Why Are Europe’s Jews To The Right Of American Jews?

From Steve Sailer:

From commenter Irish Paleo:

Seeing things, as I do, from the Eastern side of the Atlantic, it’s fascinating the degree to which the different demographic vectors in Europe and America have driven the political priorities of: (a) ethno-masochistic white political correctness; and (b) Jews, in each place. The key differences can be summarised as follows:

1. While Jews in America earn like Episcopalians and vote like Puerto Ricans, Jews in Europe are, if anything, even more politically conservative than their earnings would suggest (and have become more so even as high earners have been moving gradually leftwards).

Tory Theresa May won about 75% of the Jewish vote in the British election last June.

2. Jews in America are honorary non-whites (for now) and, thus far, nobody in the mainstream media has cottoned on to the fact that “unbearable whiteness” in professionally and financially desirable fields is almost invariably accompanied by an even more “unbearable” Jewishness in those self-same fields.

3. By contrast, in Europe, Jews are considered white. While European demographics are not such as to allow for the almost feral degree of anti-white hatred that consumes the American left, the European left is pretty anti-white and seems to admire (and envy) the extent to which the American left can indulge its passion for anti-white signalling. Be that as it may, outside a few shrinking pockets of the London leftie set, Europe’s respectable left accords no special protected status to Jews when it comes to the allocation of stigma arising from the historical corruption of white blood.

4. Indeed, on the less respectable left, Jews are now quite close to attaining the status of whitey squared. Of course, Europe’s hard left (which is far to the left of Sanders or Nader in the US) still insists that its problem is with “Zionists” and not Jews. However, as the European left’s voting base is increasingly dominated by Muslim and African-descended voters for whom the distinction is not terribly resonant, Jews are drawing less and less comfort from it.

The above naturally raises the questions of: (a) how Jews and leftists so markedly diverged on either side of the Atlantic; (b) what the consequences of this divergence are for politics in Europe and America; (c) whether we might see some future convergence; and (d) what such a convergence would look like.

To take the first question, we must analyse the key demographic differences between Europe and the United States:

1. Due to a combination of mass migrations from Europe to the United States in the 19th and early 20th centuries and certain unpleasant events in Central and Eastern Europe in those centuries, a disproportionate share of Europe’s Jewish population emigrated to America, meaning that the Jewish population is smaller and thus less politically influential in Europe that in America. This meant that the pro-Zionist politics that dominated the left in the mid-2oth century largely operated at a poseur level in Europe, where relatively few of the influential left wing thinkers were Jewish. As a result, when Zionism lost its chic on the left, it had no natural critical mass of champions to defend it, in contrast to the US.

2. A higher proportion of European Jews would be Yekke and Sephardic Jews rather than Eastern European Ashkenazim. The former are, generally speaking, more politically conservative than the latter. This probably gave European Jews a slightly more right-ish lean than Jews in the United States.

3. Geographically and demographically speaking, Europe’s Mexicans are Middle Eastern and North African Muslims and its Puerto Ricans and Dominicans are Pakistanis and Bangladeshis – i.e. the Muslim world is the major proximate source of mass third world immigration in Europe. Unlike Hispanics, who have almost zero political cohesion outside of the fantasy world in which Washington political consultants live, Muslims have their religion, which acts as a very effective political glue.

4. Whilst Hispanics play second fiddle to blacks in the US, European Muslims have the advantage of being much more numerous than blacks and having been so for quite a long time. By contrast, Europe’s much smaller black population lacks cohesion compared with America’s. Most blacks in continental Europe are or are descended from African immigrants who came in the 1950s or later. The only substantial slave-descended black populations in Europe are the Afro-Caribbeans in the UK. However, they came as free immigrants from Jamaica, Trinidad, etc. The only unifying romance that European blacks have is imported from the US via Hollywood and rap music and while the European left does plenty to encourage black grievance culture, it is constrained by the relatively low political profitability that relatively small black numbers accord them.

5. Imagine a US with a hyper aggressive Hispanic population most of which has converted to Islam and then imagine a black population a third the size of what it is and consisting 50% of African immigrants who are not descended from slaves. Then imagine 75-80% fewer Jews. That’s pretty close to what we have in Europe. In such a scenario, the largely poseur-level (for now) anti-Semitism of blacks would give way to the genuine and visceral anti-Semitism of Muslims and the left would be faced with an increasingly burdensome carry-cost for retaining Jews as a protected group. Well that’s more or less what we have in Europe, with young leftists wearing Arafat scarves (and I’m talking about white leftists here).

