‘The races are not equal’: meet the alt-right leader in Clinton’s campaign ad

The Guardian:

Jared Taylor was prominently featured in a Hillary Clinton campaign ad released ahead of her speech denouncing the “alt-right” in Reno on Thursday and “appreciates” the Democratic presidential nominee for “calling attention to the message I have for America”.

The self-described “race realist” is unrepentant in embracing the label and expounding his views. He founded the alt-right American Renaissance website 25 years ago, which started as a print monthly to emphasize race as society’s most “prominent and divisive” fault line, and that mainstream politics and media tries to “gloss over” the issue.

Clinton has attacked Trump’s associations with the alt-right, describing it as a “a fringe element that has taken over the Republican party”.

Taylor said her speech was “a typical lefty campaign ploy”, and maintained Trump is not a part of the movement. “Is Hillary Clinton responsible for the views of everyone who supports her?” he asked.

Asked to define what the diffuse alt-right stands for, Taylor said there were “areas of disagreement”, but that “the central element of the alt-right is the position it takes on race.”

That position, until recently, would have been clearly beyond the pale of presidential politics, and rejected by liberals and mainstream conservatives alike. Now, Taylor sees an opportunity to further proselytise his views. He does not think Trump is solely responsible for the alleged growth of the alt-right. But, “it is encouraging because here we have a candidate for president who is saying some things that we have been saying for years”.

Principally, their common ground with Trump is on immigration policy – deportations, the repeal of birthright citizenship and Trump raising the “question of why we need more Muslims in this country”.

For Taylor, and other members of the alt-right, race is an inescapable biological fact, which has consequences. “The races are not equal and equivalent. If a nation changes demographically, its society will change,” he said.

In her speech, Clinton cited the US Olympic team as an example of strength in diversity. Taylor uses it as an example of the different capacities and abilities of races. He argues that while black people are good athletes, whites and Asians have higher IQs, offering a form of the “scientific racism” that was widely discredited, and denounced by the UN after the second world war.

“Races are different. Some races are better at some things than others”, he said.

Taylor also sees the racial separatism he strives for as a matter of “freedom of association”, and denies that the alt-right is a hate movement, as Clinton has claimed.

“If a white person says, ‘I like being white, and I prefer my associates to be white’, that’s hate? Why?” he said. “It should not be taboo to talk about these things.”

Political scientist George Hawley, who authored a book on the crisis of mainstream conservatism in the face of the challenge of the far right, said that until recently, mainstream conservatives were partly responsible for enforcing whatever taboos existed on this kind of open racial language and thinking.

“The mainstream conservative movement has never wanted any kind of formal relationship with Taylor or his organisation. In fact, an association with American Renaissance could be damaging to a conservative’s career.”

This enmity is mutual. Taylor said: “Mainstream conservatives have completely conceded the question of race, at the cost of their own political fortunes.”

Taylor has been a presence on the racially motivated fringes of the right for more than a quarter of a century, following the founding of his New Century Foundation in 1990, and American Renaissance in 1991. In articles – many written by Taylor – at events and in podcasts, the website stresses white people are discriminated against, black people are inclined to crime and mainstream conservatives who deny these assertions this are culpable and headed for disaster.

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Joshua Seidel: I’m a Jew, and I’m a Member of the Alt-Right.

From the Forward.com:

Better defined by what it isn’t than what it is, the “Alt-right,” broadly speaking, is a reaction to left wing identity politics and the failure of traditional Conservatism to formulate a reply. The alt-right opposes interventionist neocon policies with the same ferocity as illegal immigration and gun control. They share more similarities with European “far right” parties, such as the French FN, than they do with traditional Republicans. History buffs may want to look at “Nationalist State Capitalist” policies of the Spanish Falange in the early 1930’s to get a clearer picture.

Aside from this, the alt-right is the most aggressively offensive political movement in existence, and it often targets the Jewish community. So why would I be there?

I enjoy the nasty talk in the alt-right. I enjoy spending rhetorical time with people who might otherwise hate me. The alt-right has energy, it has vitality, it’s something NEW and creative, it’s honest and forthright. It’s also the only viable political movement that is explicitly fighting for that nebulous concept of “Western Civilization.”

I have thick skin and a tolerance for others. Liberals like to imagine themselves “tolerant,” but real tolerance is the ability to be around people who are different than you and still value them as people. I’m from a small town, and was raised around tough, rural whites who didn’t spend much time checking their privilege.

