Sailer: The Missing Word in Buzzfeed’s “What Happened to Black Lives Matter?”

Steve Sailer writes: I can explain why The Establishment (e.g., the Democratic Party, the media, the Soros-like NGOs, etc.) aren’t pushing Black Lives Matter hard any more in one word, a word not mentioned in this article: Dallas.

BLM followers murdering all those cops in Dallas and Baton Rouge got Donald Trump elected president.

Besides alienating non-blacks by unleashing a huge upsurge in violence in black cities, both riots and black on black homicides, BLM didn’t even boost black turnout. Lots of blacks were kind of ashamed of what BLM wrought and didn’t turn out to vote in 2014 and 2016. A lot of blacks were proud to vote for Barack Obama in 2012, but not for Michael Brown in 2014 and 2016.


* The problem with the left in general is that they equate the rabble of their favored minority group (blacks, Muslims, Mexicans) with the really cool, high class ones they personally know.

I know a lot of great people belonging to many different races and backgrounds. But what makes them all great is that they are in the upper class. Expose the left to a fairer cross section of those populations and make them live amongst those cohorts for six months. You’ll quickly see a nuanced perspective form.

* Wiki claims that BLM ‘began’ with the Zimmerman Acquittal in July 2013. I would say it actually began in March 2012 with the media-government complex’s ‘Frontlash’ over the Trayvon Martin case (died in a struggle with some guy in a basically Flyover area of Florida, February 2012). The agitation against White Flyover Losers and the monstrous police (largely a proxy for White Flyover Losers) was in full swing by spring 2012. It didn’t let up through the November 2012 election. It seems odd that a regime would agitate against its own internal security forces, but so it was.

BLM clearly grew out of the mass-media-created Trayvon hysteria, which itself was approved and encouraged from the top levels of our political and intellectual (media) elite, i.e. BLM was a U.S.-regime-sanctioned (even regime-created) movement from the beginning, certainly if the big media is defined as an arm of the regime (it should be).

Lest we forget, after five years, how big the Trayvon case was:

The Project for Excellence in Journalism reported in March [2012] that media coverage of the Martin case had become the first news story in 2012 to be reported on more than the presidential race.[3] (Wiki)

The purpose of the proto-BLM Trayvon movement was to discredit White Flyover Losers in general, weaken the Flyover-seeming candidate, Romney, and re-elect Barack Obama, the hero of the age, by encouraging his base to turn out in November 2012. It succeeded.

Many will take what they are Frontlashed into believing seriously, though, and BLM became a force for potentially serious civil unrest by 2014, notably in August 2014 when some Black armed-robber was killed in Ferguson, Nowheresville County, Flyover USA, and the first waves of rioting occurred:

At around 1:30 a.m. Saturday morning [August 16th], rioters broke into and looted the Ferguson Market & Liquor store that Brown allegedly robbed prior to his shooting, as well as other nearby businesses. (Wiki)

A few other events of note.

Late April 2015: The Baltimore riots over some BLM cause celebre.

July 2016: The police shootings in Dallas and Baton Rouge. Eight police officers dead, many wounded.

July 18, 2016: Hillary Clinton’s response, seemingly siding with BLM terrorists who had, in the previous days, shot several dozen police: “We need to make reforms to policing and criminal justice…We cannot rest until we root out implicit bias and stop the killings of African Americans” (Link).

September and October, 2016: Clinton consistently berate Whites and police for “implicit racism” in the September and October debates against Donald Trump. Trump’s eye-roll response was an effective dog-whistle.

November 2016: With vote swings of truly impressive magnitude away from the pro-BLM Democratic Party in the White Midwest, Donald Trump is elected president. The millions of White former-Democratic voters who voted Trump had the gall to resist that now-essentially-explicit mantra of the regime’s media apparatus: White Flyover Losers sind unser Unglück.


By late 2016, BLM, tired and adrift, has become increasingly discredited, and the regime-media has pulled back. We oddly hear no stories anymore about the latest Saintly Black Victim of White racism.

