Wonkette: ‘Is David Brooks Being Compelled To Christ By New Wife’s Vagina? We Are Just Asking Questions’

Rebecca Schoenkopf writes:

Here is a nice story of Nice Time! David Brooks, who believe it or not pens some of the less offensive twaddle for the New York Times, writes books about “character” and “morals,” and taught a … Harvard? Yale? (Yale) … class about humbleness, has married! He is clearly very much in love with his bride, Anne Snyder, a good God-fearing Christian woman who is apparently leading him to Christ by way of her magic vagina.

After (or while?) Brooks and his previous wife — who not only converted to Judaism for him but also “converted” her name from Jane to Sarah — split quietly in 2015, he penned an outsized mash note to his young research assistant, Snyder, with his penis.

In addition, he would like to thank his wife Sarah, who also exists. Just kidding! She got a brief mention in the last paragraph of the acknowledgements for The Road To Character (really), in which he thanked her for taking care of their kids.

Orthodox Jewish…blogger Luke Ford… has compiled all sorts of background, including snippets from a whole bunch of Christians who are VERY EXCITED for their young compatriot, Snyder, and how she is super duper leading this one Jew to Jesus (with her vagina). We’ll steal just one or two and then send you over to Ford’s place for the rest.

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