A Predator Roamed Jewish Schools. Why Wasn’t He Stopped?

From the Forward: “The most distinguished modern Orthodox rabbis of our generation knew of Rosenfeld’s behavior in explicit detail, paid for counseling of and settlements to some of his victims, and warned one another, but not the community,” Javitt wrote.

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The Decline & Fall Of The Alt Right

* Two-thirds of Russians believe global government exists – poll

* Vox Day on Social Justice Warriors.

* From MPCDOT.com:

This site used to be a hell of a lot more like the rest of the alt-right, too, even though nobody here wants to admit it because it’s embarrassing. Honestly there wasn’t much of a difference between the TRS forums and MPC back in mid-2015, other than the fact that MPC was wittier and TRS more ideologically diverse at the time. Of course, that was also during the brief period when the ‘alt-right’ actually polled positively with the general public. Since then, basically every alt-right outlet has completely flown off the rails, and ‘alt-right’ literally just means ‘Nazi’ now, which I suppose was what most of the hardliners wanted because they didn’t want the movement as a whole to go ‘soft on the JQ.’ They got what they wanted. MPC is the only section of the alt-right that hasn’t gone off the rails, largely due to getting completely on board with Trump as a political force. Most of the ‘movement,’ such as it is or was, jumped off the train after Trump bombed the Syrian airstrip. Personally I think it reflects the true antisocial motivations of most of the alt-right, that their problems with the world aren’t entirely politics related.

Almost a year later, PLEASUREMAN’s excellent post-mortem thread on the Alt-Right is still golden:

Lessons learned:

– The alt-right attempted to grow too quickly without working towards mainstream sensibilities and succumbed to factionalism.

– The impetus for fast growth and factionalism was provided by deluded alt-right leaders who imagined themselves leading a much larger group, and who competed with each other for status.

– The alt-right never attracted enough smart, funny people to outweigh (sic) the mouth-breathers who swarmed to it hoping to find acceptance and a social life.

– The alt-right did not produce Trump’s victory, which arose from Trump’s variant populism, and subsequently quarreled over where to “draw the line” on Trump; the response to Trump highlighted multiple insecurities on the alt-right.

– The factional conflict was unproductive; nothing has emerged or cohered as a result.

– Untethered from Trump, the movement has almost no emotional energy to carry it forward.

– The establishment right remains a hollowed out and enervated force. The talking head right is seen as inauthentic and futureless. Something will have to fill this vacuum (not anything we’ve seen so far).

– The alt-right has failed to appreciate the degree to which the mainstream right is propped up by establishment money, therefore has attempted to build parallel institutions that have little chance of success due to lack of resources.

– The right in general is in a state of confusion because it never did its homework. It has consistently failed to understand its own internal problems and conflicts (which require a larger sociological awareness to make sense of). It has also ignored the sheer weight of mass society and therefore promotes solutions that are either ineffective or too grandiose ever to work.

– The alt-right ultimately failed because it was too angry and bitter, with no positive vision (a sign of the breakdown of social relationships). Negative movements quickly burn themselves out because they require too much emotional energy to sustain; positive movements rejuvenate and build emotional energy. No mass movement can succeed from an essentially negative base.

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The Decline Of Popular Music

* A Liberal’s Case for Brett Kavanaugh

* The post-diva star

* Soft, smooth and steady: How Xanax turned American music into pill-pop

* We could also talk about OZYFest, which promises to be a show of epic proportions: Hillary Clinton AND Grover Norquist.

* SPLC: Judge upholds bulk of lawsuit against alt-righters in Charlottesville after ‘Unite the Right,’ dismisses Peinovich

* The HBO TV series Succession.” Kevin and I love its realism.

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The Gratitude Solution

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Ethno-Nationalism Vs Civic Nationalism

I moderate this debate:

From MSU:

Ethnic nationalism

1. Nationhood is defined by language, religion, customs & traditions

2. According to ethnic nationalists,

–it is not the state that creates the nation but

the nation that creates the state

–The glue that holds people together is

–Not shared political rights

–but pre-existing ethnic characteristics

3. European ethnic nationalism

is exemplified by Germany’s reaction to Napoleon’s invasion in 1806

–And Germany’s “Romantic” reaction against

the French ideal of the nation-state

4. The German ideal of ethnic nationalism appealed to the peoples

of 19th century Europe who were under imperial domination

–Poles & Baltic peoples under the Russian Empire

–Serbs under Turkish rule (Ottoman Empire)

–Croats under the Habsburgs (Austro-Hungarian Empire)

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