Power Corrupts

I study the incisive iSteve comments of Catholic poster Maj. Kong like they’re Torah from Heaven:

* A much higher % of billionaires are Jewish, than would be expected from their share of the population. The same is true with their representation in Congress, Academia, Hollywood and the News Media. That’s a lot of cultural power, and as Lord Acton said “power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

It is unreasonable to expect that liberal Jews should be deferential to the conservative Chrisitianity of Middle America. But it is also unreasonable to continuously lie and subvert the interests of the latter, and not expect the latter to lash out in anger.

* Your community has moral weight, and this weight is being thrown around to support the invasion of our lands. None of the major Jewish organizations have called for an immigration moratorium, but almost all of them have called for censorship.

If a Rothschild (who runs the World Jewish Congress) called for stopping immigration, and importing PM Netanyahu’s policies to raise the birth rate for native European Christians, then it would assuage our concerns.

* “Meme magic” = White Identity Politics

Prior to the ’16 election, the GOP message was always called out by liberals as “dog whistling”, which was ineffective. The use of memes from /pol/ and others helped legitimize white identity politics via bloc voting. Without that, younger white Bernie voters from MI, WI and PA would not have shifted into the Trump column. (Trump also benefited from a gain among black males, and lower black turnout overall.)

* The power of the mainstream media is not what it once was. The number of journalists and circulations is locked into a secular decline. The censorship by the Silicon Dons is a reaction to the Overton Window shift that resulted from “meme magic”.

H. Clinton was planning on massive Islamic immigration, search the TiSA agreement, which was going to allow unlimited movement from Pakistan to the US, with other countries almost certainly added later. The number of refugees was being proposed at 1-2 millions per year.

During the run-up to the election, I posted that the first thing I would do in the event of H. Clinton stealing the election, was to form a “Conservatives for BDS” movement. I can’t be the only one to have put 2 and 2 together.

It is worth noting that most Latin American countries have minimal sympathies for Israel (pro-US Colombia is one of the exceptions). I think you are limited in imagining that anti-Jewish sentiment would remain on the left. Should even one-fifth of the right switch to an anti-Israel stance, it isn’t likely to cause the left to become more pro-Israel in response.

Note the rise Nation of Islam in the 90s under Farrakhan, the Jewish intellectuals spilled much ink on the “loss of the black-Jewish alliance”. Left-wing Zionists have a fundamental contradiction in that the most strongest supporters of Israel (right wing evangelical Protestants in the South), happen to be the most despised group in America.

You might also have not noticed the prominence of a certain Linda Sarsour.

* My guess would be the political costs of gentrification and its associated backlash. The gentrification of NYC under Giuliani and Bloomberg led to the DeBlasio backlash, and Red Billy campaigned on restraining the police (so his base could commit more crimes).

Many new development projects can be stonewalled unless enough payoffs are made and the buildings are made “mixed income”.

The bicoastal municipal pols face the choice between going full-dope on gentrification, which means the abandonment of their core egalitarian ideology. Or, they can resist it, but at the risk of becoming like Baltimore. For how long will the Silicon Dons tolerate open defecation on the streets of San Francisco?

Our bicoastal elite cities are based on exclusivity, not broad based prosperity. But, they need a monolithic underclass voting bloc to outvote the rural Republican hinterlands. That is the core contradiction that will define the politics of the next several decades.

* Google is rumored to be interested in taking over Walmart, thereby becoming a direct threat to the House of Bezos.

* Silicon Valley is still a major donor to the congressional GOP. Any attempt to get the DOJ to use antitrust and/or public accommodation law against the Silicon Dons will incur wrath from the corrupt in Congress. A mutiny among State Department bureaucrats ended the attempt to remove the sanctions on Russia. Career DOJ lawyers could easily do the same thing, with the promise of a seven figure in-house counsel position at the Big 5.

They already spent more than a billion dollars lobbying for amnesty since 2013. I’ve no doubt they can spend thirty times that much to defeat a push for regulation.

* The right needs to be working on a de-platforming of the SPLC from its “advisory” roles to the police. We also need coordinated boycotts against its leading sponsors.

