The Long Strange Journey Of David Brooks

November 18, 2013: “Divorcing: David Brooks and Sarah Brooks, after 27 years of marriage. The respected New York Times columnist, 52, and his wife met as students at the University of Chicago; she converted to Judaism and changed her named from Jane to Sarah when they wed in 1986. Just last year, Brooks said “I go to colleges and I tell kids if you have a great career and a crappy marriage, you will be miserable. If you have a crappy career and a great marriage, you’ll be happy. So every course you take in college should be about who to marry.” The couple, who upgraded to a $4 million home in Cleveland Park last year, have three children.”

David has now remarried and is teaching about character and why it matters.

Free Republic:

Okay, we have read a lot recently about the irreparable divide in American politics nowadays. However, I am happy to report that there is one thing about which the left & right are in mirthful unity about: the incredibly tacky David Brooks wedding registry.

Brooks got married again last Sunday after dumping his wife of 27 years for a much younger mate. That actually isn’t the funny part. The laughter comes from the wealthy columnist and his bride publishing online (since taken down) of a wedding registry consisting of expensive as well as tacky items.

The question is why even post a wedding registry? Like does Brooks & Bride really need all this stuff that he can easily afford? Why didn’t Mr. Moralizer who frequently wrote incredibly boring columns denouncing materialism just suggest that in lieu of wedding gifts that people just donate to his favorite charity?

He didn’t do that and the comedy result has been tons of well-deserved (and hilariously brutal) reaction on the web. The most notable such reactions have been on TWITTER where they have subjected Brooks to merciless mockery.

This mockery comes from both left and right. From the left comes a Wonkette PAGE so brutal that I can’t even post the title here so if you are offended please remember that I warned you. That same Wonkette page, in the spirit of political ecumenism, also contains an equally brutal (but absolutely funny) post from Luke Ford on the right.

You can find many other such postings but here is a really funny DISCUSSION THREAD on the topic of Brooks’ tacky wedding registry. Here is a sample of one of the observations:

lmao @ all those fancy plates next to oxo good grips. and just one set of measuring cups? do you even gluten contamination, bro? just another shmuck with shmutz for brains, with a camouflage kitchen to paper over a liquor and take out lifestyle

So read and enjoy. Oh, and please remember you were warned about strong (but hilarious) language you will encounter so don’t complain if you are offended.

I’m surprised that David and his new bride would be so dense as to have a wedding registry, let alone make it easily public online.

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