Steve Sailer: “Intercept:” Harvard-Westlake School Is Alt-Right Madrassa

Steve Sailer writes: “[Julia] Hahn’s September 2015 article about Camp of Saints followed by a few weeks Ms. Merkel’s decision to act the novel out in real life; and Ms. Hahn is Jewish and it’s quite possible she didn’t like the increasingly anti-Jewish tenor of Islamic terrorism in Europe.”

“I have to confess to only now finally reading Plato’s “Republic.” I was rather struck to discover that Socrates’ definition of “justice” is translated variously as “minding your own business,” “not being a busybody,” and “not being meddlesome.””

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* California is the canary in the coal mine that is Anglo-America…..

Hence, it’s not surprising that some of us are “Woke” to what’s coming…

* Brittany Pettibone is another girl of the same vintage, with similar politics and from California too, I believe.

She and Lauren Southern spoke at Berkeley recently. Lauren herself is in France too right now embracing the Identitarians:

* Interestingly, this rambling piece from The Intercept never mentions the fact that Julia Hahn is Jewish. So maybe, instead of being a dangerous Neo-Nazi, Hahn is actually a patriotic American Jew, who doesn’t fear and loathe white Christians. Here’s an unintentionally hilarious post from The Forward expressing shock that a Jewish girl would work for Donald Trump and Steve Banon.

* They prattle on about “infamous” graduates of Harvard-Westlake.

How could they fail to mention the intrepid Heather McDonald?

* Yeah, someone asked in the Trump open thread if Trump groks the threat of demographic change. Probably not as much as a Hahn or a Miller who grew up in the Los Angeles area over the last couple of decades. It’s not as visible for someone living in Manhattan.

* It should be noted that Julia Hahn’s full name is Julia Aviva Hahn, and her boyfriend in college was latino.

* The likeliest explanation is not that they fell under some charismatic alt-rightist’s spell at Harvard-Westlake, but rather that they rebelled against its pervasive left-wing secular piety.

Nietzsche was a son of the manse; his father and both grandfathers were Lutheran ministers. As an adult, he gained fame (or infamy) as the man who said “God is dead.”

Aleister Crowley was brought up in a strict Plymouth Brethren household. He became “the Great Beast,” England’s most notorious diabolist.

On the other hand, Malcolm Muggeridge grew up in a secular Labour household; his father was a founding member of the Fabian Society, and a Labour MP. As a young man Muggeridge was attracted to Communism, but he was disillusioned by what he saw in the Soviet Union, and ended up a strong anti-communist, a Tory, and a Christian apologist.

David Horowitz was a red-diaper baby and an early adherent of the New Left; now he is a prominent critic of the left, his appearances on college campuses frequently triggering riots.

Some fraction of persons raised in an atmosphere of stifling religious or ideological conformity will inevitably reject it and in the process embrace strongly opposed views.

* I always find it interesting that people automatically assume that California must be uniformly liberal. Didn’t California produce Reagan and Nixon? Didn’t California vote solidly Republican in the post-WWII era? Wasn’t Orange County previously considered a bastion of conservatism?

It seems a lot of the fiercest brawls (between pro-Trump and anti-Trump forces) have happened in California (especially Southern California) – Huntington Beach, Anaheim, San Diego, Berkeley.

Here’s an article on how California is full of pro-Trump intellectuals (such as Steve Sailer, Ron Unz, Mickey Kaus, Claremont, etc).

* By the way, Southern California is now only 30% Non-Hispanic White. For those under the age of 30, the figure is 22%. If you subtract out “white” ethnic groups like Persians and Americans, that percentage drops even more. If you subtract out recent Eastern Euro migrants, the figure drops even more. Of the remaining White-Americans, a substantial number are Jewish.

So White-American gentiles likely are under 20% of the population of SoCal. For residents under the age of 30, likely only 10%. Truly amazing.

SoCal is usually thought of as being the best place in America to live. It’s got beaches, amazing weather, nightlife, beautiful suburbs, large cities, etc. What a tragedy that Americans can’t even live on the best real estate in America.

