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Under most posts I read on is a button allowing you to share the post on your own wall. Many times when I do that, I then get a request from the original poster to delete the post or photo I shared. And I always respond, “Learn to use your Facebook settings so your posts and photos are not shareable.” But so far nobody has figured out how to do that, so I went and investigated that matter with my 118 IQ. Many people find it easier to ask others to clean up after them than to clean their own path through life.

Every time you make a post on Facebook, at the bottom of the post is a setting that allows you to determine who can see it. Set it to “Friends except acquaintances” if you don’t want anyone sharing your post or photo. Leave that as your default if you need that privacy.

PS. Here’s my Facebook movie (highlights of my six years on FB).

* Luke smiles as he turns away briefly from FB.
Friend: “What are you smiling about?”
Luke, who always love to hide behind his religion and wave it like a bloody flag: “I went to a Torah lecture last night and the rabbi was teaching Rebbe Nachmann and he urged us to smile all we can and to be happy and to rejoice in everything good in ourselves and others.”
Friend: “Whatever.”

* When I lapse on to a certain topic (I was explaining why an 8 yo black boy watching porn on an XBox ended up raping his sister but won’t be tried for a crime because he allegedly didn’t know what he was doing), I’m told: “It’s like Paul McCartney talking about harmony. It’s like Mario Andretti talking about race cars. It’s like Mohammed Ali talking about boxing gloves. It’s like Picasso talking about oil paints.”

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