So that’s the why. What’s the result? Well, like all things in life, it rather depends upon perspective.

1. European leftists are disgusted at the American left’s lack of “solidarity” with the Palestinians and, at a grassroots level, many if not most lefties would see Jewish influence on the left as being an example of Goldman Sachs money corrupting the left and driving it away from economic populism and third world solidarity – and remember, to the European leftist who has lacked the narcotic high of attacking colonialism and Apartheid for some decades now, the real importance of the Israel-Palestine conflict is that it’s one of the few remaining examples of a white v. non-white struggle taking place in the realm of geopolitics.

2. That said, while the European left is more economically populist than the American left, one cannot ignore two other factors.

3. The first is that the European left is nowhere near as powerful as the American left. The Democratic Party has now won the popular vote (or at least the popular vote including fraudulent votes) in every presidential election bar one since 1988. By contrast, without the alliance of (disproportionately Jewish) plutocrats and third world flash mobs that constitutes the Democratic base, the European left struggles to maintain influence. For example, the British Labour Party hasn’t won an election since 2005, the German Social Democrats haven’t won one since 2002 and the French Socialists have won the Elysee Palace once since 1988 (in what looks like the rather anomalous 2012 election).

4. While it is more economically populist than the US left, the European left’s priorities are fundamentally the same as the Democratic Party’s. Its concern for the working class now largely involves looking after discrete client groups like public sector unions and it is generally much more motivated by identity politics, bathroom wars and that ever-lengthening LGBTQWERTYUIOP acronym.

5 Looked at in the context of 4 and 5 above, the American left’s continued message discipline in relation to Jews looks more like an intelligent trade-off – albeit one which probably isn’t open to European leftists due to the less favourable demographics it faces.

Third and fourth questions. Will there be a convergence between Europe and America and what does such a convergence look like?

1. The basic difference between the US and Europe is that history and geography gerrymandered the former a lot more than they did the latter. Hispanics are inert and indisciplined. Jews are neither. (American) Blacks are indisciplined but are far from inert. This means that the Hispanics disappoint those who expect them to turn into shock troops for the Democratic Party but it also means that their support for the Democratic Party comes at a price that it would, in any event, have already had to pay in order to maintain black support (keep the welfare cheques coming) and elite white support (keep the immigrants coming). This means that the mediocre political support that Hispanics give the Dems costs them nothing, which dramatically raises its de facto value. Meanwhile, blacks have inherited the African “big man” system of political organisation, one of the features of which is that black voters are often as interested in delivering power and prestige to their community’s elites as they are in their own welfare. This means that they vote for Hispanic immigration that hurts their own interests because it increases the size of the political coalitions that make their leaders (Obama, Sharpton, Holder, Lynch, Harris etc.) more powerful. Jews and other elite whites have the habit of elite whites everywhere – namely that of accepting rhetorical excesses they don’t like in return for policies they do. This kind of gerrymander is just too good to plan and even for manipulators like the Democrats, they had to rely on about 70% dumb luck.

2. However, gerrymandered systems keep working until they don’t and when that point comes, the gerrymander massively amplifies the effect of any backlash. Fundamentally, it’s a numbers game. Like a power plant that is at is most efficient generation capacity when it’s 1 Watt away from causing a transformer explosion, the marginal returns on gerrymandering suddenly go negative just moments after they were at their peak. The election of Donald Trump gives us a clue as to how this works in practice.

3. The rise of Trump surprised those of us familiar with European politics a lot less than it did Americans with an insular worldview. Why? Because since the 1980s, every region of the west outside of North America has had regular conservative nationalist eruptions. In the 1980s, the Front National came on the scene in France. Already, 20 years ago, we had the FPO in Austria and the Lega Nord, Alleanza Nationale and Fiama di Tricolore in Italy, the Vlaams Belang in Belgium, One Nation in Australia and New Zealand First. Now we also have Wilders in the Netherlands, the Sweden Democrats etc. as well. However, American politics maintained utterly boring and conventional post 1945 centrist politics. Indeed, 10 years ago, mainstream Republicans and DLC Democrats regularly used to lecture Europeans on why America had avoided the “far-right” trap.