The regime has realized that there has been major blowback against what began as its campaign to reelect Barack Obama in 2012 over the Trayvon incident, and which it continued hoping for comparable political gains. The blowback was the election of a candidate on a shockingly nationalist platform who called for things like “a complete halt to all Islamic immigration into our country.”

I would go one further on Steve’s comment that Trump was elected in July 2016 (with the police massacres by BLMers) and say that, in now-distant retrospect, perhaps Trump was elected already by the spring of 2012, in the previous election cycle no less, with the beginning the media’s relentless Trayvon Martin campaign.

* They keep trying to force Booker down our throats. Yes, he comes off as a homo, but then again there was Obama.

* Kamala Harris is a (half) black woman with great hair. That’s a big part of why she is an important person.

* What really sanked BLM was the open anti-Zionism of its members, many liberal Jewish journalists denounced BLM when they declared solidarity with Palestine. It’s good to remember that it was Jews who created and funded the NAACP.

* She looks the part and I am sure we will be treated to lots of photographs of her in semi-profile gazing meaningfully into the distance with either a look of determination of the slight smirk that HRC so often sported. Democrats always seem to want to fall in love with their candidates and their personal narrative and Harris checks a lot of those boxes, but of course that means they sometimes do not critically evaluate the political shortcomings of those they elevate, Hilary being a prime example.

Harris seems like a younger and darker Hilary – she is an important totem but isn’t really a politician that really connects to people.

* 1488, like jihad, has a variety of meanings. For example, Greater 1488 means living in peace with blonde, fecund Aryan women and making babies with them. It’s a celebration of women and our mothers!

* “Lebensraum in the East” was not meant to be interpreted literally. It’s just a metaphor of a higher spiritual state. “Getting rid of the Jewish vermin” means spiritual improvement, like getting rid of vice and sinfulness, it doesn’t mean anything bad.

Those who misinterpret it are not real racists, they have no degree in racism, at least not from a moderate racist university. All leading white supremacists have condemned these attacks.

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The Danish Model

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* Denmark demonstrates that socialism in the form of a strong welfare state actually works pretty well for a well educated homogeneous population. A Danish professor said a few years ago something to the effect of “we all contribute our share because we are all in the same boat. Immigrants are perceived as a disruptive element who create a threat to the Danish welfare state.”

Denmark’s success is an inconvenient fact both for liberals and libertarians.

The problem for Europe is that Denmark’s success is not easily replicable in other European countries because they are not as ethnically and culturally homogeneous as Europeans seem to think. Germany for example has always been riven by squabbles between the different “tribes”. The economic and military sucess of the Wilhelmine Reich, and then the shared suffering in WWI created an illusion of national unity that Hitler was able to play off, but that has quickly dissipated back into the traditional pattern of everyone being jealous of Bavarians, mistrusting Swabians, despising Saxons and laughing at Saarlanders.

The problem in France and the UK is that both societies are so class driven. The elites feel very little, if any, ethnic solidarity with the working and rural classes, and never have. Like the US, it is easy for political parties to use immigrants as wedges against other native groups you don’t like. The countries with the best chance of replicating the Danish model are places like the Czech Republic or Slovenia.

* Democracy works well only in the city-state. As the city-state grows toward empire, it ruins its ability to have meaningful democracy.

As for the country bumpkins despised and taken advantage of by the urban Elites – Yep. Now think of the antithesis: ancient Athens. Even the time of Socrates, as Athenian democracy was degenerating thanks to imperialism, Athenians still regularly maintained their ties to their agricultural/pastoral roots. Athenian democracy became meaningless as wealthy Athenians lost their ties to the land and thus their respect for those who live and work on the land every day.

* Key social disincentives of socialism:

-Creates complacency in the populace and absolute trust in the state to provide. That discourages spiritual growth and looking to the traditional base of Western spirituality, Christianity for comfort and strength. If Daddy state will always provide for everything, why fuss about few foreigners or that silly thing called the church? Socialism means you never have to grow up in certain ways.