Americans have basically been ethnically cleansed from the best real estate in their own country. A country their fathers/grandfathers fought for in WWII……… Go fight in WWII and when you come back home, give your prime living areas over to foreigners.

It’s not just SoCal. Whites are around 30% (20% for white gentiles) in NYC and South Florida too.

Of the three best areas in America (SoCal, SoFl, NYC), whites are finished in all of them.

What a country.

* Look what massive invasion did to California. It used to be a white state with lots of space and opportunities. Now, except for Hollywood and Silicon Valley, much of California might as well be Parts of Mexico and other Third World nations. This is what happened to the once-native majority of California thanks to mass invasion. So, this is what Europe should look forward to by welcoming massive invasion from Africa and Middle East? Why would Maass want this? Isn’t he white? Shouldn’t he defend white lands? I guess he’s too much of a virtue-vanity-preening ideological narcissist who inhales PC like an addict sniffs glue. He loves to feel ‘morally superior’ by virtue-signaling as a “caring compassionate and progressive white guy who rejects ‘racism’.” But, if ‘racism’ means a people defending ethnos and territory in their own homeland, what is wrong with ‘racism’? I mean, were the Vietnamese wrong to wage war on French, Americans, and Chinese for invading or occupying Vietnam? Are Palestinians in West Bank wrong to oppose continued incursions-invasions by Zionist colonizers?

Also, PC has a perverse concept of Tolerance. Since every nation has some minorities, I would argue that it’s good to be tolerant of existing minorities. But PC demands more. It says the existing majority should adopt demographic policies that will turn them into a minority in their own ancestral and historical homeland!!! Like what happened to Palestinians and native Hawaiians. Crazy!

Given what demographic imperialism does to a people, why would Maass support the invasion of the West?

Non-white aggression against whites in the Age of Fanon and Sartre made sense. European invaders still held parts of Asia, Africa, and Near East. So, non-white aggression was necessary in order for non-whites(such as Kenyans, Vietnamese, Algerians, Zimbabweans, etc) to reclaim their homelands from white invaders and colonizers.
And they won, and whites went home. Algerians, for example, expelled the French.

Now that white Europeans are in their own homelands, what is the problem? If it was wrong for non-white regions to have been invaded by whites, why is it good for white nations to be invaded by non-whites?

It’s like Russians, French, Poles, and others had every right to repel the German invaders in WWII. But once the Germans were out of their nations and defeated, there was no reason for them to deny the right of Germany to exist. Let Germans be German in Germany. As long as Germans are minding their own business in Germany, what right do other peoples to invade and occupy Germany?

It’s like Japanese once colonized huge areas of Asia. Asians kicked them out with help of US and USSR. It was justified to attack and repel Japanese imperialists. But once Japanese are back in their homelands, there is no justification for other peoples to invade and take over Japan. Let Japan be Japan, and let Japanese have the right to make sure that their territory, heritage, and identity are preserved in Japan. After all, Japan is not the world. It is just one nation among many in the world. Globalism’s open borders imperialism threatens to turn every nation into a total mess like Brazil or Venezuela.

INTERCEPT has done some good work in exposing abuses of the US government and empire. But all said and done, it is just another globalist-imperialist mouthpiece. Instead of supporting national sovereignty as the bulwark against Globalist-imperialism, it actually serves the Sorosian globalist project of smashing all national barriers so that the entire world will be exposed to US military domination, Wall Street takeover, and third world mobs who come for one thing only: free stuff and sex with white women.

American nationalism is good. It means America minding its own business than playing sheriff of the world. US in globalist mode since the end of Cold War has led to horrors in Russia, Ukraine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and EU. US aided in the financial rape of Russia. Its intervention in Muslim world led to blowback and more invasions, and that led to massive influx of Muslims and Africans into Europe.

Now, we have morons like Macron saying, “There is no French culture. There is just diverse cultures in France.” He sounds like some American moron in community college brainwashed by PC and Hollywood. So, this is what PC does to a culture and heritage as great as that of France. It turns everything into PC, rap, Hollywood, and celebration of homos.

