“The People vs. O.J. Simpson”

Steve Sailer writes: “One theme of the series is spelled out in a derisive comment by Marcia Clark, who points out that the prosecution’s secret weapon is that all the alpha male egos on the Dream Team will cause the defense to implode.

Like virtually every single thing Marcia says in the show, this sounds reasonable and intelligent under the current conventional wisdom (after all, diversity is our strength, and whoever has heard of a team of highly competitive males ever sorting out their differences, establishing a functional hierarchy, and buckling down to win anything?), but turns out to be wrong. The seemingly chaotic defense team managed, if barely, to battle out their differences and adjust to circumstances, most notably in the internal coup in which Cochran replaced Shapiro at the top. In contrast, the more hierarchical prosecution was doomed by boss lady Marcia’s self-confidence in her own bad judgment, most notably about blacks, women, and, especially, black women.”

Comments at Steve Sailer’s blog:

* The Juice answered the age-old question: “Who do I have to kill to avoid traffic on the 405?”

* Marcia Clark was raped at the age of 17 while visiting Israel:

When Clark was 17 years old, she was raped on a trip to Eilat, Israel.[9] She has said it was an experience she did not deal with until much later, and that it informed much of why she became a prosecutor.[9]”

However, the show has her say that the rape happened in Italy:

“Maybe you have to have something inside you already when you get here, something that you have to make right. Something you have to avenge. When I was 17, I was raped. I was raped in Italy by a waiter and I buried it. I didn’t forget it… I just sort of stuffed it. When I had my first rape case, what happened to me, of course, came flying out from whatever rock I’d jammed it under and I had to deal with it. It was hell all over again, in a way. But it made something very, very clear to me. I have something, this thing in me, that wants vengeance. Vengeance for victims. That’s what justice is to me. And I’ve always, always had faith that when I look at a jury, we have that in common. Everyone wants justice for victims, right? I never doubted that. Until this.”

* At the time, Marcia Clark’s jewishness was never fully front and center, say, in the way it was for Robert Shapiro and Barry Shreck. (Or the Ron Goldman family). Now that it’s been made into a mini-series, it’s not hard to see why a personal anecdote is moved to a European nation rather than Israel.

* Only a feminist could be so stupid. Men do have ego battles, of course, but male-only groups will, if given enough time, coalesce into a hierarchy, and will follow along with that hierarchy to achieve a group goal. The length of the entire O.J. ordeal gave the defense team enough time to sort out who was top dog and who was going to run the show, and then attack the prosecution full force.

Clark, being a feminazi, had no concept of how men actually behaved, since her delusional feminist religion didn’t allow her to think it. If she’d been smart, she’d have pushed very hard for a quick trial, to keep the men from consolidating, or maybe done some open whining to the press about how the O.J. team wasn’t “diverse” because it had no women, thereby getting a token female lawyer on board with O.J.’s squad and having her presence cause trouble (the presence of women, even unattractive ones, has long been noted to reduce male-group cohesion, since men invariably either seek to protect her or dismiss her, causing male conflict).

But then again, if Clark’d been smart, she would have recused herself when she realized she was over her head.

* It’s really strange that a prosecutor would make the decision to move a case to where acquittal was almost certain. Was he taking orders from higher up that this case had to be lost (a second riot in LA in three years could not be contemplated), or someone would see to it that his career would be ruined?

* The black preachers, politicians, activists told the mayor and DA Garcetti that if Simpson was not acquitted they would riot again..

The venue was moved from the court district where the murder was committed and the defendant lived to the big courthouse downtown. That courthouse district had the biggest percentage of blacks in the city.

Clark and every other White woman who worked or works with black women knows all to well the hatred of black woman.

Had it been any other case Judge Ito would have been censored by the judicial council for the way he ran his courtroom.

Clark was an excellent prosecutor with a great win record. She lost but got a big reward. She and a ghostwriter got a book out soon after the trial. She got a 3 million dollar advance, quit the DA’s office, bought a million dollar home and settled down to enjoy mothering her boys.

The entire thing was arranged well in advance by the black leadership, the mayor and DA Garcetti. The black jurors got rid of a White and a Hispanic juror with charges of racism.

The king riots and the OJ trial were the last hurrah of Los Angeles blacks. Decisions were made at the highest level, the business, community, not politicians to blast the blacks out of Los Angeles with Hispanics.

