NYT: “Australia’s Immoral Preference for Christian Refugees”

Steve Sailer: From the New York Times oped page:

Australia’s Immoral Preference for Christian Refugees

SYDNEY, Australia — Like many Western countries, Australia has agreed to resettle refugees from the wars in Syria and Iraq. Unlike other countries, Australia explicitly favors Christians, even though they are a minority of those seeking refuge. …

And here’s the big ending:

Before World War II, Australia resisted international pleas to grant refuge to more Jews. “As we have no real racial problem, we are not desirous of importing one by encouraging any scheme of large-scale foreign migration,” a government official said in 1938.

Australia should consider that history may judge it harshly for treating today’s Muslims as it did yesterday’s Jews.

A. Odysseus Patrick is a writer for The Australian Financial Review.

Not surprisingly the text string “Israel” doesn’t appear in this oped, even though Australia and Israel have rather similar refugee rules.

What’s not mentioned in between all that is that Israel has the mirror image policy to Australia’s. The Jewish State, despite being much more conveniently close to the source of Syrian refugees, indeed occupying the well-watered and relatively underpopulated Golan Heights, which are recognized by the UN as Syrian national territory, only allows in Jewish refugees.


* Australia’s policy of favoring Christian refugees is actually quite sensible and humanitarian; if you’re taking in people threatened by persecution (Christians or other minorities), it doesn’t make much sense to take in the persecutors (Sunni Muslims) as well.

* What’s the problem though if the same number of refugees are being resettled otherwise? It’s a preference to Christians, it doesn’t mean Muslims are excluded. Seems like he missed an opportunity to have fewer Muslims fresh from a sectarian civil war in his country and couldn’t abide it! It worked out sooooo well with the Lebanese Muslims.




I also love how he uses his middle name, Odysseus, instead of his actual name, Aaron.

* The way African refugees have been behaving in Melbourne lately is the latest reminder the old White Australia Policy was the best idea we ever got rid of.

* Strange that in this case the NYT admonishes Australia for wanting to help a minority group. I thought they were all in for minority immigrants.

* NYT: “Before WWII, Australia resisted . . . refuge to more Jews. ‘As we have no real racial problem, we are not desirous of importing one by encouraging any scheme of large-scale foreign migration,’ a government official said in 1938.”

NYT: “Australia should consider that history may judge it harshly for treating today’s Muslims as it did yesterday’s Jews.”

Reality already judges Australia harshly for reneging, importing the tribe that encourages large-scale foreign migration and social chaos of all sorts.

* White countries and Christian countries (Nigeria etc) are being transferred to non-whites and non-Christians.

This is official NWO/globalist policy.

The policy is zealously supported by Muslims, Jews, Bhuddists, Athiests, Hispanics, Blacks, Asians and guilt-tripped or deracinated Whites. This coalition is powerful enough to make it happen and so it is happening.

* I’ve seen several comparisons of the Syrian “refugee” problem to America’s refusal to accept the passengers of the S.S. St Louis, one of them in an Israeli paper. Of course absolutely none of them felt the “lessons” from that experience needed to apply to Israel. Funny how that works.

* Self-preservation seems adaptative. Minorities are parasites upon the process. They ultimately seek to destroy self-preservation of the host. The host that lacks an immune system sufficiently strong to resist parasitism by “minorities” will not survive long. The host will be consumed by the parasite. The parasite climbs up adaptative hills and the host retreats down toward adaptative dales. Self-preservation is lost and the whole world is lost to the parasites. Mankind is lost and civilization is lost. Without your people you will find you have nothing, nothing at all. In the end, you’ll find you have absolutely nothing without your people.

* Jews demand that African refugees in Isreal be sent to Australia instead.

* Israel obviates the need for other countries to welcome Jewish refugees in the event of a future persecution. That’s its main reason for existence.

* The great thing about relatively minor historical incidents like the SS St. Louis is they can be used as a stick to eternally beat the descendants of people living thousands of miles away from the killing fields of Eastern Europe. Ironically, the proud descendants of those who actually carried out the mass killings in eastern Ukraine are now given a pass.

* Australia should consider that history may judge it harshly for treating today’s Muslims as it did yesterday’s Jews.

Note to any influential Australians who happen to be reading this: No one in America will judge you harshly for this. No one here judges you harshly for any refugees you may have not let in during The Big One either.

Trust me on this one. We mostly judge you for things like AC/DC and Mad Max movies, so if you just keep doing stuff like that, you’ll always be A-OK in our book.

* Let the Hawaiians have Hawaii and let the Jews figure out how to get along with their neighbours wherever they’ve ended up. Let them figure out how to get along with the rest of us on their own dime and their own time. In other words, let them figure out how to get along with us, rather than demand we get along with them, no matter how insulting and hostile they happen to be.

* The Camp Of The Saints even had that scene where the boat reached Australia, and they just told them “Nope. Sorry. Not enough Vegemite to go around, I’m afraid.”

* The truth is that most Americans don’t even ever think about Australia. It’s just not on most Americans’ minds. If you ask them what they know about Australia, most of them reply with things like Mad Max, Crocodile Dundee, and Outback Steakhouse. Most Americans probably think Hugh Jackman and the assorted other Aussie actors in Hollywood are British.

