Who’s The Best West LA Rabbi For A Bar Mitzvah?


* In the Brentwood, Beverly Hills neighborhoods of Los Angeles the most popular Rabbi for Bar Bat Mitzvahs and increasing rare weddings is an ethnic Chinese lesbian Rabbi married to a black American Muslim convert who attends the events as the Rebbitzen.

A favorite full in the blanks speech for the Bar Bat Mitzvah kids is a convuluted mess trying to prove that the biblical command to kill men “who lay with other men as a man lays with a woman” doesn’t really mean what it says.

The liberal Rabbis are working on finding something in the Hebrew bible proving that G d approved transsexual operations and hormone treatment.

As long as the liberals concentrate on trans gender they won’t concentrate for the next item on their agenda, decriminalizing pedophilia and reducing the age of consent to age 5.

* I’m pretty new to the whole “Jewish Question” thing. Not long ago I always thought any talk about “the Jews” was just the ranting of lunatics. Then I somehow caught onto it from Unz and alt-right sites. I just read Kevin MacDonald’s The Culture of Critique last year.

Now I’m just amazed at how much of the media narrative and conventional wisdom seems to be influenced by distinctly Jewish attitudes and motivations that I was just completely oblivious to (and most people still are). Hiding in plain sight the whole time.

I had no idea just how much resentment many Jews are harboring toward white Gentiles. I had never even realized who was Jewish for that matter. Sometimes of course a name like Goldberg or something is obvious, but I still probably won’t have thought about it. But I had been familiar with “conservative” pundits like David Brooks, Charles Krauthammer, Bret Stephens, Bill Kristol, etc. but see their views on foreign policy and immigration totally differently now. Any article that advocates mass immigration and I always take a glance at the surname of the author now.

This phenomenon needs to be explained to people more.

I’ve had Jewish close friends since growing up and it makes me sad that Jews feel this way and are doing this. I feel like Jews and white Gentiles should be on the same side and I wish influential Jews would cut it out. I think being considered immune from criticism is a big part of the problem – if they were called out more, as Jews, maybe they would tone it down.

* English Jews have pushed for mass immigration since the 1880s when they claimed Russian Jews were being unfairly persecuted and needed refuge in Britian.

Since WW2 they have pushed for massive black and brown immigration. In fact, the very first black Jamacians brought to England on that ship of shame The Windermere were brought by the Jews that owned the ship.

Since about 1970 English Jews have pushed for Muslims. They succeeded in flooding many English towns with aggressive Muslims including London. London is presently the Jewish seat of power in England, but not for long.

Seeking to drive the native British out of their greatest city and Capitol the Jews flooded London with Muslims. Jews funded the endless Muslim separatist groups. The great British triumph was the election of Sidiq Khan as Mayor of London.

Tomorrow, Sunday the Muslims of London along with numerous foreign groups such as Hamas, Hezoballah and even Isis will have an anti Israel pro Muslim match in London.

All the hundreds of Jewish activist groups have tried to get the march canceled. But Khan and the Muslim politicians prevailed and the march will go on.

As always, Jews go too far. Their great enemy is the Christian heritage Whites of Europe. In importing black and brown Muslims to destroy Europeans, the Jews will destroy themselves as they have done throughout their history.

* … anti IQ science denialism is largely driven by Jewish paranoia… many Jews worry that if Americans are allowed to notice the white-black IQ gap, they will also notice the Jewish-gentile IQ gap and then the peasants will come for the Jews with torches and pitchforks.

* Or maybe because it would mean that the left has been wrong about almost everything for 200 years and that the conservatives were right all along.

It means the conservatives were right about blacks during reconstruction and the civil rights era.

It means the conservatives were right when they opposed immigration from non NW European countries.

It means eugenics is real.

It means that the Nazi racial hierarchy was accurate.

It means that universal education can’t improve the masses.

It means that anti-poverty programs can’t work.

It means that an egalitarian society is impossible.

* Steve is a smart guy and an incorrigible mensch; he often pulls his punches in an attempt to “nudge” the recalcitrant by means of reason and good humor. Some of us commenters are a little more blunt. This moderated forum has been excellent for allowing everyone to engage without too much shouting.

* “Goy” is not a term of contempt. It just means “people” or “nation”, and it can refer to Jews too. For example in Genesis 12:2, where God promises Abraham,

“And I will make of thee a great nation”

“nation” corresponds to “goy” in the original Hebrew.

If “goy” is ever used pejoratively, that is only a reflection of the speaker’s attitude. Same as “bagpipe player” is only pejorative if the speaker dislikes the sound of bagpipes.

* Judaism has no concept of “people of the book” where they give credit specifically to Muslims and Christians as being related religions.

* The Holocaust is not a free pass to think you’re entitled to citizenship in any nation. And as matter fact, the Jews were practically given a nation of their own because of it. The Ukrainians had to wait until well after to the Jews to get their nation back after Holodmor. And still…we “owe you” a safe place to be. Well, no.

How about the Jews learn to take up arms and defend themselves? They do that in Israel. It can be done. The OT talks about some badassed Hebrew warriors. Where’s that tradition? How about understanding the tense, guest/host nature of Judaism in any place but Israel? The best rabbis do understand that. It appears that most Jews do not.

* In the Talmud, it say that Jael did Sisera seven times so that he would be really exhausted when she tried to killed him, but it was for a good cause so it wasn’t a sin.

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