Strange Meeting Friday Night About Nikki Finke

A former editor at The Los Angeles Times tells me July 14:

Strange meeting last night between three writers at the LAT and 2 writers at NYT, plus an old editor at LAT.

Message on the QT is being drafted to Amy Pascal, Bernie Weinraub, Ron Meyer and Allan Mayer. If they keep feeding Nikki bullshit, it’s gonna be open season on Nikki’s sources.

No one really blames Nikki for the pain she’s caused. But now the string pullers are gonna have to pay if they keep it up, because no one wants to see Nikki found like [former LA Times gossip columnist] Joyce Haber.. Nikki needs help, not a column at the LA Weekly.

Nikki Finke was profiled in the July 6 edition of Women’s Wear Daily by Jacob Bernstein, the son of Nora Ephron and Carl Bernstein.

According to her website, Finke did not post from July 7 to July 11. She wrote on her website it was because of "personal business."

Kevin Roderick writes July 15 on "Searching in the WWD archives finds no mention of the piece. I’m told by a source that the electronic version was pulled after the story ran in the print paper. If true, that would suggest serious questions on the part of the editors. Until I get some clarification from WWD, I’m yanking the excerpts I originally posted here after the jump."

WWD’s publicist Andrea Kaplan told me Monday afternoon, July 16, 2007: "We have no comment."

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