Oxford Professor ‘Joshua Silver reports Home Secretary speech as ‘hate incident’ to police because she favors British workers’

This is insane. What kind of white guy wants to restrict speech?


Home Secretary Amber Rudd’s speech to the Conservative Party conference on foreign workers was treated as a “hate incident” by police.

In her speech in October 2016 the Tory minister proposed tougher rules on foreign workers to stop immigrants coming to the UK “taking jobs British people could do”.

Her comments were reported to West Midlands Police by Joshua Silver, a physics professor at the University of Oxford.

Joshua Silver serves on the editorial board of the Oxford Jewish Review.

According to Wikipedia: “In 2016, Professor Silver complained to West Midlands Police that British Home Secretary Amber Rudd had committed a hate crime while giving a political speech at the Conservative Party conference. During an interview with Andrew Neil on BBC2’s Daily Politics, Prof Silver said: “I didn’t actually see the speech but I’ve read the draft. And I’ve looked at all the feedback that there was to the speech. I’ve read the speech carefully and I’ve looked at all the feedback. It’s discriminating against foreigners, you pick on them and say we want to give jobs to British people and not to foreigners. It was interpreted that way.”.[7][8] During the subsequent discussion on the programme, former Conservative Party leader Michael Howard responded by stating: “Of course it wasn’t a hate incident… What Amber Rudd said was no different from Gordon Brown [former Labour prime minister] when he said there should be British jobs for British workers. I think Mr Silver should be thoroughly ashamed of himself because what he’s doing is to bring a well-intentioned piece of legislation into disrepute.” The BBC subsequently reported that West Midlands Police had not been formally investigated the statement, but had recorded it as a “non-crime hate incident” in accordance with police national guidelines.”

From a Lubavitch publication:

Self-Correcting Vision

Hundreds of millions of people around the globe are in need of corrective lenses to improve their vision. Poor eyesight leads to lost wages and a lower quality of life, and if not corrected early can lead to total blindness later in life. However, in many third world countries, no optometrists are available to examine their eyes and prescribe corrective lenses. Furthermore, the cost of producing the glasses is beyond the reach of the world’s poorest people.

One solution is to mass produce lenses that can be adjusted by the wearers to fit their own eyes. One type of such adjustable lenses was developed by Joshua Silver, a physics professor at Oxford University in England. Called AdSpecs, the glasses are designed to allow users to inject silicon oil, a clear fluid, into the lens. The refractive power of the lens increases as more oil is injected. Once the user adjusts the lens to a comfortable strength, the injection device is removed. AdSpecs glasses cost about $19 a pair, and 30,000 pairs have already been distributed in 3rd world countries. However, Silver’s goal is to reduce production costs down to $1 a pair and distribute them on a far wider scale—up to 1 billion needy people…

As great as the need is for physical vision adjustment, our spiritual vision is even more blurred. Under normal circumstances, the process of getting fitted for spiritual “glasses” is a prolonged one—one must find a spiritual guide, a teacher who succeeds in shaping our worldview so that we see clearly, beyond the fuzziness and confusion of the world.

Yet, very soon, we will all experience a rapid adjustment of vision without the need to consult with “experts.” Rather, each individual will have a direct experience with G-dliness, which will allow them to directly perceive spirituality. As the prophet foretells, “No man will teach his friend Torah for all will know Me, from the greatest to smallest.” All spiritual concealments and barriers will be removed, and “Our eyes will behold our teacher.” This is the state we will enter with the complete revelation of Moshiach, may it happen immediately.

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