* Before the murders, the walls were filled with photos of OJ and his famous friends, nearly all of them rich white men and beautiful white women. On the nightstand by his bed he had a framed nude photo of the latest Playboy slut he was dating, Paula Barbieri. Practically the only black person in any of the photos was OJ. But after Cochran got done, all the white people were gone, replaced with pictures of his family members, black kids helped by some of his fundraising efforts, etc. The nude photo of his white girlfriend beside his bed was swapped out for a picture of his mother (hopefully fully clothed). Portraits of people like MLK were put up, African art was moved in, and to top it all off, a huge print of Norman Rockwell’s The Problem We All Live With, the painting of the little black girl surrounded by federal marshals as she enters a formerly all-white school in 1960. Behind her, “the N word” has been sprayed on a wall, and a tomato has splattered, clearly meant for her. The painting dominated the room, and sent the jury a clear message that OJ was a true Race Man.

No competent judge would ever allowed such a thing to occur. Lance Ito was a starstruck buffoon, and let the defense get away will all sorts of outrageous behavior.

* Ever thought about the possibility that black women now loved him because he killed his white wife?

* DA Garcetti wanted the jury to have lots of blacks on it. He could have held the trial in Santa Monica. Going by where the murders took place, and where the suspect lived, it should’ve been held there. Garcetti came up with all kinds of excuses for moving the trial downtown, but everyone knows he did so because a Santa Monica jury would’ve been overwhelmingly white, while a downtown jury was going to have very few whites and lots of blacks. Being just two years after the riots of the beating of the Rev. Dr. Rodney Luther King, Garcetti was afraid that if a white jury convicted a black supercelebrity of murder, all hell would break loose.

In her book, Marcia Clark defends her idiotic feminist (and clearly racist) idea that she should gets lots of black women on the jury because black women suffer lots of domestic violence and would sympathize with Nicole. However, she says at several points in the book that it didn’t matter who wound up getting picked, a downtown jury was never going to convict OJ Simpson. In the section of her book describing the jury selection process, at the end, she says she then knew that this jury was never going to find Simpson, and that the case was doomed the moment Garcetti moved it from Santa Monica to downtown.

White men are producers and breadwinners, and few can afford to spend months on a jury with no income. The white men who are successful enough that they could afford to so don’t want to – they’ve got stuff to do, and sitting on a jury for months listening to lawyers isn’t one of them. Plus, defense lawyers know that normal white Gentile males are the prosecution’s best friend,and they will do whatever it takes to keep as many as they can off the jury.

* One of OJ’s defense attorneys, Carl Douglas, in the 30 for 30 documentary from last year: “If we had had a Latin jury, we would have had a picture of him in a sombrero! There would have been a mariachi band out front! We would have had a piñata at the top of the staircase!”

* It wasn’t just that Marcia Clark “misunderestimated” the loyalty black women would have in standing by their man, but just as importantly, California law at the time would only allow DNA evidence if the party presenting it actually first proved its scientific merits to the jury.

Clark’s mistake in allowing so many black women on the jury was compounded by the fact that they found the testimony of scientific experts boring and largely irrelevant. The jurors just flat out didn’t have the intelligence to comprehend what they were being told or what relevance it may have had for determining OJ’s innocence or guilt.

It is impossible to overstate how stupid black people are. White people literally can’t fathom it because they are so much smarter.

* The part of the OJ saga that sticks in my head is when the verdict was read: Robert Kardashian, sitting at the defense table, has this unmistakable gut-punched-sick-to-his-stomach, I-can’t-believe-he-got-away-with-it expression on his face and accompanying body language. Check out the video; it’s obvious he’s in real distress. Kardashian clearly knew that OJ was stone guilty; it’s highly plausible that OJ confessed to him early on before Shapiro came on board, when it seemed that Simpson was going to give up or possibly even commit suicide.

* Race trumps gender. Clark still doesn’t get that fact about human nature, and probably would’ve done the same thing if faced with the same decision today.

For her to have won the case, she would’ve had to

1. NOT agree to move the case downtown, but keep it in West LA.
2. NOT agree to a jury composed largely of black women
3. Attempt to stack the jury with mostly middle class white men
4. Step down from leading the prosecution and bring in an A-list prosecutor from out of town.

