderson​globogayplex

brokennarcissist​Lift a weight, gay

Louis Diaz​@AmericanRebel I’m also for conscription. I advocate a militarist element to our society. and we have a citizen soldier tradition in America anyway

AmericanRebel​@Louis Diaz I agree. I def am in favor of that

Bjorn O​When I was in Israel, there was an shooting range in the bottom of the Hotell…

Gaius Genovese​Khazar milkers

mikepayne05​Is this Luke Ford guy legit?

Alt-Media Team Room​There is a profound conflict in the Jewish community at large. I hope the approaching Jew on Jew blood sports will touch on the sore points, in the raw, so to say it.

Casey R. Pratt​Bakhtinian live chats.

Tom Anderson​Absolutely he is legit

brokennarcissist​Least Trump tooks trans out of the military, divisive plants

Casey R. Pratt​Mike stick around. He’s a legend.

Gaius Genovese​Good stream chosen ones, see you later.

Tom Anderson​later Gaius

Jewish Power & Privilege​Yes hes legit. In my opinion he doesn’t realize how evil the Jewish leadership is though and their plans for global domination. He gives them too much leniency.

TexasorBusted​(((Luke Ford))) is super based…

James Edward​Gaius Hail Victory

Louis Diaz​good advice Luke

ready toosnap​damn straight

AmericanRebel​National Socialists or alt-righters are not Neo-Nazis.

SNOWNIGGA​I actually dated a girl in Israel that claimed to not be Jewish. She told me she was originally from Morocco. She had blue eyes and dark brown hair. That was nearly 20 years go

amongnumbnutz​@Luke come back to goyville

Anonymous​Ancient Greek democracy only property owning soldiers had the vote. Not much needs to change when it’s everything.

Jewish Power & Privilege​Exactly, this isn’t even America anymore we have been mind poisoned.

James Edward​I would rather die in glory than live on my knees as a slave. Hail victory!

Alt-Media Team Room​He won’t acknowledge those depths he senses, I feel ,Texas, because of how angry he is about various troubling aspects of the human condition.

Casey R. Pratt​White pill: the suburbs have the cities surrounded .

Louis Diaz​although I do have amsoremspot for roman salutes and runic symbology, it goes way back beyond the Nazi era, but non the less is destroyed by their reputation

James Edward​Casey great point.

Anonymous​Dissident Dialogue

AmericanRebel​We surround them lol

Jewish Power & Privilege​You won’t see white people making huge leaps and advancements anymore because we really don’t control our own homelands anymore. Gone are the days of philosophers and great minds.

Alt-Media Team Room​Therefore, he hits a primal point, the pleasure of blood sports, then pulls back.

brokennarcissist​Like that your floor is six figures

Casey R. Pratt​Hey James. 🐸

TexasorBusted​@Alt-Media Team Room Talking about Metokur or Luke?

Louis Diaz​that’s a great white pill Casey

James Edward​Casey you are the man💪🏻

Alt-Media Team Room​Metokur.

Louis Diaz​”we’ve got you surrounded, drop the Poz!”

Bjorn O​I belive that the EU is somewhat of an occupational organisation… The way they treat European states. Poland and Hungaria are very disliked by EU elitists. (Sorry for my inferior English. )

Jewish Power & Privilege​We are all glued to iphones with 3 second attention spans listening to shit rap music and watching horrible jew television programs that treat white people like second class citizens.

Anonymous​Woes says we may lose central Europe for a time, whites on the periphery. One Hour From Now.

TexasorBusted​I think you are right…Plus he has his personal life issues…

AmericanRebel​Yeah, the EU has expanded its’ powers in a occupational way. You’re right Bjorn

Louis Diaz​I love the ” one hour” speech woes gave. its essentially ma fascist themed speech with the futurism and all


Casey R. Pratt​On Amazon Prime: “Patriot” is great.

Alt-Media Team Room​But there is a long history of this, in the higher sense. Plato. Cicero. Shakespeare. Goethe. Emerson. Dostoevsky. Nietzsche, his attack, his polemic, in the untimely meditations.

FukU2222​Anyone else get signed out of youtube???

TexasorBusted​@James Edward Ancapistan is live streaming right now…

FukU2222​Happens to me so much especially as of lately

Alt-Media Team Room​Yes, Frame Game Radio.

Jewish Power & Privilege​T.V. Talmud Vision

AmericanRebel​@FukU2222 YES. In Firefox, I kept getting signed out in the chat. I switched to Chrome, and it hasn’t happened

SNOWNIGGA​Yes I get kicked off of warski live a lot

Bernard Brightson​😀

brokennarcissist​You don’t have kids, they choose your movie going

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Israel’s Population Explosion

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* Israel is the second-most densely populated country in the developed world and has the highest per capita rate of population growth.

