Alt Right Torah Talk: Parasha Terumah (Exodus 25:1–27:19)

This week’s Torah portion is Terumah (gifts).

* Is President Trump doing enough to combat anti-Semitism? Are Jews doing enough to combat anti-Gentilism? Anti-Semitism is a bit like not wanting trannies in your bathroom.

* This week’s Torah portion is not immediately compelling but it helps to believe that God wrote it if you want inspiration to study it. Imagine you have created a Torah state wherein citizens study the weekly Torah portion. Would non-Jews have much interest in this Torah portion? In a Torah state, non-Jewish residents would be a weakness. Anyone who didn’t study the Torah portion would be a weakness. Cohesion and strength require unity.

* The parasha starts with God saying let people give from their heart to build the sanctuary. There aren’t many instances in Torah where you just give from your heart. Normally, a donation is required whether your heart is in it or not.

* The key verse to me is 25.8: “The shall build a sanctuary for me so that I might dwell among them.” What do we build in our own lives so that God can dwell among us? There’s a different feeling when you walk by a church or a synagogue than when you walk by a liquor shop. Have you ever stepped foot in a Catholic church? It’s far more ornate, typically, than a Protestant church or synagogue. When one thinks of religious art, one thinks of Catholicism. Protestantism is all heart. Judaism and Catholicism are much more physical.

* It’s a good thing that the Jews have all the gold because they’re going to need it to build this sanctuary.

* When you step on to a Seventh-Day Adventist campus, you can feel a sense of God. There are many ways to create holiness. If you’ve done kundalini yoga, you’ve probably felt yourself touch the divine.

* Sacred space. You don’t feel the presence of God as easily at a bar as you do at a church or synagogue. When you walk into a home filled with holiness, you feel it. When you walk into a secular home, you feel that. If I walk into your home or office, am I going to feel the presence of God? If I talk to you, am I going to feel the presence of God?

* There are degrees of holiness in the Sanctuary as you approach the kadosh kadoshim (Holy of Holies). Not everything is equally holy. The Hebrew word for holy, kadosh, means separate. You can only maintain holiness with separation. Every people who wants to develop holiness needs to create separation from others, it needs to create sacred space, which is not easy when you live in a country like America that forbids freedom of association.

* What is the ideal ethno-state? I look at Torah, which makes no room for non-Jewish citizenship in the Jewish homeland of Israel. That strikes me as a good model. Japan, which is about 99% Japanese, also strikes me as a good model. Modern Israel with a 25% Arab population does not strike me as a good model, it strikes me as insufficiently an ethno-state.

* The invisible God frees the mind.

* The concepts of “sin” and “atonement” are not popular topics today.

* Casey: Well since this chapter is about the Holy of Holies, let’s talk a bit about “authority” and how it is established and recognized… I’ll read something from Kenneth Minogue. A defense of elitism — toward a defense of tyranny. High priest as benevolent dictator. What problems does that solve?–what new problems does it create? The essential hiddenness of the basis for authority. Its inaccessibility to the plebs.

* Paul: A co-founder of Black Lives Matter makes the case that “Melanin enables black skin to capture light and hold it in its memory mode which reveals that blackness converts light into knowledge. Melanin directly communicates with cosmic energy.”
So that’s why I’m so tired these days. I have white skin?

* What Steve Bannon want? Christopher Caldwell writes in the NYT:

On Thursday, at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference, he described the “center core” of Trump administration philosophy as the belief that the United States is more than an economic unit in a borderless word. It is “a nation with a culture” and “a reason for being.”

* I am reading, Operation Paperclip: The Secret Intelligence Program that Brought Nazi Scientists to America: “Hiring dedicated Nazis was without precedent, entirely unprincipled, and inherently dangerous…”

by Rudyard Kipling

It was not part of their blood,
It came to them very late,
With long arrears to make good,
When the Saxon began to hate.

They were not easily moved,
They were icy — willing to wait
Till every count should be proved,
Ere the Saxon began to hate.

Their voices were even and low.
Their eyes were level and straight.
There was neither sign nor show
When the Saxon began to hate.

It was not preached to the crowd.
It was not taught by the state.
No man spoke it aloud
When the Saxon began to hate.

It was not suddenly bred.
It will not swiftly abate.
Through the chilled years ahead,
When Time shall count from the date
That the Saxon began to hate.

* On the penultimate page of Tragedy, Mearsheimer warns:

Neither Wilhelmine Germany, nor imperial Japan, nor Nazi Germany, nor the Soviet Union had nearly as much latent power as the United States had during their confrontations … But if China were to become a giant Hong Kong, it would probably have somewhere on the order of four times as much latent power as the United States does, allowing China to gain a decisive military advantage over the United States.

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The Crisis For Conservatism

The crisis for conservatism, whether in Australia or Canada or America, is that it does not conserve anything. It is cucking (creating a sound currency for other races to enjoy when they take over your country). Conservatism should first be about conserving your people and protecting them from competing groups. Conservatism in the West will only work if it makes its first priority creating safe spaces for white people.

