Did The PC Cause PC?

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* When you have non-PC stats to report, you describe them in extremely dry language and do not draw any conclusions, letting the reader to so if he wants.

Pew Hispanic Trust, for instance, reports a lot of unflattering stats about hispanics. But they do not get witch hunted because they either put no spin on them, or give them a PC spin.

Better to report the data carefully like this than not report it at all.

* PC is about denying ideas a PUBLIC. Nobody cared, or cares, what loners say to their friends. PC is necessary because it keeps getting easier for non-millionaires to spread their ideas around. Mimeograph, xerox, vcr, internet. Any ruling elite can afford to be laid back when disagreeing with them means taking out a second mortgage.

* Resistance to biological realities–including population genetics, which is far more accurate and predictive of human group behavior than “social” “science” ever was–may be starting to crumble, at least around the edges. Thanks to the constant gentle lapping of intellectual tides deftly guided by people like our host.

As an IPM entomologist friend once told me, in treating crop pests, you don’t need to obliterate every bug in the ecosystem. You just have to figure out how to make enough (minimum) members of the target species lose their tenacious hold on the steep upthrusting wall of biological/ecological survival. More like making five of them lose footing than all of them drop dead.

Or maybe more like, if you want to raise a 100-ton pylon, you don’t lift the damn thing, you counterweight it then wash out the sand under it so it drops erect into the ready pit.

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Moralism and Moral Arguments in the War for Western Survival

Kevin MacDonald writes:

Is It Possible to Develop a Specifically Moral Argument for the White Past of Conquest and Slavery?

A second message is that in order to appeal to a wide range of Whites, we have to fashion an underlying moral message or at least have good rejoinders to the moral arguments of others. We already see that to some extent among conservatives who have nothing but scorn for the Alt Right. They emphasize the treatment of women and homosexuals in Muslim countries and refer to “radical Islamic terrorism” — implying that the terrorism has something to do with Islam (while avoiding the idea that jihad is central to Islam. They will bring up the criminality and lack of labor participation of Middle Eastern and African immigrants. These are effective moral arguments because they argue for immoral, unfair effects on the traditional populations and culture.

But this doesn’t really get at the overriding moral argument that uniquely evil Whites are responsible for the actions of their ancestors in conquering land settled by others, slavery, etc. Of course, these accounts are carefully contextualized to ignore things like morally crusading Whites who uniquely ended slavery after a campaign based on empathy for far-away Africans. Whites ended slavery, passed Civil Rights, have funded endless uplift programs for Blacks, and twice elected a Black president — the liberal tradition so common among Northern Europeans aided and abetted in contemporary times by our hostile Jewish elite.

Also ignored are the characteristics of Whites and non-Whites that feed into current realities (e.g., IQ and personality differences, the Faustian soul of the West, etc.). Apart from the West, I have yet to hear of a movement opposed to slavery or anything else that worked by eliciting empathy. Appeals like this only work with Wersterners. These movements are a Western phenomenon and the media thrives on showing photos of suffering refugees and immigrants; “we need to help them,” never mind the short term and long term costs to our own people.

Pressing the guilt/empathy button doesn’t work in Africa or Asia despite the fact that huge swaths of humanity there (Arabs, Han Chinese, Bantu) have achieved their present territories as the result of the conquests of their ancestors. And slavery persisted in these areas long after it was abolished in the West. And even if these areas were prone to messages of guilt/empathy, you won’t see them there because these societies are not controlled by elites hostile to their traditional peoples and cultures of those areas.

One does not see Chinese people agonizing over the fact that the Han Chinese greatly expanded their territory at the expense of other peoples—a point brought out by Ricardo Duchesne in his groundbreaking The Uniqueness of Western Civilization. Nor does one see the Bantu peoples of Africa worrying about the ethics of displacing other African peoples as they spread far and wide from their homeland in Central Africa, including into South Africa where their treatment at the hands of White South Africans became Exhibit A for White evil during the apartheid era; nor do the Bantu-speaking peoples agonize about the widespread practice of slavery in Africa. Arabs do not apologize about their conquests in the name of Islam or their centuries-old role in slavery and the slave trade.

The lack of contextualization and the continual deluge of messages hostile to the White majority are good indications that the button pushing is an exercise in propaganda emanating from a hostile elite, enabled because of their control over the moral, intellectual, and political high ground. It’s not just emotional buttons that are pushed. Some of these memes are much more purely intellectual — a good example is the “race does not exist” meme, although I suppose many of these terms have emotional overtones as well because they are often linked in such a way that that they plug into the guilt mechanism. This means that they are addressed to the higher brain centers which are able to exert substantial control over the more primitive (and self-preserving) lower brain centers responsible for things like ethnocentrism. Control of the media and the academic high ground by the left means that Americans are bombarded by messages that enjoin them to inhibit their natural self-preserving tendencies and indeed, to feel guilt for them. These messages have also filtered down to churches and schools, so, unless they tune in to dissident media on the internet, Whites can spend their entire lives without hearing any contrary messages. It’s hard to overcome that.