* Israel successfully socially engineered higher Jewish birth rates and ignored bitter opposition. If Europe has the political willpower, they can do exactly the same thing. It takes more than a simple family tax cut, with genuine deep motivation, you can raise birth rates.

* Like everywhere else, Israel is doomed in the long run. Not at the moment. The overcrowding of Israel is not something new. Young Israelis, like everyone else, have to decide whether to try to hack it where they grew up in Israel or try their luck elsewhere. Just think of it as a sociological petri dish. Historically it seems to be a garrison state with a limited shelf-life of perhaps 150-300 years. Like Sparta’s centuries long domination in ancient Greece.

* OT: speaking of Jews and their children, CNN’s “Town Hall”/two minutes hate against guns tonight had some interesting moments. Money shot: Marco Rubio got ambushed out of the gate by a supposed bereaved father, Fred Guttenberg, who lost his daughter in the shooting. You really have to see the video to get it, but this guy is smiling, mugging, and wiggling his eyebrows while he has Rubio tied up in knots. I assume maybe he didn’t know how the image would play on camera, but he didn’t do very well keeping the grieving father act up.

* An iStevey article about where the blame lays for the Florida school shooting:

Apparently the Broward County school district and the Obama admin were concerned about the disparate impact of various zero tolerance policies, so they worked hard to make sure that kids who committed serious crimes were protected from the police and consequences.

This policy kept Travon Martin out of jail and the recent shooter’s past violent behavior away from the eyes of the police.

* Madison high schools are erupting in chaos. Three high schools in one day, Monday, February 19, over the noon hour.

Worth reading all of this to get a taste of how Kafkaesque modern reporting is. This story is not reported in the major media, but even the right-wing bloggers are afraid to mention race. You have to dig deep into the comments to get an idea of what is happening.

This blogger (ex-reporter and ex-local politician) has to contact the cops himself to get information:

In reading through this stuff I stumbled across something else that baffles me. Exactly what is special education? I had thought that it was for, uh, retarded students. But so much written on it seems to make it seem like that is not what it really is now.

* I believe (not completely sure) that many to most kids in ‘Special Ed’ these days are there because they are behavioral problems. It is an administrative way of getting badly behaved kids out of the classroom–instead of just saying they are jerks they are given a ‘diagnosis’; in my town one common one is “ED” for “Emotionally Disturbed.” Then they get put in special ed where 1.) they don’t bother the other students, and 2.) their test scores don’t count towards the school’s average on various reporting measures.

It’s a win for the regular teachers and students because they don’t have to put up with these kids anymore, and a win for the school administrators because their test scores go up; however it is a loss for the taxpayer as once a child is in special ed they have all sorts of legal protections which result in lots of expensive paperwork, extra teacher attention, etc. Also a loss for truly retarded kids, for example down’s syndrome, fragile X, etc.; because now they end up stuck in class with dimwitted psychopaths, and the resources normally dedicated to them are diluted. However I think they usually try to separate these groups.

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‘Is Luke Ford the Thomas Sowell of the orthodox community?’

David posts: Great conversation, thanks! Especially like your postulate that the biggest fear of Secular Jews is being returned to the Ghetto, G-d forbid would rather be killed than forced to join Chabad?!

Also, relevant something I heard at a lecture last week from Professor Steven Gimbel, author of ‘Einstein’s Jewish Science’, originally a pejorative given by the Nazis, but now the idea of Jewish Science is embraced. Professor Gimbel stipulated that going back to Moses Mendelssohn, there was two main responses to anti-semitism, to turn inwards, like the ultra-orthodox, that all Jews are essentially Hasidim whether they admit it or not, and the attempt to assimilate is bound to fail, so embrace our otherness and trust in Hashem! Or to turn outwards, with universal humanism, to fight for the rights of all peoples (as seen at the time of the French revolution and the emancipation of European Jews to full citizens). The only way Jews can feel safe is if all people are safe, and if one group is targeted that will lead to the eventually targeting of Jews. Einstein used both approaches at different times of his life. But today that would go well with Kevin MacDonald and Richard Spencer, who can see the Secular Jew as fighting for universal humanism as a method to fight anti-Semitism, and hence by nature Jews must fight against White interests. Actually, both seem to fit well with Messianic Prophecy, and the role of ‘Priests to Nations’, as well as you Mr. Ford, that says recent Daf Yomi, that ‘Goyim’ can be judged fully by Hashem, because they can know the truth of Judaism by their dealings with converts! So you are proof of the wisdom of the Talmud! Shalom, and blessings, keep up the great works, hope you are enjoying Daf Yomi Avadah Zorah!