* Let’s drop the refugees off in the middle of the outback. I’m sure they’ll figure it out, just like the aborigines did thousands of years ago.

* Time & again, Jewish pressure on western nations for mass immigration seems to be supported by 3 arguments, but only two are usually wielded for the masses. The other one is only revealed in moments when they let their guard down-
1) Western nations owe it to the higher God of Humanitarianism and the Demi-Gods of Diversity and Universal Altruism. (and if Julian Simon & Ben Wattenberg types want to chime in, they’ll throw in the ‘every sperm is sacred’ garnish, i.e. infinite population growth will save save the planet because of all the Somalian rocket scientists)
2) Western nations didn’t take in enough pre-WW2 refugees, particularly Jews, in the 1930s, so it is a needed act of collective atonement to now dissolve themselves & have open borders.
3) Western nations which are overly white & overly homogeneous are morally defective. Their homogeneity can lead them to become auto-fascists & overcome with genocidal mania because deep down, white Christians are filled with hate. However, if they become “diverse” their hatred can be held in check & fought by the minority population.

* To be fair, I think there’s a pretty significant proportion of the alt-right that isn’t hostile towards Israel so much as it is jealous of it.

They get to have a wall, and they get to preserve their own heritage, but for some reason, we don’t.

And I’m sure you agree that the Bill Kristols of the world don’t really help your cause much by being in favor of diversity in one place but not the other.

* About 70% of american Jews consistently vote for the Democratic Party, which is – effectively – now a party of open borders. That seems pretty statistically significant to me. Even among those Jews who vote Republican, they probably lean toward favoring immigration. To say nothing of the deep pockets that support immigration: George Soros, David Gelbaum Mark Zuckerberg, to name three. There are many others. Can you name a jewish billionaire who is an immigration restrictionist, and who donates heavily to that cause? Of course, most billionaires are of a globablist bent, but most of the ones I’m aware of who have made liberal immigration “their issue” are not gentiles.

* Read the comments on the NYT article. Probably every single one of the 50 highest rated comments defended Australia’s actions. The balance of opinion is shifting rapidly to our side and the open borders nuts are now on the defensive.

I have a German immigrant coworker. When Trump’s campaign started he was pretty vocal in his opposition, but up until a month or two before the election I would’ve danced around the topic a little bit (though not entirely), and definitely would not have felt that I can count on the support of any of my coworkers when the issue of immigration came up. Little by little many of our other colleagues have expressed opinions on the issue to the point where none of us is remotely worried about expressing our minds. It is now the open borders nuts in the office who are on the defensive.

My German colleague, of course, is one of those immigrants who thinks his status as an immigrant gives him the right to filibuster any native born American who expresses support for limits on immigration. Not long ago I cut him short by telling him that if I had moved to another country the last thing I would do is demand that they tear the door off its hinges to let in an unlimited number of my fellow countrymen. That shut him up rather quickly.

* The truth is that if you see yourself as a minority you probably won’t feel you have any reason to support a policy that keeps the racial majority in the majority.

The irony is that Jews aren’t really a minority. They are part of this country’s European racial majority, and it is nothing more than fanaticism that underlies their support for mass immigration. Jews have also managed to maintain their communities in spite of the massive inflow of immigration, which is something other whites have not been able to do.

* The entirety of the Muslim world seems rather laid-back in offering their distressed brothers sanctuary.

* The late Billy Hughes, Prime Minister of Australia said, “The Montefiores [who infiltrated the upper echelons of the church in England] have taken Australia for their own, and there is not a gold field or a sheep run from Tasmania to New South Wales that does not pay them a heavy tribute. They are the real owners of the antipodean continent. What is the good of our being a wealthy nation, if the wealth is all in the hands of German Jews?” (Saturday Evening Post, June 19, 1919).

* So let’s look at Sweden that managed to stay out of the World Wars and remained safe haven that accepted ALL the Jews from the neighboring countries that managed to make it there.

It took almost no time at all for the “thankful” Jewish refugees to flood Swedish media, academia and politics with not only masss immigration advocacy but endless Holocaust guilt tripping and demands to dismantle Swedish tradition, history and identity in favor of the radical leftist agenda.

It may be true that not all Jews are involved in such advocacy but it’s also true that no Jew ever came out and even just expressed disapproval towards their co-ethnics who immediately adopted a deeply hostile stance towards the people that had granted them sanctuary.

* To be fair, animosity towards Israel and by extension Jews is really two pronged:
1. American foreign policy should put American interests first but instead AIPAC has outsized influence.

2. That we would also like an ethnostate or at least land wherein whites have legal protects that Jews enjoy in Israel. Yes, we are jealous.

Now, some prominent American Jews complain about Israeli border enforcement. But, I’ve yet to hear one acknowledge that Israeli interests drive US policy to detriment of actual Americans.

That would certainly improve the opinion of the alt-right toward American Jews. But I think we are a much smaller group than we realize and what we want may not matter.

* True, but no Chinaman (etc.) wants to admit that it was his own people/culture that made his native land so undesirable. Absolutely no one wants to admit this about their own people, least of all the people (e.g., Africans) for whom it is most emphatically true.

Jews don’t seem to have too much difficulty holding together a Jewish neighborhood if they want to. I’ve lived in a few cities that had Jewish quarters where most of the Jews seemed to settle.

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