Is Crushing White Privilege Good For The Jews?

Steve Sailer writes:

What’s interesting here is that it’s more evidence that Jews aren’t going to get cut a special break from the Diverse in the emerging Anti-White Orthodoxy.

Some Jews seem to assume that all this talk about Crushing White Privilege doesn’t apply to themselves. If push ever comes to shove, they’ll just have a little talk with their close Person of Color friends and explain that they’re not exactly white, so of course they don’t have to give up any of their so-called “White” Privileges.

They haven’t actually had this talk with PoCs yet, but they can imagine just how smoothly it will go when the time comes.

Perhaps …

Mandy Patinkin (Inigo Montoya in William Goldman’s The Princess Bride and currently on the Israeli-originated TV show Homeland) is considered by many Jewish Broadway fans to be a particularly Jewish star in whom they take pride.

But to the blacks who denounced his hiring and got the show shut down, Mandy Patinkin is just another White Guy with White Privilege.

The single most influential potential swing constituency in the ongoing racial power struggle is the ethnocentric Jewish bloc. If they start to realize that pushing further in demonizing whites will not be good for the Jews — because, to nonwhites, they’re white — dissent will become more allowable.

At this point in history, however, due to the long ban on their being criticized or even analyzed in non-schmaltzy terms by gentiles, ethnocentric Jews (e.g., Bret Stephens) aren’t very self-aware anymore.


* I’m a millennial member of the tribe which somewhat qualifies me to weigh in.

1. The older generation won’t jump en masse to the Republican party. To much inertia at play.

2. For the younger generation, the most liberal subset is entirely quitting the faith. The more moderate remainder is surprisingly conservative. I think this is largely a function of having a brain on an American college campus in the last 20 years. Even if one is lukewarm on Israel, that puts one far to the right of the typical social science professor (or student). Judaism is definitely unpopular among the SJW crowd — only Muslims or black Christians are acceptable religious adherents to that group — I quit the left in part due to clear loathing for Jewishness.

3. The big factor at play remain that most Jews live in a handful of expensive cities (i.e. dirt gap), though they do well financially, ameliorating that to a certain degree. The downtown synagogues in my city are MUCH more liberal than the suburban ones.

My guess is there’s going to be a certain amount of civil war on this front over the next couple of years. The business focused Jews will drift Republican. The media types who are big time dirt gap types will drift left. However, at the end of day, the overarching challenge is that the non-Jewish SJWs loath Israel and the religion which will probably send the Jewish vote closer to the median.

* Jews clearly are a subset of the Caucasian race, an argument I’ve had before with the alt-right. It’s a little silly to be all “I’m a about science and the DNA” and not notice that Jews are indeed Caucasian.

That said, there is a reason people think along those lines.

Jews that sincerely convert to Christianity appear to behave in ways that are more reliably European, for lack of a better way to say it. Jews that either abandon their faith or are Jewish in an “unwoke” way tend to behave in unconscious ways that undermine the cohesion of the (usually) larger majority Caucasian group that they live in. Thus, very little to no fretting over converted Jews. Much concern and separation of Jews from whites. (The US is forced into a bit of awkwardness on this point thanks to the Euro-mutt heritage of most living citizens. If this were France, we’d say French separate from Jew. )

If you don’t believe me, head over to blue check mark media Twitter, where one can find many off the wagon ethnic Jews. The brittle hostility to anything Christian or low class white is off the charts. And it’s those pieces of the culture that hold us together.

I don’t agree with the ineffectual sorts of antisemitism on the alt-right. But calling out the modern Jewish influence and hopefully getting some self modifications of the worst of that behavior would be very helpful.

* Over the past year or so, I am reading more and more negative observations and criticisms of Jews on the dissident right websites that are still up, such and even American Renaissance. It seems to me that the Jews are caught inbetween the proverbial rock and a hard place: The dissident right is increasingly openly fed up with them, while the leftists champion the Moslems. Before the Six-Day War, the left loved Israel, seeing it as plucky little David battling the big, mean Arab Goliath. There’s a certain kind of mind that requires feeling sorry for an “oppressed” group and the Jews aren’t considered oppressed, except by themselves.

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