The Times’s Two Star Trump Reporters Were Rivals Until They Bonded Over A Bris

It’s good to see Jews working together.

Group cooperation usually wins out over individualist strategies in inter-group competition.

The most high-profile New York Times reporting duo covering the Trump White House were once fierce rivals in New York’s high-stakes City Hall tabloid culture — until they bonded over the surprise discovery that they’re both Jewish.

Maggie Haberman, then with the New York Post, and Glenn Thrush, then with Newsday, refused to speak to each other when covering the Giuliani administration, according to a recent profile in The Daily Beast.

Thrush recounted in a podcast last year that their first conversation came after Thrush mentioned to another reporter that he was Jewish.

“Since when are you Jewish?” Haberman asked.

“Since they cut my foreskin off when I was a baby,” Thrush responded.

Today, the two reporters, who have together published numerous scoops uncovering White House deliberations and scored exclusive interviews with the president, treat each other like family.

“I think there is a real shared brain between us,” Haberman told The Daily Beast. “He’s like my other sibling. I have a brother, but if I had another brother, it would be Glenn.”

“It’s the most natural collaboration I’ve ever had in my career,” Thrush added. “Sometimes it’s a little hard to figure out where she starts and I end.”

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