-Socialism makes the traditional Christian work of missionaries (how Christians helped foreigners without mussing up the nest) and providing for the poor merely hobby work. It has little to no meaning in socialized countries, further undermining traditional Christianity

-Women, instead of looking to husbands as providers, look to the state. It is no coincidence that once women gain suffrage that socialism appears. It does appear in places without women’s suffrage, but if socialism didn’t exist before and women get the vote, as sure as the sun rises in the East, it will appear within a few decades.

-What stable, married couples do form find child rearing expensive and pointless. If the state will provide for you in your old age, why not live it up now? Child rearing also becomes “a hobby”. It’s one that people will pressure you not to do a lot of because they’re looking at their tax bill and they don’t want you to be “extravagant” in using the social system. Kids end up s bills not to just their parents, but everyone, rather than the asset we saw them as for most of time.

-The wrong kind of foreigners are attracted to moths like a flame to your generous social system, built primarily for insecure white women fretting about their mid to old age. In some ways, they are less fussy than the women who wanted the system in the first place. Whatever you give them they’ll be okay with living because it’s easier than work, but they will be resentful for it. Remarkably, the white women themselves find the standard of living too low on welfare’s just there for their nightmare scenarios they’ve got running in their heads.

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Remember When AIDS Was Going To Destroy Africa?

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* Blessedly, Africa is a very large continent, as a glance at a globe will confirm.

By the way, remember all the talk about AIDS, and how AIDS would decimate the African population? Was that just a tool to pry dollars from the West, or did people actually believe that AIDS was that much of an epidemic?

AIDS was also supposed to decimate India and utterly destroy Thailand. None of that happened either. I tend nowadays to believe absolutely nothing that comes from the medical establishment. They have been wrong about nearly everything over the past 50 years.

* This is of course a major problem for Africa and for African people.

It should not HAVE to be a problem for the responsible parts of the world that manage to control their population. But it likely will become our problem given the problems created by a do gooder Christian ethic and the brain dead behavior patterns of the typical white liberal.

The only legitimate state interest that the West should have regarding Africa is to insure that Africans stay in Africa. It is what many black people claim they want anyway–to be free of the racism of whitey.

It is long past time that we treat African people like people–let them control their own destiny.

* Sub-Saharan Africa’s population is going to explode. The Democrat Party is the party of Black America. The looming African population explosion will unfold with dark horrors straight out of a Joseph Conrad book.

The Democrat Party is the party of Muslims and mass immigration. The Democrat Party is a clear and present threat to the safety and security of the United States. The Democrat Party is a threat to the national security of the United States.

White Core Americans(WCA) must fight to take control of the Republican Party. White Core American Patriots must dislodge the globalizer ruling class of the Republican Party. President Trump had the guts and brains to appeal to White Core Americans and Whites Without College Degrees(WWCDs).

Africa’s population explosion will destroy the Democrat Party in the United States.

Please tell me again why a woman such as Hillary Clinton, who professes to love Black Americans so much, does everything she can to remove herself from any and all contact with Black Americans in her personal life. Didn’t Hillary Clinton move to the mostly White town of Chappaqua, New York?

The hypocrisy of leading Democrats regarding Black America is only covered up because the corporate media keeps silent on the matter. Patriots in the Republican Party must take control of the corporate media megaphone in the United States.

* No offense, Steve, but this is only the “World’s Most Important Graph” to suicidially idiotic Western countries that don’t control their own borders and have lost their ability to think tribally. This graph is a curiousity to the Japanese, Koreans, Chinese and any other people who understand the concept and utility of a fence.

What Africans choose to do in their own countries should be of no concern of mine. It’s why we have separate countries.

Europe and the United States deserve their fate if they allow in millions of low-IQ, short time horizon, wholly incompatible Africans. A better example of Survival of Fittest you likely will never see. It’s not Survival of the Smartest or Survival of the Most Cultured or Survival of the Nicest. It’s fucking Survival of Fittest, survival of those best suited for that particular environment.

Right now, Africans are the most suited for this environment. Ironically, it’s an environment created by whites, but that’s irrelevant for the time being. Whites created the environment that caused them to decline and Africans to succeed. Darwin must be laughing somewhere – in between his tears.