Only Whites have been made to feel moral disgust at their own past of conquest and expansion. And only Whites—not all, to be sure, but a significant and important proportion—have felt moral outrage about slavery, to the point of banning it despite its material benefits to the society as a whole and to a great many individuals much more like themselves than the slaves they were freeing.

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Reconciliation Week In Australia Is One Big Ridiculous Anti-White Guilt Trip

Vincent Law writes:

In Australia, it’s nearly Reconciliation Week (27 May-3 June). This, as you can probably imagine, is an annual festival of shame when White Australians get to feel bad about living in the country our ancestors claimed from the wilderness and made our home.

Reconciliation means gibs, pure and simple, for a race of people so victimized by us that we pay all 500,000 of them 30 billion a year just for existing.

There is a story taught in schools that Aboriginal welfare workers used to go around for decades abducting half-caste Aboriginal children from safe, loving homes in and putting them in orphanages and training schools purely out of the wickedness of their hearts, because being wicked skin-colour haters, they had an insane compulsion to breed out the melanin. (In fact, Aboriginals traditionally had their own ways of dealing with half-castes, and they weren’t pretty…)

As can well be imagined, this Shoah-esque state of affairs has resulted in both first and subsequent generations of “survivors” feeling that they are owed something in the form of hard cash from the Government.

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Steve Sailer: Portland Burrito Truck Shut Down After Being Accused of Culturally Appropriating Burritos

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* I find this story endlessly entertaining. The piece on it in The Portland Mercury is truly amazing. It’s hard to tell if it’s high level satire, or the most cucked out piece of self-hating anti-white propaganda you’ve ever read. It’s the second. Surprise!

Welllllll, turns out the author, one Jagger Blaec, is a chubby white guy who looks gay, who is married to a large black woman. So there you go. I guess he makes his living being in a state of constant SJW outrage against whites. He’s kind of a white Tennessee Coates. Pity they closed the comments on that story before I got there.

In the bigger picture, what is really hilarious is that this is about appropriating… burritos. As if burritos were some complex food item that was unique to highly talented Mexicans; as if this were some kind of industrial espionage. When in fact burritos are nothing but slop in a tortilla that you could teach a 12 year old to make in a couple of hours. And in fact, the best tacos/burritos I’ve had have inevitably been at shops run by white hipsters where the ingredients and quality control were high. All the ones from Mexican vendors are basically cheap slops in a tortilla. The cheapest crap they can get. This myth of the magical hands and mystical spice mixtures of the withered abuelita is just that, a myth. Really, any idiot can make a good burrito.

But the mania for “authenticity” among the SJW and SWPL types is limitless. What’s a little gang crime and sex grooming when it means you can get a nice curry.

* So, serious question if the notion of businesses/cultures having intellectual property rights is taken to its natural conclusion – does Wal-Mart owe Woolsworth money for stealing the idea of distribution centers? Who had the first major distribution center chains? Do Japanese companies using Total Quality Control techniques owe Americans money because of John Dewey? Can I bill the world for using Chinese paper money?

Who were the first firemakers and do all campers owe their descendants something?

* What madness is this? Whitey invented the entire modern world. Are Mexicans supposed to stop watching TV and stop driving cars now?

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LAT: ‘A look at the decline in refugees entering the U.S. under Trump’

Los Angeles Times:

Courts may have stymied President Trump’s efforts to restrict travel from six majority-Muslim countries and ban all refugee resettlement, but that has not stopped the number of refugees entering the United States from sharply declining.

Monthly refugee arrivals have plummeted in all but four states in the current fiscal year, according to a report published Thursday by the Pew Research Center.

The study, based on analysis of U.S. State Department data, shows a decline in refugee arrivals from 9,945 in October to 3,316 this April.

“This decline has been felt by 46 of the 50 states, and only four states had a higher number of refugees in April 2017 than they had in October 2016,” said Phillip Connor, a Pew research associate. “What is significant here is that we had a decline nationally for the first five months straight of the fiscal year, which is the longest consecutive decrease on record.”

…The decline in the number of refugees is also negatively affecting organizations that assist the newcomers. “A lot of NGOs have had to lay off a significant number of staff,” said Gottschalk.

At least 300 personnel working for such resettlement agencies have been laid off nationwide, according to humanitarian officials.

Zogg said World Relief had suspended its resettlements in Orange Count and Catholic Charities had closed their offices in San Bernardino.

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