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Ramaz admits it employed offender

Jef* says: “See below in which RAMAZ acknowledges it passed on Rosenfeld to SAR, funny how they say no one has come forward about accusations, they just need to check their own files! Its all over the internet. This follows SAR’s January self protective/insurance/liability driven so called “investigation” (which will remain private) press release

Funny too how this escaped the jewish media— JTA and Jewish Week and Forward wont touch a scandal at their beloved open orthodoxyschools

Next: should be Westchester and other schools that passed him down the line and that Rosenfeld was “trained” by notorious “rabbi’ Herschey Worch.”


Dear Ramaz Family,

Last week, SAR sent its community a letter stating that it is launching an investigation into claims of sexual abuse of a former student by Stanley Rosenfeld, a former teacher and administrator employed by SAR in the 1970’s. Reports about sexual abuse by Mr. Rosenfeld, including his pleading no contest to two counts of second degree child molestation in 2001, are extremely disturbing. We are deeply distressed by this recent news and support SAR’s profound commitment to the safety of its students and alumni as it conducts this investigation.

It is in this same vein of protecting our current and past students that we, at Ramaz, are reaching out to our community. Mr. Rosenfeld was also employed at Ramaz as Director of the Primary School (grades 1-3) from 1972-1973. As of today, no one has come forward with any accusations relating to Mr. Rosenfeld’s time at the school. However, given that we now know he is a convicted sexual offender, we owe it to our alumni to investigate Mr. Rosenfeld’s tenure at Ramaz.

If you have any information at all regarding any instances of abuse at Ramaz, we urge you to please contact the law firm, Debevoise & Plimpton LLP, whom we have retained to conduct an investigation. We believe that Debevoise has the experience, sensitivity, and judgment essential for this situation. Please reach out to Helen Cantwell, who can be reached at or 212-909-6312, or Andrew Ceresney, who can be reached at or 212-909-6947.

The safety and security of our students, and the lifelong well-being of our alumni, are at the very heart of what we stand for as a school, and we are open to hearing anything you feel should be shared. We have zero tolerance for inappropriate teacher-student relationships of any kind, and have training and systems in place to ensure appropriate relationships are maintained.

We are here to support our community and will keep you informed about any key findings.

Thank you,

Philip J. Wilner, M.D.

Chairman of the Ramaz Board


From Westchester Day School:

Dear WDS Community,

As you may know, within the past 10 days, two area yeshiva day schools have sent messages to their communities regarding a past employee, Stanley Rosenfeld, who pled no contest to two counts of second-degree child molestation in 2001 in Rhode Island. The communications were sent out when allegations came to light, that were previously unreported, of sexual abuse at one of the day schools during Rosenfeld’s tenure in the 1970s. We are writing to you now, as Rosenfeld was also an employee at WDS in the late 1960s/early 1970s. Following the statements from last week, we received information that he engaged in similar misconduct involving at least one WDS student in the early 1970s.

It is extremely upsetting to hear all of this, and in particular to hear that any child was harmed or mistreated by an adult whose job it was to teach and protect that child. As educators and community members, there is nothing more important than the safety and well-being of our students.

At WDS, we are deeply committed to certain values elucidated in our mission statement, including the value of leading with a keen sense of justice and obligation. In that spirit, we have already reached out to the appropriate authorities, to report what we know, and to give them the opportunity to do their important work enforcing the laws that apply to this type of misconduct. Furthermore, we adhere to the value of identifying and responding to the needs of others with sympathy and empathy. Accordingly, we want to hear from anyone who was impacted or has information that they would like to share with us regarding any events of impropriety that took place at WDS. If you would like to reach out, please contact either the Village of Mamaroneck Police Department Detective Sergeant Charles Lanza, our Head of School, Rabbi Joshua Lookstein, or Dr. Naomi Adler, our Director of Student Services and School Psychologist. Information gathered will be passed on to the authorities to assist in their investigation.

We are committed to learn from this process so that we can understand what happened, support those who have been affected, and work to build an even stronger community and safer environment for our students.

Finally, we want to reiterate that nothing is more important to us than the safety and well-being of our students. Westchester Day School continually re-evaluates and updates its policies and practices to promote the safety of our students. These efforts include, for example, conducting extensive background checks on all existing and prospective WDS professionals; providing our faculty with professional development on the subject of appropriate interactions between students and WDS professionals (which we did this past Monday), and teaching principles of internet safety for both students and professionals. In addition, our students are taught not to hesitate to contact the appropriate person when they experience or witness any inappropriate behavior. We will continue these and other efforts to protect our students.

We intend to provide a further update to the community, as appropriate.

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