Anti-Immigration As Politics

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* And a popular alt-right argument says that, anti-immigration or anti-diversity views will always be frustrated in a democracy because … There is a majority constituted of (1) a minority of male deep cucks, plus (2) a majority of women (who mostly sub-consciously favour importing & encouraging more aggressive young males, very commonly ‘diverse’ ones)

It’s said that USA Trump 2016 was a unique one-off, because you had palpable alpha male candidate (very rare), against super-unpleasant corrupt female with male cuck entourage (worse than usual) … women were drawn to the alpha as well as men

It’s said this explains why anti-immigration etc tends to ‘peak’ around 40% of voters … whereas it is said that anti-immigration would win if women didn’t vote … and that voter profiles look like this

Male voter segments
1 – Oligarchs
2 – Cucks, oligarch fellow-travellers & opportunists
3 – Most males, who have a ‘rebel’ streak, & can be motivated to defeat the minority of 1+2 above

Female voters
1 – Overall tend to get along & go along with dominant oligarch policies
2 – When males around them are significantly cucked & gov-fostered feminist policies – alimony etc – are in place –
– (a) Women’s feminism etc will erupt but never satisfy the women, and
– (b) Women will be drawn to favour non-cucked young male arrivals / minorities – ‘welcome refugees’, & thus support the oligarch programme to import migrants / foster ‘diversity’, against indigenous rebel males … who will always seem ‘weak’ because they didn’t grab power

It is said that men are in fact more ‘shocked’ by migrant or minority crimes, rapes etc than women … women are biologically, sub-consciously drawn to having more young males around who will fight & compete, such men are more instinctively attractive to women, & now migrant / minority males have more of this secretly appealing aggressive image ‘women like the bad boys’

It is said that anti-immigration is basically a male interest … with women voting, anti-immigration cannot triumph, they say … It is said that women sub-consciously have little respect for men who do not seize power against the cucks-plus-women alliance … power-grabbing minorities or migrants are instinctively more attractive to them.

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