Going All Out On World War T

Comments to Steve Sailer:

* I used to think that World War T didn’t have much potential. I mean, very few people are trans, and of those who are, most are repulsive. I always thought that they couldn’t produce enough charismatic spokesman, like blacks and gay men.

But as the media makes clear that this is the most important and sacred cause of our time, you will see more and more impressionable young people seek status by claiming that they were born “gender nonconformist.” Liberals will take this as more evidence that this is a normal and common part of the human condition.

Before, in both culture and the law, you at least had to mutilate your genitals to be considered transgendered. That created a pretty large barrier to entry, ensuring only the craziest people would do it. Now, if you say you’re a man or woman no one can tell you otherwise, which indicates we’ll see more and more of this.

* Did you hear Jerry Seinfeld’s recent comments? (radio interview). Said he’s been told by comedians, “Stay away from college campuses. They won’t laugh at anything that makes fun of anybody.” (Of course, by “anybody,” I can imagine which groups, can’t you?)

Seinfeld said he and his wife have been very upset by their kids. He said the other day his wife had a conversation with their 12 year old daughter on some innocuous subject and the kid called her “racist.” Said his daughter calls everything “racist” or “sexist.” Said he’s disgusted by it. He was serious.

* The latest War seems to be the war on cops. This is my impression from listening to NPR–there is a media frenzy building around the idea that the police are on a shooting spree when it comes to African Americans. There was a recent story in the Washington Post, “Fatal police shootings in 2015 approaching 400 nationwide,” which has an extensive breakdown of the shootings, with graphs.

This extensive effort to determine the number of police shootings annually has ended up where I’d always heard it was–between 700-800 on average. So there is no trend here, any more than there was an upward trend in shark attacks when the media was hyping that subject.

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