Australia First like America First must first mean putting the interests of the founding stock first. A Japanese politics that did not make its first priority the interests of Japanese would be incoherent, just like the following article.

Paul Kelly’s long analysis in The Australian ignores race and the interests of white people:

The fragmentation in Australian politics that sees the fracturing of the voting base of the Turnbull-led Coalition parties highlights a phenomenon evident around many Western democracies including Australia — the crisis of conservatism.

This varies from nation to ­nation but is most convulsive in the US, where Donald Trump has energised the conservative base yet shattered its unity, leading to the question: what does conservatism stand for in the world of 2017?

This question and its competing answers lie at the heart of the contemporary upheavals in the West. Is true conservatism dying in an age of disruption and globalisation where habits of life, work and family are radically shifting?

Will Trumpism save conservatism through populism or herald its intellectual collapse?

The crisis of conservatism is just part of a bigger story in the West: the weakening of the political centre. The tearing apart of the centre is a universal trend, seen in the Brexit vote (against both the Tory and Labour parties), the victory of Trump (against first the Republican and then the Democratic establishment), the rise of the European populists (often at the expense of mainstream parties) and in Australia, albeit to a much lesser extent, the decline of the primary vote for the main parties (the last Newspoll shows the Coalition on 35 per cent and Labor on 36 per cent, not far from a ­split nearly three equal ways).

Around the globe, conservative and progressive/labour parties are in the gun. Their meaning and support base are under extreme pressures. But in Australia, greater damage is being done to the ­Coalition as the governing party during a time of popular grievance with the existing order.

In Australia, like in America and Canada, whites are not allowed to say publicly that they have group interests (akin to the group interests of other groups such as blacks, Jews, Mexicans, etc).

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How’s Trump Doing?

I think President Trump is doing fine. He’s doing the things I like. He’s good for my people.

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* 1. Trump needs to do better than to base his speeches on his previous night’s TV viewing (Fox News, Sweden). It’s not necessarily that he’s wrong, but the President of the United States has access to better information sources, provided at great public expense. He should use them.

2. Margaret Thatcher had an ally in William Whitelaw, who was a traditional (patrician and paternalistic) Conservative from the left of the party, yet who believed in what Thatcher was trying to achieve. She would run her policies past Whitelaw, and he would tell her when her instincts were taking her beyond what the public would accept. When Whitelaw retired for health reasons, Thatcher’s administration quickly spun out of control, implementing a regressive tax (the “Community Charge”, popularly called the Poll Tax) that eventually led to her downfall.

Trump needs somebody in the role of William Whitelaw: not to dilute his policies, but to ensure that the essential core is not derailed by his own wilder ideas.

3. Winston Churchill had stand-up rows with his Chief of Staff, Field Marshall Sir Alan Brooke. No doubt the rows irritated Churchill, but he considered them a small price to pay in return for receiving military advice of the highest quality. Trump needs staff who, while unswervingly loyal, are willing to stand up to him and argue with him over policy.

4. Government by Twitter is not an entirely bad idea, but the tweets need to be more carefully considered. Donald Trump can and should use Twitter to promote his program, but he should remember that he is no longer fighting such easy targets as Hillary or Jeb. Most tweets should be planned and discussed with his press office a week or more in advance.

* I think Trump is being crafty on immigration. Hardliners are disappointed so far but they don’t get the 3d chess match Trump needs to play to make the whole project happen.

There are profound changes happening check out this article where DHS is now taking all funds from illegal immigrant assistance programs and shifting them to illegal immigramt crime victim programs.

* This morning a Mexican man deported from the US jumped off a bridge crossing in Tijuana. He survived the drop, but he later passed away in a local hospital.

It’s gonna get ugly.

Despite the talk in some liberal circles about the “improving Mexican economy” and “net-zero” migration from Mexico, Mexicans are completely terrified of going back to their home country.

* I’m happy and grateful even if Trump does nothing — because finally, after eight long years, there’s a break in the action from being constantly, daily assaulted by the leftist agenda coming out of the White House. Finally, at long last, we don’t have to listen to Obama hector, berate, bitch, whine, lecture, and scold us on race, gays, transgenders, Muslims, and what-have-you, and tell us that he’s going to put us on the “right side of history.”

The fact that we got that sanctimonious mulatto prig to finally STFU is reward enough for me right now.

* I’m thoroughly impressed by what DJT has managed in a month. It’s difficult to find, though, because no one’s reporting it. You have to read a zillion random second and third tier news sites and blogs, and the Google what they are talking about, to find the story. Like the rollback of the disastrous Waters of the US EPA rule. Or the coal mining rule rollback. Or the 5 year ban in Obama people being lobbyists. Or the local stories of illegals in high schools caught with weapons being immediately deported. Or VA staff being fired. or SecState people being fired. Or cyber security people being fired. Or….A hundred things you didn’t know. all great.

I believe I read here that someone (Ohio gov Kasich, maybe?) was told by trump he could do all the foreign policy stuff, all the military stuff. What, did that leave trump doing, he asked? Making America great again. Whoever that was thought it was asinine and so passed it up.