College was where my awakening began. I majored in Philosophy, and in the mid to late 90’s, concepts such as “white privilege” and “critical race theory” were still part of the free marketplace of ideas, ideas you could debate without fear of sanction. Being acutely aware of rural white poverty, I rejected these concepts in favor of an understanding that privilege was as complex as the human experience, an experience the identity warrior on the left believes is dependent on our racial identity. Politically I called myself a leftist, but this changed as I realized the privilege equation worked against my own community. Watching the left attack Israel in the late 90’s turned me away from left wing politics for good.

After 9/11, the “neo con” ideology took over Conservative thought. The Bush Administration’s failed policies opened the door for Barack Obama and what should have been a new era of progressive politics. I had rejected the hard left, but saw Obama as a pragmatic whose economic policies would be better for middle and working class Americans. I don’t think he had been in office six months before his capitulation to Wall Street was complete, and within a few years his foreign policy was little different than Bush’s, full of failed interventions and optimistic slaughters. The Republicans, through all of this, had nothing to offer but shrill, ineffective denunciation.

The Trayvon Martin case had more to do with the growth of the Alt-Right than any individual event. I remember the initial reports of the incident, suggesting Zimmerman had used racial slurs, tracked down and shot an innocent child. As more and more evidence came out challenging this narrative, something was happening to my “liberal” friends.

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Modofanil for Hillary

I’ve been taking modafinil since June of 2013. I love it.

Lew Rockwell writes:

Most likely, Mrs. Clinton’s interest in the drug, “modofanil” (provigil) was motivated by her concerns (or that of others) about ongoing and troubling issues of “fatigue” and “mental fog.” She is, after all, 68 years old, somewhat overweight, never much of an exercise enthusiast – as far as is known – hypothyroid, prone to clot formation, and a rather frequent sufferer of falls and various mishaps (“sniper fire,” and other threats to her well-being). This medication (modofanil, aka “provigil”) is known to be employed as a “brain-hack” among the Silicon Valley crowd, etc. It demonstrably “revs up” alertness, attention, talkativeness (“gabbiness”), and “mental energy.” It is thought to be relatively safe and without concerning side-effects (unlike amphetamines – think Jack Kennedy).

The “Bullett-proof Coffee” guy (quality coffee with grass-fed sourced cow butter) is a vocal proponent of this “brain hack,” as are others among the Silicon Valley crowd. It has some “legitimate” indications, and is easily obtained by prescription to treat “shift-work-related” fatigue, etc. I would guess that she uses it for appearances – think Jimmy Kimble show – and at times when she must be “on” and energetic for the public, etc. I don’t personally have a problem with her (possible) use of the medication, per se. Further, I do not think that she demonstrates signs or evidence of Parkinson’s disease, either.

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Forward: Israelis and Palestinians Could Make Peace Tomorrow If Not for This Misperception

J.J. Goldberg is my favorite writer on the Jewish Left. He writes today: “Given the level of mistrust between Israelis and Palestinians, the hurdle seems almost insurmountable. Fully 60% of Israeli Jews believe that the “long-term aspiration of the Palestinians” is to take over the entire State of Israel. Among Palestinians, 81% say the “long-term aspiration of Israel” is to rule the entire territory between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. Fully 54% believe Israel intends to expel the Palestinians.”

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This Rabbi is Striking Back at Pedophiles — Using Twitter

Forward: Meet the rabbi who’s on a mission to educate the Orthodox community about sexual abuse—and publicly out pedophiles while he’s at it.

For the past 15 years, Rabbi Yakov Horowitz has been trying to break the cycle of silence associated with abuse in the Orthodox community. According to the Torah, Jews are forbidden to turn criminals over to non-Jewish authorities, and are expected to face shunning and bullying from their community if they do.

As such, sexual abuse often goes unreported.

“You have people who are [very close.] Reporting on somebody who you’re friendly with, or who is someone’s uncle is more challenging than reporting on somebody you don’t know,” Horowitz told Vocativ. “…I’ve been telling parents to go to police.”

The rabbi has turned his personal Twitter and Facebook accounts into a one man campaign against sexual abuse.

“Warning to Boro Park parents about released sex offender Dascalowitz.” Horowitz tweeted last month, linking to a Facebook post he had written that includes the current address of sex offender Meir Dascalowitz, who pleaded guilty to sexually abusing a 12-year-old boy in 2013.

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