4. Of course, it was all down to demographics and electoral systems. America’s first past the post electoral system prevented small parties from developing and her demographics meant that the type of anti-white cultural Marxism against which European voters were reacting was such a politically powerful force in America that it was able to crush national conservatism. Then what happened? Size, my dear boy, size. Eventually the anti-white ethnic blocs in America became too large and unruly and catalysed an opposable cohesion and the American electoral system that had protected both parties from dissent suddenly found itself assailed. Until you get roughly a quarter of America, you are stuck on the margins. However, once you get to that magic number, that’s it: one of the parties (in this case the GOP) becomes yours. So, never having had a nationalist political movement, in one fell swoop, America ended up passing Europe out and going straight to a nationalist president.

5. My prediction is that (at the very latest), once the 34-49 year old age group reaches a critical mass of non-whiteness, the Democrats’ white establishment will suddenly find itself unable to avoid the type of pandering that European leftists have been doing since the 1970s to typical third world non-white sentiment re Jews, namely as being not just whites but the worst and most irredeemable kind of whites – and then the dam will break.

6. What will a sign of such break look like? In my view, look for a Jim Clancy moment with the opposite ending. Remember that Clancy went onto Twitter not to engage in Jew bashing but to indulge in pro-Islamic virtue signalling. Clancy is, of course, Irish American and (in my considerable experience of dealing with Irish people) the Irish are slightly less uptight about Jews than other white ethnics. My guess is that, as an Irish American, he overestimated the speed with which Jews were falling out of favour on the left and thought that he could use “Hasbara” as a synonym for white racist. I reckon that Unlucky Jim got it a few years premature. My prediction: There will be a Jim Clancy-Hasbara-type moment some time in the not-too-distant future and that will be the sign that American Jews will be about to travel further and faster in the direction of European Jews and without the intellectual coherence that they give what Steve calls the “coalition of the fringes”, it will, as the old Chinese saying goes, crumble like dry tofu.


* With ‘conservatives’ like May & Merkel and with ‘centrists’ like Macron, who needs the Right in Europe?
They are all globalist crazy. The ‘right’ in Europe is meaningless and totally cucked. As for the real right, like LePen, they never seem to win anything.

In the struggle between Jihad and Jungle, the latter will win because black Africa has the highest birthrates and keep coming and because white women got jungle fever.

* Holocaust Mythology made Jews the perfect people, the eternal victims, the new saints.
So, when Jews oppress Palestinians, many Europeans see it as Jews betraying their saint status.

Old antisemitism was premised on hating Jews.
New ‘antisemitism’ is predicated on loving Jews. Europeans love Jews so much that they cannot bear the idea of Jews acting anything other than saintly. The idea of Anne Frank as part of IDF bullying Palestinians is too much for the EU imagination.
So, EU is totally servile to Jews as Holy Icons, and it leads to perplexity when Jews in Middle East(and America) act as such aggressors around the world.

* Jews everywhere outside North America are more similar to Israeli Jews than to American Jews. French Jewry is basically an outgrowth of Israel. Russian Jewry, which was once its own culture, has been absorbed into Israel and even the ones who went to America voted Trump. The increasingly Orthodox Jews of the UK are probably somewhere in the middle.

* The Silent Majority of young Jewish American couples is emotionally ready to prep their kids with the foundations needed to exercise a fallback plan to emigrate to Israel in the early late 2020′s to early 2030 years. These American Jews don’t want their kids to end up in tent camps, sitting at the mercy of Israeli second-tier sleepy bureaucrats. And of course, the Russians have seized the levers of power at the actual Ministry of Immigrant Absorption. To be fair to the Russkies, they seem tolerable enough. They’re doing am ok job with an Orderly Transfer of the “Tribe of Menashe” people out of Mizoram into Galilee. Of course, Mizoramese are a good 10 IQ points above the Ethiopians. A Mizoramese kid could be trusted to do a repair on a (eg) fire-control radar at an Air Force base.

* First of all, there just aren’t many Jews in Europe. There are more in New York alone than in Britain, France and Italy combined. We can blame Hitler for this. He is probably also responsible for the political differences between European and American Jews.

In the 1930s and 40s, European Jews who fled Europe for other places, including the U.S., were disproportionately left-wing rather than right-wing because they understood, right from the start, the ideological threat of Nazism. These people are the ancestors of modern American Jews.

