Where Is Your Happy Place?

A Mexican friend says Dodger Stadium is her happy place. She goes there and she always feels happy.

I want to say that for Jews, synagogue is their happy place. They go there and they always feel happy. But I think this is only true for a small number of Jews. Orthodox Jews tend to go to shul every day and you can’t expect a place you go to every day to always make you feel happy. I wonder if synagogue is a happy place for a higher percentage of non-Orthodox Jews than Orthodox Jews because non-Orthodox Jews go to synagogue less frequently and therefore it might be a more intense and uplifting experience.

For other Jews, going to a bank might be their happy place.

For blacks, going to a game or a club or barbershop might be their happy place.

For intellectually-inclined whites, going to a library might be their happy place.

For many Australians, going to the race track or a bookie or a bar is their happy place. For many men, it might be a strip club or a whore house. No man wants to deal with an unhappy whore so when he pays for that service, he can reasonably expect to be made to feel happy.

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