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The global Jewish community is filled with creative and innovative ideas that could benefit our people both in Israel and around the world. Unfortunately, many do not succeed. Why? Funding. Well, Jewcer is here to change that. We are offering something extraordinary β€” a crowdfunding platform that promotes collaboration and trust both within and around our community to develop and implement projects linked to the Jewish people and/or Israel.
Jewcer doesn’t stop there, we strive to connect projects with people, and people with people. Jewcer innovators and funders impact communities by sparking innovations and turning ideas into reality.

How it works
Jewcer is a platform that allows project managers (innovators) to finance their ideas through small pledges collected from many funders (jewcers). Projects can come from any field β€” cultural or technological, secular or, a small business, a personal project or an advocacy campaign β€” as long as a positive link to our community is created.
Jewcer is open to hosting projects created by individuals as well as established organizations. Posting a project on Jewcer can benefit and compliment the traditional Jewish organization in many ways. To learn more, visit our Organizations information page.
Anyone can create a Jewcer profile, start a project, fund, share, track the impact of their small donations and follow the progress of the project they helped spark.

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