Conservative/religious Jews OTOH just thought Hitler was another Kaiser and that being ruled by Nazis was going to be like being ruled by WWI-era Germans. They didn’t attempt to flee and were killed in large numbers. The survivors were the ancestors of modern European Jews.

* Worth noting the Conservative candidate for mayor [of London], James Goldsmith’s son, tried to maximise the Hindu and Jewish vote share by whipping up anti Muslim sentiment, didn’t work much and there just aren’t enough white voters left in London, which is left leaning naturally anyway. That Bojo won twice was reflective of his electoral prowess, and the then still highly white suburban vote. Interesting to note that old white leftie Ken Livingstone, mayor before Bojo, was a lot more active on the Palestine issue than Khan is. Old white lefties tend to be motivated by idealism, the likes of Khan by money, power and resentments directed at your humble European burgher. The great Jewish hate figures of the left are ‘Gorgeous’ George Galloway, ‘Red’ Ken Livingstone and Jeremy Corbyn,

* It is worth noting that most Latin American countries have minimal sympathies for Israel (pro-US Colombia is one of the exceptions). I think you are limited in imagining that anti-Jewish sentiment would remain on the left. Should even one-fifth of the right switch to an anti-Israel stance, it isn’t likely to cause the left to become more pro-Israel in response.

Note the rise Nation of Islam in the 90s under Farrakhan, the Jewish intellectuals spilled much ink on the “loss of the black-Jewish alliance”. Left-wing Zionists have a fundamental contradiction in that the most strongest supporters of Israel (right wing evangelical Protestants in the South), happen to be the most despised group in America.

* In Europe, traditional Right versus traditional Left is increasingly irrelevant in the face of a threatened takeover of the major cities by Muslim and African immigrant populations. The key fight, which might determine the future of European society, is alt-right versus globalist. So for example Le Pen is a traditional leftist, but alt-right on immigration control so she is on the alt-right side, on the issues that matter. Many traditional leftists are alt-right and very many traditional rightists are globalist.

* As Samuel Johnson is often quoted, “Depend upon it, sir, when a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight, it concentrates his mind wonderfully.”

Jews in Europe live every day with the intolerance of Europe’s new Chosen People and the renewed prospect of their own extermination. American Jews have a cream-puff life at worst.

* In Munich, a gentleman posting a photo of a Nazi official shaking hands with the grand mufti of Jerusalem to illustrate his article on parallels between Islam and fascism has just been sentenced to a six-month prison term (suspended for three and a half years) plus 100 hours of community service.

The judge used Germany’s prohibition against publishing Nazi imagery (the swastika armband on the Nazi official) while ignoring the explicit exemption in the law for scholarly and information purposes.

* As Kennerly noticed in his classic 37 years ago :

“…One of the ironies of the history of the Jews in America was that their long championship of black civil liberties had begun to backfire so badly in the late 1960s.

As Seymour Lipset has put it, “The integrationist movement was largely an alliance between Negroes and Jews (who, to a considerable extent, actually dominated it).

Many of the interracial civil-rights organizations have been led and financed by whites, and the majority of their white members have been Jews.

Insofar as a Negro effort emerged to break loose from involvement with whites, from domination of the civil-rights struggle by white liberals, it meant concretely a break with Jews, for they were the whites who were active in these movements.

The Black Nationalist leadership had to push whites (Jews) ‘out of the way,’ and to stop white (Jewish) ‘interference’ in order to get whites (Jews) ‘off their backs.’”

Meanwhile, Black Power groups such as SNCC and the Black Panthers were voicing support for the Arabs against Israel.

This sometimes looked like a mere matter of black nationalism; after all, Egypt was a part of Africa, and black nationalist literature sometimes seemed to identify the Arabs as blacks fighting the white Israelis.

Or else it looked like merely a commitment to world socialism; the Soviet Union and China supported the Arabs against the imperialist tools, the Israelis.

But many Jewish leaders regarded the anti-Zionist stances of groups like the Panthers as a veiled American-brand anti-Semitism, tied up with such less theoretical matters as extortion, robbery and mayhem by blacks against Jews in ghetto areas.

They cited things like the August 30, 1969, issue of Black Panther, which carried an article entitled “Zionism (Kosher Nationalism) + Imperialism = Fascism” and spoke of “the fascist pigs.”

