Statute Vs Poem

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* Statue and Poem send contrasting messages and represent the contradiction at the heart of America.

Statue stands for radiating American Ideals to the rest of the world. Teach the world to be free and choose liberty over tyranny. Statue believes that the world can be free, a world of liberty and progress. It is optimistic about the world.

Poem stands for rescuing foreign peoples from the rest of the world. Save the people from weight of tyranny and backwardness. Poem believes that the world will always be rotten, and America is the ONLY sanctuary of security and prosperity. It is pessimistic about the world.

Statue says American Ideals are universal and can light up the world.

Poem says America is the only world of light and the rest of the world will remain dark and gloomy.

So, there is no hope of radiating liberty. Only way to be free is to come to America.

Statue says Americanism is an idea that can inspire the world since ideas can travel fast and spread all over the world. There is no need for people to come to America to enjoy Americanist freedoms. They can learn how to make the fire of liberty and light up their own nations.

Poem says America is the only place with the light, the torch of freedom. And those who want to be free MUST make it to America or live in eternal gloom.

In a way, both modes also define the contradiction within Jewish Ideology. The ‘mercurean’ universalism and the ethno-geo-particularism. After all, Jews say there are ‘universal values’ that must be spread all over the world by globalism. Yet, at the same time, they insist on ethno-nationalism of Israel and Jewish identity, and how it is specific to Jews.

And current globalism is both ‘statuesque’ and ‘poetic’. On the one hand, Jews do say that American values are universal and should be spread all over. New Americanism is supposedly ‘diversity’ and homomania, and so all the world should be made to follow.

Yet, at the same time, Jews say America is unique and exceptional and that the ONLY WAY many people can be free and happy is by coming to America the Place. It’s not enough for them to adopt American Ideas and Practices in their own nations.

* Miller ought to have asked that Social Justice Warrior reporter these questions: “Don’t you care about Americans first? Where in our Constitution – where in the Preamble – does it say that the United States, that “We the people,” must continually take in all the world’s foreigners that want to come here? How many more Americans have to lose their jobs to foreigners? How much more do you want your own countrymen to have to pay to Import The Third World Forever and Ever? Tell us this too: why do we need more people? Are you aware of the disproportionately long time that legal immigrants stay on disproportionately high amounts of welfare paid for by your own countrymen? With automation eliminating thousands of jobs, do you think it makes sense to Import Endless Millions of unskilled, uneducated foreigners? Don’t you care about the Environmental Impact on our country from the hordes of foreigners making it necessary to build more urban sprawl and to consume more resources?”

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