* Leftists of the 20th Century Progressive Era were well aware of innate biological differences that cause racial disparities. But, they still supported socialism as a way to eliminate them. It is not hard to imagine future black radicals demanding state-funded genetic engineering to improve their circumstances.

* Just wait until WMD is unleashed in a major Western city. A military junta and internment camps will be right around the corner. A power struggle would ensue just like Erdogan/Gulen in Turkey.

* White identity politics are the foundation of this country. Even the citizenist rulers of Singapore would not allow a Malay Muslim majority.

* If the GOP returns to its trust-busting roots of the TR era, a substantial portion of the Bernie voters might be permanently realigned in partisan affiliation. We also need to invoke the environmentalist argument against immigration.

* This is a runaway train we are on right now. The traitorous GOP in Congress has openly glorified communist violence. If peaceful revolution is blocked, violent revolution is inevitable (a famous liberal once said this).

The left believed it was “this” close to wiping out the Real America with an H. Clinton regime. If they retake Congress in 2018, we are headed for war. If the right gets 60 Senators in 2018, we must implement mass deportations, a total immigration moratorium, and the defunding of all institutions of Cultural Marxism.

This is a street fight. No rules.

* Anglo policy since 1588 has been the refusal to accept a hegemon on the Continent. For good or ill, this explains nearly every single war up to the present including Brexit and the rampant “Russian interference” claims.

Germany was outcompeting Britain economically prior to 1914, the British ruling class despised them as noveau riche. Germany made two errrors, ending the Three Emperors Alliance, and embarking on a naval arms race they could not win (The UK maintained a minimal Army). Germany could have instead become the first mechanized army, as they started the auto industry, not Detroit. The 1914 invasion of France failed due to logistics failures, trucks would have solved this.

The EU is not a hard-left project, witness their insistence on privatization of state owned industries. When Greece elected a hard left government, the EU turned the screws. “Free movement of peoples” is not an inherently left/right issue. It is a globalist/nationalist issue. The USSR, and the PRC today, have something called “internal passports”.

* “Experts” can lie over and over, but unless its quite egregious, they almost never face being thrown out of their tenured sinecures.

Academia is our “deep state”, and it needs civilian control just as much as the military does.

* I also suspect a knock-on effect if white identity politics and bloc voting goes mainstream, it may generate more respect from some nonwhite voters than the WF Buckley crap of the last generation.

* The average white liberal Protestant, and white non-religious, are still less D voters than non-orthodox Jews.

Their community has achieved a tremendous amount of cultural capital in this country, and their politics on immigration has been ruinous to my community. The evidence has piled up that this was a deliberate plot of revenge, and these very legitimate grievances form the fuel of the alt-right’s fires.

They are always talking about being the “outsider” when they are the very pinnacle of the insider.

* GOP appointed justices are historically not as loyal as Dem appointed justices. The Dems haven’t had a nominee go the other way since JFK appointed Byron White.

* Like the Union Army at the 3rd day of Gettysburg, 8 Senate Dems are all that stands in the way of bringing Budapest to Washington.

* Bret is in America because he can make far more money here than he could in Israel. His politics is rooted in a deep animus against the native ethnoreligious peoples of the West. If he truly liked the Israeli way so much, he would have never left.

* The journalist is a dog that won’t go off the leash of their owners. Almost no Old Media outlets are profitable anymore, they need the ongoing largesse of globalist billionaires like Slim and Bezos among many others.

Get one journolist fired, there will be no shortage of replacements. But get one billionaire imprisoned, like Putin did to the Yukos boss, and it will be much harder to find a replacement.

* It is hard to tell where the State Department ends, and Soros begins. The Ford, Rockefeller and Carnegie foundations are also major players for over a century.

* With whites, we have a partisan spectrum of Liberals/Moderates/Conservatives, with blacks you have Extremists/Socialists/Blue Dogs/Self-hating.

Extremists-Louis Farrakhan, Communists, the leaders of Black Lives Matter, etc. They despise great amounts of black mainstream culture, are frequently overeducated and homosexual. Julius Malema in South Africa is a good parallel.

Socialists-Most black politicians are here, TNC is a good example, he pretends to be the first group, but he is a mainstream grifter. Not the Bernie Sanders “democratic socialists”, they are the old undemocratic ones, but are hitchiking on the Democrats to deliver largesse. The ANC in South Africa is what they’d look like if they had power.

