Christianity Vs Islam

From Chateau Heartiste:

Why are the world’s violent and primitive attracted to Islam? Executioner’s Summary: it’s Islam’s appeal to the base instincts. The sand people are on the whole a stupid, clannish, hot-headed, inbred lot who have populated the world in numbers well above their natural state of existence thanks to the oil money and exported Western technology, and so it is their religion appeases and amplifies their under-evolved natures and provides justification for their burgeoning populations to expand and conquer infidel lands. You’ll note, too, Islam’s appeal to prison blacks, for similar reason: dr. feelgood and Hulk SMASH for the brutishly dumb.

Christianity is the religion of the higher IQ, the more empathic, the bigger-souled, the guilt-based (inner morality); it’s a religion for a people whose impulse is to transcend their human failings and better themselves, rather than to embrace their will to filth and stamp a seal of approval on their avaricious barbarity. Now of course there are exceptions, but in the sweep of history the general observation holds up, and continues to hold up.

I’m of the opinion that a religion is less an influence on culture and society than it is a manifest revelation of the genetic foundation of the people who profess belief in it. Religion serves the God of Biomechanics, not the other way around, and over time a religion is amended and elaborated, or in the case of Islam distilled to its thuggish essence, to satisfy the soulful yearnings and emotional demands of its followers. Christianity, in other words, could never be felt the same way or interpreted with the same keenness outside of the social context of civilized White Europeans and their diaspora. The same is true for Islam, which must necessarily remain chained to the jungle hearts of its tropical and desert wasteland base of believers (who will never realize this until they force Armageddon upon the world).

Regrettably, Christianity, like its people, has “out-evolved” itself — it evolved to where it was always logically heading faster and more completely than it could counter-evolve defenses against exploitation of its core tenets — and now waits in a horribly weakened condition for enemies to burn its cathedrals and piss on the gravestones of its saints and heroes.

Those who think the White West can be unyoked from Christianity and not just survive but thrive are fools; Christianity can no more be excised from the West than charity, empathy, genius, poetry, and high trust can be cut out from Western societies without permanently altering the character of the people. Discarding Christianity is taking a hatchet to a part of the essence of European man and expecting him to walk off the operating table unchanged. Instead, what’s happened is de-Christianized European man lays naked and defenseless on his gurney, once lamenting and now begging the world’s demon spawn to put the final fading glimmers of his listless spirit to the breaking wheel.

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