Still don’t fully understand the reasoning behind “Let’s move the trial from where the crime occurred to downtown”. Makes no sense whatsoever. With that reasoning, why not move it to Cupertino? Makes no sense. That ace in her hand was thrown away, she didn’t have to agree to that at all. The crime didn’t occur downtown, duh.

* My spotty recollection of the trial is that the case swung strongly to O.J.’s favor when tapes of “racist cop” Mark Fuhrman spouting the n-word were played in court. Suddenly all the police-gathered evidence implicating O.J.’s guilt lost credibility in the eyes of the black jurors. The story got reframed as racist cops wanting to bring down a too successful black man.

* The miniseries version of Clark may be depicted as advancing reasonable-sounding but doomed strategies, but in real life Clark seemed unreasonable even at the time. The prosecution had a mock trial in Arizona and the mock jurors who were being monitored hated Clark in real life – in particular the black women. Their reactions to her were quite negative – “Bitch. White bitch. Jew bitch.” She was totally unshaken. She blew it all off and insisted that black women would identify with a blonde woman who had been abused and then murdered by a black man. Nothing Darden or anyone said could get her to rethink that.

Clark was a liberal Jewish divorcee with a messy background and weird ideas about men due to her own bad experience. Her ex-husband was a sleazy backgammon shark and sometime chess shark, I think maybe Israeli, who ended up dead in suspicious circumstances. She thought all women thought the way she did about controlling, abusive husbands. Johnnie Cochran was only too happy to help Clark pack the jury with black women.

Even at the end of the trial Clark had no idea how badly she had whiffed. Her closing statement ended by replaying Nicole’s old 911 call from when OJ was beating on her. She thought she had won the war or something. The jury just sat there stonefaced.

Clark and her colleagues were indeed way out of their depth. They’re the sort of people who end up working in the prosecutors office while others like Cochran and Bailey are earning seven-figure fees. As I recall Darden’s annual salary was $40,000.

The reality is that it would have been almost impossible for even a competent prosecution to succeed any better than earning a hung jury. Once DA Gil Garcetti moved the trial from Brentwood to downtown it became impossible to get a prosecution jury. The best they could have done was mixed, but Clark blew that. Garcetti was so scared of another riot he threw away any realistic chance of a conviction for peace at any price.

* The most striking thing for me was that immediately after the acquittal, one of the black female jurors, as she left the courthouse, made a sweeping motion with her hand over her head:

“All that DNA stuff? Right over my head.” Completely dismissing hundreds of hours of DNA evidence.

Stacking a jury with LOW IQ scientifically illiterate black women was also catastrophic for the prosecution, especially when there was so much circumstantial evidence.

* In a culture where racism isn’t the summum mallum think what a compelling story the life of Mark Fuhrman could have been. Literally the only cop that took Nicole’s domestic abuses accusations seriously who then becomes a focal point of the OJ murderer trial with a final denouement of his solving that Kennedy cousin murder cold case.

Clearly the guy is a little bit off but that is an interesting life arch and I think the series- which I thought was great- would have benefitted from a rounder depiction of him. Marcia Clarke presents herself as Nicole’s avenger, but really the only person who tried to avert the tragedy as it unfolded was Fuhrman.

* I saw the series when it aired last year and then read the book by Jeffrey Toobin.

The mini series script closely follows that book. Toobin, a young recent Harvard Law graduate at the time gave up law and became a journalist. He was working for the New Yorker magazine during the time of the OJ trial and was assigned to cover the trial.

I agree about Cuba Gooding not resembling OJ but his likable on screen presence helps suspend disbelief after a while.

OJ’s Bronco was a perk of his Hertz job. By that time he was a sort of brand ambassador for hertz, playing golf and doing meet and greets for Hertz. The trip to Chicago after the murders was related to that.

Travolta was instrumental in putting the mini-series together; it was something of a vanity project for him. That explains his inflated role. He overacts but is still quite good. The actors playing Marcia Clarke and Darden are also very good with the portrayal of Darden being the highlight of the film.

Toobin’s book lays much of the blame for the verdict on Marcia Clarke and her notion that black women would be angry about domestic violence. He also makes the point that Gil Garcetti, the LA DA at the time, was the one who really sealed the deal for a not guilty verdict: He moved the venue from Brentwood/Santa Monica to downtown LA guaranteeing a majority AA jury. Acting under political pressure and worried about riots Garcetti also took the death penalty off the table from the very beginning. Toobin implies that Garcetti and LA politicians were quite willing to let OJ get away with it as long as they could avoid a repeat of the 92 riots.

