Jared Taylor on ALT-RIGHT and JEWS; White Advocacy; Bill O’Reilly; Trump

Published on Jun 27, 2017: http://jlptalk.com Originally aired Thursday, April 20, Hour 1. Jared Taylor of American Renaissance (http://amren.com) & New Century Foundation is a bit disappointed in Trump, that he’s not deporting all of the illegal aliens, that he’s getting involved in foreign conflicts like Syria. He tells Jesse about the Alt-Right, coined by Paul Gottfried, made popular by Richard Spencer.

Some in the Alt-Right blame Jews for what’s gone wrong in the country. Some are rabidly anti-feminist, to the point feminists call them misogynists. Blacks are brainwashed to hate and blame whites for their problems. Now many young whites are beginning to be angry at Jews for unfairly calling white people racist and taking the country in the wrong direction. Jared believes there are valid reasons for anger, but it is not beneficial because it clouds your judgment.

Jesse asks him if he’s a “white nationalist.” Jared doesn’t use that term, partly because of its connotations, although there’s nothing wrong with being a white nationalist. However, he’s a white advocate. Most people naturally segregate to their own race, and there’s nothing wrong with that — and America should remain a majority white country, but unfortunately, it will not.

Jesse asks him about Bill O’Reilly. Jared says it appears he was “boorish” around women, but that isn’t a reason to fire the most popular person on cable TV. Jesse does not believe the women, and says they should be “big girls” and accept that, if they want to work with men, men and women will be attracted to one another and will hit on each other.

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