* The Gates Foundation and other private charitable groups have been promoting family planning in Africa for years. The problem is that the African people just don’t seem to care for it. Most of them have never been fond of concepts like monogamy or anything else that would limit their own pleasure. The inability to convince Africans to change their personal behavior is the reason why there has been such limited success in reducing the rates HIV infection in Africa.

* Sub Saharan Africa is almost eight times as big as India in land area, and India now supports 1.3 billion people.

To be sure I don’t think there’s any place in SSA that matches the agricultural productivity of the Ganges valley but still, I think 4 billion should be within Africa’s capacity to support, assuming trade and technological links remain with the outside world, and global warming remains moderate.

* Some of the richest men in the world (Gates, Buffett, Turner, Bloomberg, and of course Soros) are big fans of population control to the point of obsession. Highbrow novelist Jonathan Franzen and lowbrow thriller writer Dan Brown both followed up their big successes of the last decade with novels in which the importance of population control was a key point. I don’t know where Steve gets this idea that the issue has been forgotten or buried. The globalist elite (that people at this site usually despise) loves population control.

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Natives In The Military

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* Anyone who’s served in the Army and Marines has met dozens of Natives. Modern Native culture is *INCREDIBLY* “little c” conservative. It’s almost amazing, it feels like you’re talking to a character reenactor “playing a 1950s guy”. They join the armed forces in vastly disproportionate numbers, they are genteel and polite to an almost fault, they still hold on to lofty American values almost everyone else abandoned. Every one, to a man, I met did an amazing job of simultaneously holding two identities, Tribal and American, without cognitive dissonance or (((loyalty problems))). And all of them, uniformly, believed that The White Man’s Science could co-exist with Native ways where possible but that deference should be afforded to White Man’s Science when they conflicted.

* From what I have read, the upper tier Indians left the reservations and rapidly dispersed into the larger population. I have one modern anecdote to support this. Back in the 1980s I had a co-worker who was born on a Mohawk reservation in New York. She was smart and socially aware enough to observe that all the girls got raped after puberty. So when she hit puberty she ran away from home and made her way to a social services office and got in foster care. She married a white guy and has a good life.

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NYT: ‘Australia Grapples With Campus Assaults, and Reprisals Against Victims’

New York Times: “A January report by the advocacy group End Rape on Campus Australia found that universities had frequently failed to support victims of sexual assault and harassment.”

Why should universities support those who make claims to being victims? Why is that the university’s mandate? I thought the university’s mandate was fostering scholarship.

About 15 years ago, an acquaintance of mine, the journalist David Hoffman, moved to Europe to fight sex trafficking and to get laid. He ended up in jail for six months and came back to the States and committed suicide.

New York Times: “But many students question the universities’ commitment. They say that it is still common for complaints to linger without a university response; for men accused of, say, rating women’s bodies on social media to receive little punishment; and for there to be little coordination at a national level.”

Why should there be punishment for men rating women’s bodies on social media?

NYT: “The activists say their demands are reasonable: a university hotline that offers help from a trained trauma professional, required sexual consent training and a clear and transparent system for adjudicating complaints.”

I think these activists need to read F. Roger Devlin’s book Sexual Utopia in Power.

NYT: “In the most recent scandal, a student at St. Paul’s, an elite residential college, posted a screed on Facebook comparing sex with large women to “harpooning a whale” and offering advice on how to “get rid of some chick” after “rooting” her.”

Why is that a scandal?

The New York Times does not include one skeptical perspective about these activists. The article concludes:

Then the personal photos that decorated her dorm door started disappearing, one a day.

“What hurt so much was the fact that people I lived with, whom I had come to think of as my family, would purposely try to make me feel like scum,” she said. “They were trying, albeit in a pretty pathetic and cowardly way, to run me out of my home.”

Finally, when there was only one picture left, Ms. Landis-Hanley took it down herself.

As she wrote on Facebook, “I was taken to hospital that night for being suicidal.”

It sounds like many of these sheilas are bonkers.

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