NYT: ‘California Today: A Gallery Flees and Neighborhood Activists Cheer’

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* I used to hear “vulnerable” used to describe, e.g. poor children who don’t have anybody who will notice signs of abuse, or prostitutes, who might not be noticed if a serial killer starts picking them off.

Women in general, being half the adult population, seem like a stretch to include in that category. PoCs, too, by similar reasoning. “Queer” people are vulnerable insofar as the behavior that they’ve come to define themselves by is extremely risky (might be a bad idea to raw dog it on meth with >200 dudes a year, but God forbid you say that). Hard to see how that makes them a “vulnerable community”. Even the sainted Matthew Shepard died due to his crystal meth dealing.

I have a grudging respect for the Left’s tightening stranglehold on the English language.

* The kind of art exhibited in the gallery: http://www.barnettcohen.com/recent-work

My favorite piece is entitled “Oxford Shoe, sand, cat piss and shit.”

* Up against determination, Mexers are hopeless and useless.

But, paradoxically, that is one of the Mexers’ strength. Their sheer mediocrity seems so non-threatening that people ignore the rise in Mexer numbers for too long until there are too many of them and may even be poised to take over. Mexers know that their power resides ONLY IN NUMBERS.

You don’t need too many Muslims to realize that, uh oh, they mean trouble!! Even less with blacks.

But with Mexicans, you figure they will always be like Guillermo, a smiling servant people who say, “Yes Jimmy”.

* On the other hand, here is the gallery’s nemesis: http://www.onda.la/2016/pssst-stinks

PSSST is but the most recent result of the world of art as it exists within racialized capitalism.

Of course it is. Here are their tips for disrupting your neighborhood gentrifying gallery:

– Attend, drink all their wine and leave
– As you leave perhaps think of opening up a stink bomb or two to clear the space
– Bring noisemakers like fart bombs, horns and matracas to bring a festive mood to their dead spaces that will be sure to startle the attendees
– Invite friends to mob the whole gallery and throw an impromptu party (see: the scene in La Haine)
– Be creative! Have fun! Don’t get caught! Wear a mask if necessary!

From their “About” page:

We know that […] the question of violence is not a question at all; that decolonization is not a metaphor but a threat backed by material violence; that the legal system offers nothing compared to revenge; that […] work is a drudgery imposed

Fun guys.

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