“Riz Ahmed Warns Lack of Diversity on TV Will Drive Young to ISIS”

Comment at Steve Sailer:

* I believe you’re underselling Mr. Ahmed. In his “Girls” role, he had to play a popular surfing teacher/DJ in the Hamptons. That was the easy part. The harder part was he also had to feign sexual attraction to the star/writer/director of the show. He also had to utter the words (not joking) “Man, that’s a lot of p***y hair down there.” (Like Lion of the Blogosphere, I watch so you don’t have to.) I say give him his Emmy now

* How sad – he clearly is just frustrated that the UK movie industry is too small to make use of only average talent with non-British features, so he doesn’t have the career he feels entitled to. So he has to go full “ISIS” in his explanation – the trouble being, you never go full ISIS if you want people to believe you.

* Yes, rent-seeking — and extortion. As in, “if you don’t put us in your shows, we’ll blow your legs off and leave your people bloody and screaming in your streets at random intervals.”

Translated even further, every group of people essentially threatens every other with destruction if they don’t get living space and the chance to impose their will.

People suck, and we all need our own cell walls and sovereign organs in Earth’s body in which to perform our functions. That’s called nationalism, and its the best.
i.e. “Good fences make good neighbors, so get the hell off my lawn!”

* We often hear this argument. Because of X (travel ban, desecration of the Koran, not being hired to play James Bond, etc.) many muslims will become terrorists. Therefore we ought not to do X.

It seems to me a more rational argument would be: Anybody who might become a terrorist because of X is not somebody we want in our country.

* You know, if I were a member of an immigrant group that dragged on my host society so much that even though it was still relatively minor in size and hadn’t been present in any serious numbers before man walked on the moon, that being on television in proportion with my groups size and importance would cause me to immediately become a jihadi sympathiser, I’d be, like, apologetic or something. Yet this guy and all the others never are.

I guess Trump is gunna cause a wave of Mexican and East Asian terrorism. What with his harsh language and relative lack of those groups on US TV. There can’t be any other component to this alleged phenomenon.

Also I like how Riz Ahmed doesn’t get that all his success is down to being a Pathan in the West. He’d never get much work if he was his white equivalent or trying to work in Pakistan or India. That he doesn’t get it is just too good. Indeed, just like Diego Luna, it is the problems of this group and their drain and subsequent generation of resentment that propels him (The Pakistani underclass doesn’t furnish a lot of talented thespians, there isn’t a lot of good Hispanic talent either, judging from the quality of Hispanic actors on US productions.) in a Hollywood desperate to score diversity points.

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