The June, 1967, issue of another Panther publication, Black Power, had carried a poem entitled “Jew-Land,” which said:

Jew-Land, On a summer afternoon, Really, Couldn’t kill the Jews too soon,
Now dig. The Jews have stolen our bread
Their filthy women tricked our men into bed
So I won’t rest until the Jews are dead . . .
In Jew-Land, Don’t be a Tom on Israel’s side
Really, Cause that’s where Christ was crucified.”

* The key issue for organised American Jewry is Israel. Trump was initially equivocal, but it seems he is going to continue with the two state solution, which is official (and bipartisan) US policy. Israel as a Jewish state is doomed, unless it withdraws from the west bank or expels the Palestinians from the occupied territories. American Jews individually deeply resent white gentiles being a majority in the West.

Individually Jews want immigration to displace the white gentiles, but they also want America to preserve Israel as a Jewish state. These are mutually incompatible objectives, and so the American Jews will go right or left depending on whether Jewish group interests (organisation) or personal aggrandisement (individual feelings) dominate the lives of Jews in the future.

* What baffles me about Jews is there is more naked anti-semitism on the left with figures like Jeremy Corbyn in UK and Linda Sarsour in the US. And many right wing figures like Donald Trump or even Ted Cruz are completely friendly to Jews. Yet, many prominent Jews seem determined to reverse the perception from the reality and turn pro-Jewish right wing figures into anti-semitic monsters and turn these anti-semitic left wing monsters into benevolent progressives.

* I’d bet that most American Jews are descended from Russian empire emigres at the turn of the 20th century. There are some Hasidic sects that left after WW2 and have now turned parts of Brooklyn into 19th-century-looking burgs. Those neighborhoods are the only spots of red in a largely-blue NYC 2016 electoral map.

Story: in WW1, according to Ron Chernow writing about the house of Morgan, the WASP banks were strongly aligned with the U.K., largely having to do with Junius Morgan, JP’s father, having made the family fortune by running a bank in the City. The Jewish banks were largely pro-German, having funded German industry before the war. When Woodrow Wilson declared neutrality, JP Morgan tried to syndicate a loan for non-armaments. KUhn, Loeb would not go along with it, as the Jewish head of the bank would have nothing to do with any loans that might benefit Tsarist Russia.

Germany, by replacing the Tsar’s replacement Kerensky with Lenin thus secured unanimity in the NY financial scene for financial support of the Allied Powers.

* The US was always naturally nationalistic, and indeed Americans have been ridiculed and belittled for generations by Europeans for what they regard as excessive patriotism, flag-waving and attachment to nation.

We came by our globalism in a fit of absence of mind. The 1965 change in our immigration laws to open the borders to third world populations was obtained by Jewish interest groups and the far left, sold with deception and was not based on popular support.

The door to our present globalism was opened by the ascendance of descendants of the wave of Eastern Europe Jews in the media. The agenda of this socially radical and anti-American group became the agenda of the national media, and their dominance was cemented with their victory over Nixon and the election of the Watergate Congress and then Carter.

The basic nationalism of the American people re-emerged with the victory of Ronald Reagan, who was loathed by the national (Jewish) media. The globalist George H.W. Bush was not elected as such, but rather on Reagan’s coattails. But Bush and his backers were enthusiastic about cheap immigrant labor and new trade arrangements that incentivized industry to access American markets from cheaper locations abroad rather than domestically. Clinton came out of the New Left but posed as a centrist and embraced globalism as politically advantageous to Democrats. Labor unions that had not theretofore been captured by the hard left moved from nationalistically-sympathetic leaders concerned narrowly with protecting American workers to control by left-wing ideologues open to globalism.

The election of George W. Bush was not intended by the American people as a vote for globalism, but that’s what we got. The deleterious economic effects on the native-born American middle and working classes of out-of-control cheap-labor immigration and offshoring production during Bush-Obama was disguised by the real estate bubble and then by massive government debt and money creation.

The victory of Trump signaled not the rise of a new European-style nationalist party, but rather a desperate attempt by the American people to remove the death grip of globalists on American policy and return it to government responsive to the interests of the native-born middle and working classes.

* Growing up in NYC as a non-white, notion that Jews are honorary people of color seems ridiculous to me.

All the Jews I know are more pale-skinned than the average white, wealthier than the average white, more bookish than the average white and eat blander than the average white.

In other words Jews are the whitest of all the white people we know!

