George Soros: No Hate at Middlebury!

Steve Sailer writes: “You’ll notice that there is no Hate in Vermont. It’s just a blessedly blank spot on Soros’s map of Hate Incidents. No Hate there!

Now, you might have thought that a mob of masked vigilantes putting Middlebury College professor Allison Stanger in the hospital with a concussion and whiplash would qualify as a hate incident.

But the fact that incident sounds like hate to you just proves you are one of the Hateful.”

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* George Soros actually had the colossal gall to pay BLM thugs to riot in Ferguson and other places when Obama and Holder were in charge.

Will Soros try to pull the same paymaster stunt with Trump in the White House? – – – and if Soros does, will Jeff Sessions give Soros a free pass like Holder did?

Wasn’t paying people to cross state lines and riot a serious violation of the US Code once upon a time?

* Politics of Hate is a gimmick. It is really a Politics of Power. The powers-that-be get to define and decide what is ‘hate’ to discredit their enemies. So, acts of hatred carried out by their side or their minions isn’t ‘hate’. But anyone who opposes their agenda is ‘hate’, even if he is acting in self-defense.

That’s all it is. ‘Hate’ is a gimmick, a tool of mind control. Pure political ploy.

Of course, all sides do this. Usually, ‘war crimes’ are what the OTHER side does, never what your side does.
US bitches about torture and ‘human rights’ abuses in Syria but overlooks its role at Abu Gharib that no one talks about anymore.

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