China & The End Of The Australian Dream

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* The Chinese do not intend to assimilate into the Australian mainstream. They do not have the hostility towards white civilization of conquered peoples (Aboriginals, American blacks, South Asians) they are simply indifferent to how their bottom line affects society as a whole.

In addition to soaring property prices, few ethical boundaries in business and an ancient antipathy towards Southeast Asians the Chinese will bring drugs. Ice and heroin.

They will also bring human trafficking and a level of corruption that will make the days of the Italian and Greek mobs paying off some court in Melbourne look as transparent as a child’s game.

* Australia and NZ should take note of Philippines where a Chinese merchant community has run rampant over the laid-back Filipinos-they either have to leave the country or work for low wages.

Chinese-Filipinos are also responsible for the drug war, having realized that Meth and Heroin would be cheap vacations for Filipinos living in poverty.

They would, given the remotest possibility, repeat this pattern in Australia.

Simultaneously, Indians are entering Australia and their eventual competition with Chinese will result in a similar situation to that of Singapore.

Australia already struggled to integrate Mediterranean and Balkan immigrants whose kids would fuel the Melbourne crime wave of the 1990′s although eventually these people were more or less assimilated.

Chinese, arriving with capitol and an ancient networking systems, have a greater ability to withstand any economic pressure to integrate.

They won’t. What they will do is marginalize whites, whom they quietly regard as inferior.

* A quick glance at geography makes it clear that Australia’s future as a Western nation has always turned on borders closed to Asian immigration … with the closure enforced by military alliances with the Anglo-American Empire. Since colonization, to the north and west of Australia there are and always have been billions of Asians clamoring to get in on the material, social, and technological benefits of Western Civilization and its high-trust social order. Now, it appears that wealthy Chinese, as in Canada and the United States, are being given an opportunity to buy their way around borders to hide their ill-gotten wealth in real estate and other ventures in anticipation of the eventual end of the Chinese social experiment in predatory capitalism.

It’s sad … but it seems that the crack in Australia’s closed borders will only get wider until it results in, at the least, progressive Chinese control of the economy, and, at the worst, massive Asian immigration. But the worldwide, Western disposition for national suicide via immigration by alien cultures and religions is not unique to the Australians … cf. Western Europe, Canada, and the United States. RIP!

* 6 Jews and 3 Muslims in the Parliament .
Watch the number of Muslims grow.
Remember that there are many Labor politicians who have more constituents signed up for the Islamic State than signed up for the Australian Defence Force.
Labor is quickly moving away from supportting traditional white Christian families into being a party of identity politics.

* Organized Jewry in AUS (while perhaps not the majority of individual Jews) are most certainly in favor of non-European mass immigration, and official multiculturalism. This is why they were & are in the forefront of AUS Anti-’Hate Speech’ laws which prosecute criticisms or mockery of protected classes or the cultural practices of said classes (eg Africans, Asians, Muslims, Jews). It is also why they doxxed Pauline Hanson’s immigration-restrictionist One Nation membership, exposing the entire party membership in the late 90s. They want Australians Whites to become a minority in their own country. By their deeds ye shall know their agenda. They do not want freedom of speech, and they want mass nontraditional immigration, and the wrecking ball of multiculturalism to be sacrosanct.

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