Yisroel Pensack: Leonard Cohen Should Have Been In Shul For Rosh Hashanah

The next time you want to persuade your friends or your kids to go to shul on Rosh Hashanah, you can tell them what happened to singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen on Friday.

According to a Reuters report in The New York Times,

Singer Leonard Cohen is expected to return to the stage on Monday after he collapsed during a concert in Spain on Friday and was rushed to hospital.

The Canadian, who turns 75 on Monday, was halfway through a performance of his hit song "Bird on a Wire" at a show in Valencia when he fainted.

A clip from the concert posted on YouTube showed him…on the stage before keeling over.

His manager later told media that the singer had suffered a bout of food poisoning but had been reluctant to abandon the show.

…Organizers of his tour told the BBC that he was expected to be well enough to perform in Barcelona on Monday…for the final show in his nine-concert Spanish tour.

…Cohen has been on tour since May, performing in Canada, Europe, New Zealand and Australia, after coming out of retirement.

He quit the music scene in the early 1990s and became a Buddhist monk but was forced out of retirement five years ago after losing his retirement savings.

I hope he didn’t get food poisoning from eating Spanish kosher food. 

According to the UK Guardian,

Later this week, Cohen is scheduled to appear in a contentious concert at Tel Aviv’s Ramat Gan football stadium…

Cohen had originally planned to perform in both Tel Aviv and the West Bank city of Ramallah. But, after Palestinian rights groups protested against both concerts, the Ramallah performance was cancelled and Amnesty International withdrew their support for the tour.

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