* Jewish behavior sometimes seems like group PTSD. Understandable, maybe, but still PTSD and often not making sense. At all costs young Jews must not deviate from the party line that America is about to Holocaust them, any hour now. Like a horse that can’t separate the past from the present and can’t go down a road where something bad happened.

* Membership has its privileges. Being Jewish and having dangerous opinions can get you a lot farther than dangerous opinions on their own. We can see it in France with Eric Zemmour and Alain Finkielkraut, in Canada with Ezra Levant and in the US with a list too long to name. It’s kind of the modern equivalent of being a liberal or radical member of the gentry back in the 18th or 19th century.

* In my short time living in California I observed that the whites fell into three categories:

1.) True believers. Genuinely believe a majority Hispanic California is better than the majority white California was. Almost always baby boomers. Often had substance use issues in their past but since it was a less cutthroat time didn’t end up on the bottom rungs. Often grew up during the majority white period and experienced the majority Hispanic period as an established adult, so their primary experience with diversity was cheap gardeners and ethnic restaurants. While welcoming to immigrants generally are less enamored with NW Asians. Can’t understand why their kids are doing poorly and seem to resent them when all they have done all their lives is love and accept everybody.

2.) Resisters. Steven Miller, etc. Skew young.

3.) Quislings. Realize that they have essentially been defeated and have commenced with the boot licking. To keep some semblance of dignity, they pretend to be 1.)

Group 3.) is by far the largest. Fairly heterogeneous, though, some are complete cowards, some are biding their time.

* Steve Sailer:

“The concept that America’s 21st Century rich ought to feel a sense of noblesse oblige toward their less privileged fellow American citizens simply doesn’t register in the conventional wisdom. Fellow American citizens would charge the residents of Beverly Hills more for servant duties than illegal aliens would, so screw them, those racists”

You clearly don’t understand what noblesse oblige is, or the social context of societies that practiced it.

Old aristocratic societies had noblesse oblige because aristocrats had *higher legal status from birth*. Only they could exercise position in government, and they had literally powers of life and death over plebeians. An aristocrat could literally murder a commoner with no justification whatsoever. In those societies, aristocrats had an obligation to take care of commoners because those were the “pets” of the aristocrats.

With the Enlightnment, everyone became equal before the law. In a capitalist bourgeoise society, there are no social obligations at all, because people relate to each other voluntarily and through contracts. Salaries are negotiated based on supply and demand, and on the skills you have to offer your employer.

You supporting noblesse oblige for a society like the U.S is ridiculous because there is no inherited priviledge. Money is not priviledge because everyone is free to make it. Money inheritance is not the same as inheriting more political rights than others because a higher political status gives you true power over others while money does not. One gives you power of coercion over others, while the other doesen’t. A rich man cannot kill you in cold blood and get away with it(like an aristocrat could). Sure, he can hire better lawyers, but he will face the same laws as everyone else. A rich man cannot go to your house and rape your daughter and get away with it(like an aristocrat could). He cannot put you in chains and force you to work for him(like aristocrats could). Having money only gives you power over others if they allow it to, such as in a work contract. But even then the power is very limited. Your boss can fire you if you do not show up to work, but he can’t beat you or force you to work. Having a superior political status is a *whole* other ball game in terms of power than the power of money.

* Is there something else going on between Maass and Hahn? Maass appears to have stewed over the Hahn article for a year and a half. He alludes to the fact that they grew up about a mile from each other (albeit at different times). He’s doing research into her personal background including delving into her FB and Instagram accounts.

And now he comes out with this piece in The Intercept. Maass is really concerned and upset about this girl!

Quite strange….Maybe Maass wanted to mentor Hahn, and she rebuffed him? I don’t know…but Maass’ article reads more like a call for help— an attempt to let others in on his stalking ambitions. Perhaps somebody who cares about Maass can step in and slow his roll before he does something stupid.

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