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‘End Jewish Privilege’ Poster Circulates on Chicago College Campus

Anti-Semitic fliers calling for an end to “Jewish privilege” have been strewn all over the campus of the University of Illinois at Chicago, according to student Eva Zeltser, who posted an image of the poster with her commentary on Tuesday.

“Ending white privilege starts with ending Jewish privilege,” the flier shouts, purporting to show with false statistics that Jews monopolize the wealth of America.

Forty-four percent of American Jews, it alleges, are in the top 1% of income earners, a gross exaggeration of the facts, claiming to base the assertion on data from a Pew study. That Pew study, on income across different religious groups, found that 46 percent of Jewish households in America make over $100,000, hardly a sum that puts one in the 1%.

A Jewish professor responds:

U. of Illinois, Chicago is a public, not a private university (e.g., U. of Chicago); and accordingly, full constitutional protection —not least the First Amendment— applies everywhere on campus. Sorry fellow Jews, lots of the Goyim don’t like us one bit. Boo hoo. Lots of us don’t like so many of them them one bit either.

I’d suggest that new posters be circulated on the UIC campus with extensive excerpts from Dr. Charles Murray’s more flaming writings, especially Bell Curve, elucidating where on the IQ scale us Ashkenazim fit, and where everybody else fits; and what that implies for the relative absolute numbers of those across the spectrum on both the left and the right tails of the curves. And regarding their likely success or not in contemporary American society.

Why not also include the official statistics from the Feds on racial breakdown of major crimes; incarceration and recidivism rates; welfare dependency and illegitimacy: the gonsa meghillah…all that stuff which the sainted Steve Sailer puts under the rubric “hate facts”?

And as icing on the cake, post extensive excerpts as well from Meir Soloveichik’s recent trashing (in Commentary Magazine) of World-Class French Public Intellectual Benard-Henri Levy’s abandonment of the “chosen people” concept as the necessary —and maybe even the sole— condition of getting the anti-semites to change their wicked ways.

Seems like giving as good as we get is a far preferable group strategy to lying on the ground, curled up in the fetal position, declaiming Oy vey Is mir; and begging the Dukes and Princes whom we so loyally serve to protect us from the Cossacks!

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