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Kosher Cop Canned

The New York Post reports: The cockroaches in one of Montefiore Medical Center’s cafeterias were definitely not kosher. But the Bronx hospital denies the charges of a food supervisor who has raised holy hell about the creepy crawlers, plus alleged … Continue reading

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New York Post Covers R. Leib Tropper Scandal

Reuven Blau and Melissa Klein write: Eww, that’s not kosher! A prominent Orthodox rabbi has been caught on tape discussing his apparent love affair with a shiksa he was converting to Judaism — whom he allegedly also pushed to have … Continue reading

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Rabbi Shmuley Boteach Back In The News

There’s no rabbi like Shmuley. He got close with Michael Jackson. Now he’s close with Jon Gosselin. That takes balls. Most rabbis have no interest in reaching out to celebrities to help them. US Magazine says: While reports emerged Friday … Continue reading

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Synagogue Self-Defense

From Huffington Post: The New York Post reports that a group of "badass rabbis" is teaching a synagogue self-defense course to terrorist-wary temple-goers. Lessons include "how to take down a terrorist by the neck, how to use a table as … Continue reading

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