What’s Next After the Russian Brouhaha Peters Out?

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* It will keep going and going and going. Russia will be the major issue at the next elections. You can sell anything for any amount of time.

And why shouldn’t they? What’s the penalty? You’re treating the press like gentlemen from the past who, when shown to be wrong, would retire from the discussion voluntarily. Who knew when to stop lying just because there’s a line one does not cross. Who had a sense of shame that would itch unbearably when they went too far.

It’s the current year, Steve.

* Yeah, the thing that gets me about this Trump-Russia supposed connection is that it just doesn’t make any sense, given the guy Trump.

People on the left seem to have no theory-of-mind. They seem to reason like this: it would be very, very evil to collude with Russia, and Trump is an very, very evil-doer; therefore, Trump colluded with Russia.

But whatever Trump’s faults may be, sneaky conspiratorial behavior is hardly among them. He can hardly keep his mouth shut. He’s going to go off on a grand utterly secret conspiracy with any number of people including a bunch of Russians? Why on earth would he attempt to do this? Why would his inclinations lie in that direction?

You could sort of see Richard Nixon trying to pull something like that off. But “if-it’s-in-my-head,it’s-out-of-my-mouth” Trump, for God’s sakes?

* My guess is that the half-life of the “Russia brouhaha” on the left is going to be very, very long, essentially infinite. They’re never going to let it die. It’s basically going to be this decade’s 2000 Florida recount, mixed up maybe with “Bush did 9/11.” Or, to put it another way, it’ll be Birtherism for Democrats. Even in the absence of evidence, it will just, at worst, dwindle down into the realm of “serious questions having been raised,” or a “cloud over the process” in public conversation, and an animating foundational legend for the Democrats going forward, to be used all at once to motivate their own partisans, discredit Republicans, and absolve themselves of any responsibility for losing in 2016. Basically, it will become the Democrats’ Dolchstoßlegende. The political and psychological appeal of having an immortal, unprovable but thus also un-disprovable conspiracy theory that implicates your enemies in a nefarious and monstrous act of perfidy that completely explains all your misfortune is considerable, too considerable to be abandoned.

* We also have the counterpart to the Megaphone: The Underphone.

People like Sailer scribbling away in relative obscurity being secretly read by major players. Quiet whispers between Deplorables in places like this and the halls of power. ShitPosters on the internet rattling cages everywhere they can. All passing on the secret knowlegde that 2+2=4.

* They run “stories,” which amount to nothing more than innuendo, in their mainstream news outlets — “This raises questions!” — “Russia: The story that won’t go away!”

And why is it “story?”

Well, because it’s in the newspapers that’s why! It “won’t go away” because they keep running stories about it.

Repeat and rinse.

* Obama’s National Security Adviser Susan Rice says “I leaked nothing to nobody” when asked about the Obama Surveillance Scandal. That means she leaked like a beer hound on a bladder-busting bender. Susan Rice is the monkey, and Obama is the organ grinder. President Trump will not punish the monkey and let the organ grinder go. President Trump will go after Obama.

Obama was the one who authorized the opening of the floodgates of raw electronic information. Obama was the one who did this for political reasons. Obama was sneakily using the power of the electronic eavesdropping ability of the United States to further his political goals.

We all know that Obama famously said he wanted to “transform” the United States. Obama’s “transformation” of the USA included the racial transformation of the USA into a third world hellhole. Obama used the advanced electronic surveillance system of the USA to make sure his “transformation” of the USA went on without interruption. Obama failed, President Trump defeated Hillary Clinton.

I want Al Pacino to play Susan Rice in the upcoming movie of the Obama Surveillance Scandal. I can’t wait to see how Pacino will deliver this line: “I leaked nothing to nobody.” Pacino might just underplay it to increase its dramatic impact.

Pacino, because he is such a studious craftsman at the job of acting, will even put the blue makeup under his lower eyelid like Susan Rice does. Al Pacino will do what he must to convincingly play his part. Richard III to Susan Rice; Pacino can do it.

* The point is that Trump isn’t having the predicted effect: he isn’t moving the culture in his direction. If anything, he’s moving it in the opposite direction. Progressives who would have hated the CIA for its spying on American citizens two years ago think its justified today. Sanctuary cities are probably more supported today than they were three months ago.

In other words, there has been a lot of ‘things are about to burst’ talk. The revelations regarding Rice are ‘about to break the whole thing wide open.’ But it doesn’t appear that way. The public are continuing to forgive the Obama administration; controversies aren’t weakening support for him; they’re strengthening distaste for Trump.

Unless things change, post Trump is not going to be a renewed Nationalism: its going to be progressivism on steroids.

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