* Judge Ito also let OJ “make a statement” to the court without being on the witness stand. This was unbelievably outrageous. If a defendant wants to “make a statement” he can go under oath and answer the questions his lawyers designed to send whatever message he wants. But the prosecution also gets to ask questions, and from what I understand, once a defendant answers a single question about a crime, he has waived his 5A privilege against self-incrimination. You can’t answer some questions, but not others. But Ito essentially let Simpson testify to his innocence without losing his right not to have to answer questions about the crime.

* The thing that has surprised me these years is why O.J. wasn’t the subject of a revenge-killing by someone in the victims’ families. I mean it in all seriousness – it isn’t exactly like O.J. has been laying low these years. I think the temptation to get even and dare a jury to convict me would be significant. But perhaps the Goldmans and Browns are not exactly the McCoys.

* I was running a derivatives desk in Sodom on Hudson at that time. We were therefore in a trading room with TV’s all over the place.

When it was announced that a decision had been made the room filled up with all the affirmative action hires.

Without exception every black in the room cheered.

Many relationships were irredeemably changed that day as white people realised the amount of racial hatred that blacks they worked with every day harbored for them.

* I remember some wag saying, as the OJ jury began its deliberations, “Los Angeles authorities are bracing for rioting by Jews and suburban white women in the event of an acquittal.”

* Whites psychology–open, cooperative, altruistic–is highly beneficial. In fact, it’s the outcome of the great social achievement of the West–breaking down primitive tribalism and building “one people/one nation” societies with trust-at-scale, allowing the great nations and achievements of the West, and the incredible peace and prosperity we have today.

However, this open, trusting, altruism makes it pathetically easy for tribal peoples to roll trusting Westerners. And doubly, triply–an order of magnitude easier–after the West politically empowered women.

This is what we see in the West. Clueless Westerners welcoming “refugees” and other immigrants with their “diversity!” addled brains thinking these folks will behave just like Westerners once they are properly taught. While these tribal (non-trusting, non-altruistic, non-cooperative) foreigners are thinking “these folks are suckers” and taking them for everything they are worth.


The OJ trial with a black jury freeing an obviously guilty man, and blacks everywhere cheering wildly over it, *should* have been a little ‘window into reality’, for white people–a little “wakeup call” about what’s in store.

And indeed it had that effect on some (probably me to some extent). But TPTB made sure that narrative was quickly pulled, and the “story” was Mark Furhman had said “nigger”–the worst crime imaginable. (Not some trivial shit, like slicing a couple of people’s throats.)

* I don’t believe any part of the trial itself was the result of any conspiracy. It played out naturally. The twists and turns weren’t caused by government interference; they were due to the confluence of race, political correctness, incompetence, and other factors.

The idea that it was all a scripted TV production between the media and the government is so idiotic it’s hard to believe anyone could believe it. But more and more right wingers are a fan of the lunatic/con artist Miles Mathis, who says that very thing – the OJ murders were fake, a scripted production between the media and the government. So were the Manson murders. And the John Lennon murder. And the JFK assassination. And the Lincoln assassination. And a whole bunch of other stuff.

* “What it was all about,” of course, is that O.J. was guilty of cutting off his ex-wife’s head and torturing Ron Goldman to death with a butcher knife, guilty not only “beyond a reasonable doubt” but any doubt, so transparently guilty that no honest and rational person could believe, even as a remote possibility, that he was innocent, or even that he wasn’t “proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.” I sure that most of the jurors, even the blacks, knew he was guilty, beyond any doubt.

“What it was all about” is that a jury, dominated by blacks, freed a murderer they knew was guilty beyond any doubt, not so much because he was rich and famous but because he was a black man who murdered and tortured and mutilated two whites; blatant nullification as racial vengeance and tribalism/solidarity, a corruption of justice that is routine but was/is only infamous in this specific case, unavoidably exposed rather than suppressed by the left-liberal MSM, because of Simpson’s fame.

* The infamous Lazer Kaganovitch, had not 2 victim’s families, but hundreds of thousands of victim’s families with ample reason to kill him, Yet he lived well into his nineties in the middle of Moscow with no police protection.

* I am old enough to remember when you could use the fire stairs to walk from floor to floor in an office building if you did not want to wait for the elevator. Now you don’t get out of the stairwell until you get to the ground floor. Wonder why?

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