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Bumping Into People At LimmudLA

David Suissa nails it: But as the sessions piled up and I had to make more tough choices and miss more great classes, a funny thing happened: I started getting interrupted. As I went from class to class, I kept … Continue reading

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The Rabbi From Africa

From JPost.com: Nabugoye Rabbi Gershom Sizomu Photo: O. Stav Hillel , JRep The gently sloping campus of Semei Kakungulu High School, named for the founder of Uganda’s Jewish community, lies in the shadow of the imposing Mt. Wanale, a volcanic … Continue reading

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Agriprocessors Is Only A Pretext

I don’t know any rabbi who’s taken a public position on Agriprocessors who’s done much work verifying the facts of the case and conducting a thorough investigation. Instead, Agriprocessors is a pretext. For the chareidi, it is another example of … Continue reading

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Is Rubashkin Meat Kosher?

From today’s WSJ: "The Jewish narrative for 2,000 years has predominantly been about our powerlessness as unprotected immigrants," says Shmuly Yanklowitz, co-founder of Uri L’Tzedek, a progressive Orthodox group. The allegations are "particularly embarrassing because of how deeply connected our … Continue reading

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Why Do People Become Orthodox?

Conservative rabbi David Wolpe of Temple Sinai writes: The three principal, positive reasons why I believe people choose to be Orthodox: community, coherence and connection. Community. Orthodoxy creates a powerful caretaking community. Little wonder that so many step into an … Continue reading

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