* American Jews have controlled the broad culture for a half century now, and have used it to give themselves a special, saintly, victim position that transcends any attempt to characterize them as “white.” (I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen Jewish torches-and-pitchforks paranoia about Trump from somebody who grew up in the San Fernando Valley or Cheviot Hills accorded some special credence by others because “Jews have seen this all before.”)

* Michael Medved says that “for most American Jews, the core of their Jewish identity isn’t solidarity with Israel; it’s rejection of Christianity.”

This observation may help to explain the otherwise puzzling political preferences of the Jewish community explored in Norman Podhoretz’s book.

Jewish voters don’t embrace candidates based on their support for the state of Israel as much as they passionately oppose candidates based on their identification with Christianity—especially the fervent evangelicalism of the dreaded “Christian Right.” . . .

Those who seek to liberate the bulk of American Jews from their reflexive and self-defeating liberalism must do more than show the logic of conservative thinking.

They should recognize that Jews, like all Americans, vote not so much in favor of politicians they admire as they vote against causes and factions they loathe and fear.

Jews fear the GOP as the “Christian party,” and as the sole basis of Jewish identity involves rejection of Christianity,

Jews will continue to reject -Republicans and conservatism.

Podhoretz poignantly describes the way many Jewish Americans have adopted liberalism as a substitute religion.

* Until very recently in most Europe white was not a category. You could live whole life and not once had a thought related to your race. Europeans had zero racial identity. But Jews were Jews as opposed to everybody else who was normal, i.e., Christian. Jews were standing out. With immigrants from exotic places the otherness of Jews diminished on relative scale and the Anglo-American concept of whiteness began to spread. European elites (this include Jews) discovered benefits of American multi-ethnic model.

* When have blacks EVER dominated non-blacks, in any society at any point in history? Black prominence in pop culture is ENTIRELY a gift from the Jewish dominated entertainment industry to blacks.

* Right wing antisemites in Europe and the USA as a group are small, weak, poor, disorganized, stupid and very unpopular. The left tries to scare Jews with them, but the number of Jews killed by right wing antisemites in the entire West most years is ZERO, and in the past 50 years under 100 total. More Jews die from random NAM street violence, probably by a factor of 200 or more.

Left wing BDSers really are not antisemites for the most part. Rather, left wing BDS is really just hatred of whites generally. Israel is the focus of left wing antiwhite hate because it is the only place in the entire world where whites are growing demographically at the expense of non whites. Every other white country in the world, more than 50 of them, is rapidly dying out due to fertility far below replacement plus third world invadors. At current trends Israel will be the only country in the entire world with a larger white population in 2040 than it does today. And virtually all of Western Europe/Anglosphere will have a non-white majority of under 40s.

Trump and Putin may defy the left’s antiwhite line with their words. And that is better than nothing, and earns them the hate of the left. But neither have actually stopped much less reversed white demographic decline. Every single year of Putin’s long tenure Russia’s non elderly white population declined and its Muslim population increased. Every single year of Trump’s presidency the non elderly white population of the USA will also decline while its African and Muslim population grows.

Israel is the only government in the world that is securing its borders and making white children for the future. That, not any animus specific to Jews, is why the left of the entire world wants to destroy it.

* Russian Jewish American community is very right wing. But Russian Jews who managed to achieve any kind of prominence in the media (like Ioffe and others listed) are all cookie-cutter globalibs. Funny how that works.

* I agree that the American Jewish newfound love affair with Muslims and Muslim immigration is downright bizarre. I have seen it in my own family. My cousin, an elite lawyer, regularly posts on Facebook about how he favors Muslim immigration, especially Syrian refugees. He also is passionately against Trump’s travel ban . Not that long ago he never talked or thought about Muslims at all, these days he is very defensive of all things Islam.

Two questions come to mind. Are European Jews as pro-Muslim as American Jews have become? I guess I already know the answer…no way. Also I wonder if Muslims love American Jews back? My guess is no this is a case of unrequited love.

* I’m not so sure about Europe’s Jews being much better than the American Jews when it comes to pushing mass immigration. Maybe better in the sense that they have far less power.

We have a very small Jewish minority here in Finland. Almost all of the Jewish celebrities are pushing mass immigration, most of them also simultaneously being proud supporters of Jewish nationalism.

Actually, a far bigger problem here is the much more sizeable and influential Swedish minority. They have been pushing mass immigration fanatically. Minorities that don’t want to assimilate seem to massively resent that there is a majority, and want to dismantle it.

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