But I get what he means now. McMaster, Mattis, Pence–they can have whatever they want overseas. Foreign policy doesn’t matter to Americans. Jobs matter. Their towns matter. Ending the opioids matters. So he’s going to negotiate with Intel and Ford and everyone else. He’s going to stop the DoJ suing your local grammar school to allow the big who thinks he’s a girl in the girls locker room when they change clothes. He’s going to fix the dams and the bridges and the airports. He’s going to MAGA. And then US prestige will be determined by its GDP pushing the world’s, and the other issues will be solved however those folks want them. Because that ain’t what matters most anyway.

* First Trump beat the Republicans, then he beat the Democrats, next he will beat the Deep State. Along the way, I guess he will beat the Media too. There certainly is a lot of them to beat, the rot is deep, but on the bright side they are mostly soft incompetents on sinecures.

* In the past 72 hours, I’ve had conversations with five strangers thrilled to talk at length, and extremely intelligently, about Pres. Trump, immigration, population genetics, intelligence/self-control/forward thinking and their distribution, socialism as a great idea that can only work for people of Certain Ethnies (though they don’t use that word), and much more.

This is right out in the open–aisles of commercial establishments, salespeople, taverns.

I’m hearing more people nervously but remarkably boldly confiding their frustration with being dinged for being white and really getting sick of the Victim du Jour bulletins from Big Mother.

* I recall the late radio legend Bob Grant, who was vilified for his irreverent disregard of respectable racial pieties, pointing-out how Limbaugh took the easy path by simply avoiding the whole topic of race.

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RCC Tries To Force Man To Give His Wife A Jewish Divorce (Get)

I don’t know anything about this case. Let’s say the woman prefers to get a divorce through the RCC and the man prefers to give a get under a different Beit Din. I don’t see anything here beyond a conflict of interests.

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The Read-and-Breed Reproductive Strategy

Comment: Speaking of reading, how come Jews don’t recommend the Read-and-Breed Strategy for nations with low birthrates?

Jews say they are so concerned about European and Asian nations with low birthrates. What is to be done? Jews say these nations should invite in tons of foreigners to become ‘new Germans’ and ‘new Japanese’, even to the point of demographically eclipsing the original native population. Jews say the original populations should go the way of indigenous Hawaiians in Hawaii that is now mostly white and yellow.

But Israel has had success with demographic stability. If anything, it has increased Jewish numbers with birthrate alone.
How did Israel do this? The government has funded the Jewish scholar Talmudic ‘brahmanic’ class to devote their lives to spiritual-cultural study, preservation of heritage, and family creation. After all, the only way to preserve the heritage of history and culture is by having future generations to inherit them. Sacred texts, art works, architecture, and cultural treasures mean nothing on their own. They only have meaning in relation to people who receive, value, and identify with them.
If the world were devoid of people, what would all the world’s arts, books, musics, and museums be worth? Nothing. Culture only has meaning to those who inherit and appreciate them. So, in order to preserve Jewish heritage, Jewish lineage must also be preserved and continued. There has to be future Jews in healthy numbers in Israel to inherit the culture & treasures and keep them meaningful and viable across time.

And Israel, though an advanced first world nation, has managed birthrates at not only replacement level but growth level. How did Jews do this?
Read-and-Breed Strategy that lent prestige to the Talmudic class of scholars. They were allowed to devote their lives to study, culture, and family-formation. Since they were valued as patriots and standard-bearers of blood and culture, they were incentivized to have families. So, Jewish numbers in Israel has remained healthy.

Well, if this works for Israel, it should work for other nations. Jews should tell European and East Asian nations that they too should create a prestigious class of national-scholars devoted to study, culture, heritage, spirituality, and family. And they should be funded by the government since they are standard-bearers and torch-bearers of history, culture, and national lineage. So, even if many secular professional Germans are not having kids or just one kid per family, a German ‘brahmin’ national scholar could have 6 or 7 children. Some will follow in the footsteps of their father but some can later take up professional jobs in the secular field. It’s like some kids of Talmudic parents in Israel become secular and become scientists, lawyers, engineers, and etc. But the thing is the current system of Read-and-Breed works for Israel.
Another great thing about the Read-and-Breed Strategy is that Israel will have real Jews in the future who will appreciate Jewish identity and culture. In contrast, there is no guarantee that foreign newcomers to Europe or Japan will want to really assimilate and appreciate the native cultures there.

Anyway, if Jews are indeed so caring and concerned about nations with low birthrates and want to give sound advice, why not share their successful formula of Read-and-Breed?

Just think. Suppose there are 10 Germans. Suppose 2 don’t marry, 3 marry and have 2 kids each, and 4 marry and have 1 kid each. So, those 9 together don’t produce replacement level. But suppose the 10th German is designated as a national scholar devoted to culture and family. Suppose he has 6 kids. That will balance things out.

So, nations with low-birth-rates should create a brahmanic class to be funded by state. And their lives would be devoted to culture, patriotism, and family. That way, even if ‘secular’ countrymen don’t have enough kids, these ‘brahmanics’ will make up for the loss. And their kids will be raised with a strong sense of history, culture, and heritage.

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