Was Andrea Lubitz A Beta Male Islamic Suicide Bomber?

Heartiste writes:

Kind-faced (aka tamed) beta males like Andreas Lubitz get chewed up and spit out by SCALE. They have no community outside of immediate family. The implicit contract of relationship stability that was a given in the time of his beta father and grandfather has been severed. SCALE has permitted wider romantic vistas for women, for good and ill, and they are voting with their feet. The wreckage of Lubitzs left behind looks like the dumbstruck face of a good-natured beta who can’t believe his dependability and emotional support aren’t good enough for his disenchanted lover.

So now the question remaining is whether Lubitz’s romantic troubles precipitated his psychotic break and turn to Islam, or if his mental problems and embrace of Islam pushed his girlfriend away. Either way, the story is an omen for the future of white civilization.

What is the SCALE problem? “By scale I mean more than mere population growth; I refer also to the scale of complexity created by the West’s conversion to a multicultural, globalized social model. In this model, all distinctions including race (meaning ethnicity), nationality, culture, and religion are viewed as subordinate to the division between the managerial class and the managed class. Thus effective democracy is blunted and masses of people are shifted and reorganized in accordance with the decisions of a managerial class. Aside from the negative consequences brought about by heedless change, a second order of effects is seen in the dramatic increase in social complexity and the need for citizens to accomodate radically different (and in some cases incompatible) outlooks.”


* All suicide bombers are lonely, horny, awkward beta/omegas who are manipulated by those who completely understand what makes them tick. They are promised an immortal name and 72 sky ‘ginas.

* I’ll add to this that rapid technological progress has stripped the illusion of meaning from modern life. Everybody is connected to everything and the big grinning skull of futility is lurking just beneath the LCD screen. Humans have nothing to work towards anymore other than increasing their own narcissistic supply. Even a minor loss can trigger feelings of suicidal existentialism when you have no support network or resources.

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