Greg Cochran Interview Wednesday 7pm CA Time

Greg Cochran blogs: “From time to time I have marveled at how the Left has changed over the years – basically, from steel-driving commies to gender-bender commies. Which leads me to wonder what would happen if, via some mechanism built of ivory and twisted crystal rods, they were ever to meet.”

Greg Cochran’s Twitter.

According to Wikipedia:

Gregory M. Cochran (born 1953) is an American physicist, author, and anthropologist. He is a research associate at the anthropology department at the University of Utah.[1] He is co-author of the book The 10,000 Year Explosion.

In opposition to what he sees as the ‘conventional wisdom’ that civilization has been a static environment which imposed stabilizing selection on humans, Cochran, along with like minded anthropologists such as John D. Hawks,[2] contends that haplotype and other data indicate the selection of genes has been strongest since the advent of farming and civilization.[3]

Ashkenazi intelligence
Main article: Ashkenazi Jewish intelligence
Cochran and co-authors Jason Hardy and Henry Harpending suggest that the high average IQ of Ashkenazi Jews may be attributed to natural selection for intelligence during the Middle Ages and a low rate of genetic inflow. Cochran et al. hypothesise that the occupational profile of the Jewish community in medieval Europe had resulted in selection pressure for mutations that increase intelligence, but can also result in hereditary neurological disorders.[4][5]

Cochran believes an evolutionary perspective suggests that the proximal cause of homosexuality must be an infection.[6][7] Cochran does not suggest that an infectious agent that causes homosexuality is spread by homosexuals. The premise is that homosexuality reduces the number of offspring and would lead to the genes carried by a homosexual person to be progressively eliminated over generations. Cochran maintains that the observed level of prevalence of exclusive homosexuality (3 to 4 percent of men and 1 to 2 percent of women in the United States) means genes cannot be the cause of homosexuality. This argument is based on natural selection, the fitness cost of genes ‘for’ homosexuality being too great for its occurrence at a frequency above that of random mutation (~ 1 in 50,000). The argument assumes that evolution would have largely eliminated homosexuality related to non-infectious environmental causes, except novel ones.

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A Song For Bundlefly

We’ve got tonight, babe, why don’t you stay?

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Ramzpaul Interview

Ramzpaul’s Youtube channel. Website. Twitter.

According to Wikipedia:

Paul Ray Ramsey (also known as ramzpaul and RamZPaul) is an American political vlogger, YouTube personality and public speaker.[3][4][5][6]

The New York Times has described Ramsey as a “popular alt-right internet personality”[7] and Media Matters for America and The Forward called him a “White Nationalist”.[8][9] According to the Swiss Basellandschaftliche Zeitung Paul Ramsey belongs to the 9 most important representatives of the Alt-Right.[10] He has been a speaker at the American Renaissance Conference.

According to economic journalist Philipp Löpfe, Ramsey uses comedy to convey a far-right message.

In 2016 Ramsey was a featured speaker at a November 2016 National Policy Institute conference, an organization founded by alt-right spokesman Richard B. Spencer.[12] However, following the National Policy Institute’s 2016 conference, Ramsey, “a blogger who flirts with white nationalism,” disassociated himself from Spencer because of Spencer’s Nazi associations, saying, “You don’t want to tie your brand to something that’s ultimate evil.”

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Jewish Federation To Jewish Community Member Elections?

Pini Herman writes:

The Jewish Federation of Los Angeles Board of Directors is proposing to END pesky Jewish community member elections in a little publicized election (Jewish Journal 4/20, p.39) it is proposed that the largest group comprising the Jewish Federation, it’s membership, be disenfranchised, a result which is anti-democratic. Once the the public is removed from the discussion, it leaves a much smaller group of people with power and with fewer mechanisms of communal oversight.

Help organize Jewish Federation member voting on June 12. Contact Pini Herman at

The essential small print reads:

“At the meeting, members will vote on proposed amendments to the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws of the corporation. These changes will result in the elimination of membership from the corporation, and all rights of members will therefore be eliminated, including, but not limited to, the rights to elect directors, set the size of the board of directors, and amend the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.”

Please share this outrageous attempt to separate the LA Jewish community from it’s donated resources.

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Interview with Heather Mac Donald

John Derbyshire wrote in 2006 for National Review’s The Corner:

This is 3 years old but I hadn’t seen it before. It’s an interview that blogger Luke Ford had with one of my favorite conservatives, and one of the most interesting people around, Heather Mac Donald. Samples:

[On being a California girl]

Luke: “Did you like Los Angeles growing up?”

Heather: “I loved it. I spent a lot of time in the Santa Monica Mountains. The smell of the dry chaparral in the summer time and the eucalyptus and the wild mustard plants and the light… There are so many smells that I associate with the land around here, from both the natural Southern California environment and the urban forest that has been brought in over the century.”

[On being an automobile-phobe]

Heather: “Here the car culture is a big challenge for me.”

Luke: “Did you ever find your right-hand view mirror?”

Heather: “Yes, the Captain of the Ramparts Division adjusted it for me. I realized that part of the reason I haven’t been able to use it was that I had completely maladjusted it. I would look in it and see the side of my car…”

[On Hollywood]

Luke: “How has the dream factory, Hollywood, affected you?”

Heather: “Not at all. A lot of Hollywood kids went to my grammar school growing up. I’m completely unmoved by it. I don’t have a fondness for movies, which leaves me stranded when it comes to cocktail party chat, but I prefer language and books. Growing up in LA inoculated me against any sense that it is glamorous or special.”

[On being a Gentile in the world of American letters]

Luke: “Has anyone called you a shicksa and has it offended you?”

Heather: “It hasn’t offended me. I assume it was said affectionately.”

[On being irreligious]

“I don’t understand how people of intelligence can reconcile what I see as constant proof of divine indifference to human outcomes with a reverence for God. To me it’s a mystery.”

[On liberalism]

“Unless you think hard about political questions in our culture, you are liberal by default. You have to think your way out of liberalism.”

[On her explorations in the underclass]

“I was in Watts the other night at an outreach by various ministers, lay people and police who were trying to create a political backlash against gang violence. … We went to recent homicide sites. The people I were with were chanting and preaching and trying to get people to join them. I walked around the housing project talking to people. They were very hostile. Obviously some white girl coming up to talk to them, I don’t expect them to greet me with open arms, or even welcoming. They seemed untouched by civilization. It was disturbing.”

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