Blue Dogs-Basically this is the largest group, but no longer a majority, of black opinion. They don’t really organize as this group, and stupidly follow the Socialists.

Self-Hating- The 10% or so of blacks that vote Republican because they don’t like black culture. They have almost no ability to attract followers on the basis of shared social conservatism because they support slashing the government (a disproportionate employer of blacks).

* DACA proves more popular than refugees. Its evidence of an elaborate con game. Somehow “children” are not “illegals”, but while some are clueing into “refugees” meaning “terrorists”, no one has remembered that refugees are supposed to be temporary, they were supposed to return to their home nations when the wars were over.

* Much of evangelical preaching style is a direct influence from the black church. Neither group wants to acknowledge such influence.

After Prohibition was repealed, what we call the “Religious Right” was almost entirely inactive in politics. When they returned in the 1970s, supporting Jimmy Carter, their style was influenced by MLK and the SCLC. Jesse Jackson even used to be a social conservative.

Most of the socon movement has been trying for years to pander to blacks, they only criticize certain black pop culture figures like JayZ, who incedentally despise Christianity.

Blacks have no real “guilt” concept, as their culture is shame-based. The only kind of guilt you see is amongst middle class blacks that feel they aren’t doing enough for the “struggle”.

* From the liberal POV, seemingly random terrorist attacks are acceptable losses rather the presumed tens of millions of deaths that would happen if anti-immigration (literally Hitler) policies were enacted.

Islamists have never pulled off a WMD attack resulting in Somme level death tolls, there are no shortage of people that will not reconsider their views until a major Black Swan happens.

* The battle was lost back in 1914, when Edward Grey signed the British Empire’s execution warrant.

* Liberals fear the far-right to a much greater degree than they fear Islamist terrorism.

The great project of our elites, the Kalergi Plan of demographic displacement, must not be allowed to be stopped by mere voters.

* Alerting people that Islam is bad isn’t enough, a compelling counter must be created, which explains the whole pan-European paganism ‘revival’.

Bin Laden was always wanting to target the ‘far enemy’ of the West, and then go after the ‘near enemy’ of Arab monarchies and secular dictators. ISIS is the reversal of that position, which is why they split.

For us, the Muslim horde is the far enemy. The near enemy is the corporate elite that are running the invade/invite paradigm. We should pay more attention to stopping the ongoing ‘refugee resettlement’ and give Russian an equal share in being the Middle East hegemon.

* BLM owes its origins to NBC doctoring the Zimmerman 911 call, and the Democrats noticed how black turnout spiked in 2012, especially amongst middle-aged women. A logical progression might be the solution to their chronic midterm turnout deficits.

The Democrats weren’t able to run the “War on Women” narrative in ’16, which we can credit to the prominent presence of Ivanka. (Romney should have relied on one of his daughters-in-law, his sons were a PR disaster)

The Russia angle is smarter than it looks to us. Most mainstream conservatives have a residual Cold War dislike of Russia, and neocons tribally hate it. It’s a good way to split the GOP camp, and it unifies the D base by creating a far more compelling social conservative threat than could ever have been envisaged by Pat Robertson &co.

And if (when) they come up with nothing, the Dems have easy rebuttal by referring to the Benghazi hearings.

There aren’t enough of Russian descent in America* to create an ethnic lobby, but the Russians could buy the existing Armenian/Irish lobbyists, and split the Jewish lobby by creating a American cousin to Avigdor Lieberman’s Russian-speaker party in Israel. That is the only long term way they can head this off.

*A larger number of this are “Old Believers” that don’t get along with the Russian Orthodox Church.

* Blacks are allowed, arguably encouraged (note the commemoration of James Baldwin), to despise YT. The only time it stops is when there is a backlash that imperils the electoral fortunes of the Democrats. That’s why you aren’t hearing about BLM anymore. Soros lost confidence in them.

* The major papers of this country haven’t been profitable for years, since Craigslist came along and wiped out classified advertising. But the uber-wealthy, like Buffet, Slim and Bezos, need to keep journalists on the payroll to curry favor in the corridors of power. And unlike lobbying, losing money in news media is tax deductible.

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