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I was talking to a Jewish friend the other day and he mentioned this scam he thought would totally take care of his problem.

On the one hand, I admired his take-charge attitude. On the other hand, I understood why many whites don’t want non-whites in their country who scam the system.

Anglos create high-trust societies (England, Canada, United States, Australia). Non-Anglos then want to move to these prosperous high-trust societies and take advantage. This destroys social capital.

Non-whites don’t realize this, but when they cheat the system in a high-trust country, they’re acting like parasites.

When I encounter people cheating, they’re rarely Anglos. They’re more likely to come from cultures where if you aren’t cheating, you aren’t trying.

I grew up a WASP (a Seventh-Day Adventist in Australia and then California), and I sometimes saw WASPs cheating, but they rarely boasted about it. They were rarely proud of their prowess at cheating. In many minority groups, such as the Chinese, they seem to take great pride in their ability to rip off outsiders.

If a minority group acts dishonestly, they create more incentives for the majority to either kill them or kick them out.

I’m listening to The Convict Report Episode 39: Greg Johnson Speaks with the Dingoes.

Greg: “They need to control the media because they are so vulnerable.”

Host: “While the Chinese can’t construct a marketplace on their own, they can take advantage of one we build. They have a semitic disdain for working classes, for farmers, for their military.”

Greg: “The Chinese and Koreans and Japanese (who aren’t an exception to this even though some WNs want to carve out an exception for them) tend to have a shame culture rather than a guilt culture, meaning that they are more concerned with saving face than with their own conscience.

“Even if no one sees us (whites) doing something wrong, we feel bad about it. In shame cultures, if you are caught, that is bad, if you lose face, that is bad, but if you get away with it, they’re comfortable with that.”

“Shame culture and saving face encourages them to behave in ways that would make us feel guilty. Shame culture encourages a culture of lying and fakery. You can’t have a culture of lying and fakery and build a white civilization, which is a high-trust civilization. What has made it possible for a large number of white people to interact and create scaleable institutions because we are highly trustworthy and we have internalized this ethic of guilt and being trustworthy. We tell the truth. We perform our jobs without needing bribes.

“China is a shame culture, which means it is a low-trust society. People lie all the time, especially to people higher up in the social hierarchy. When you have a tiny clique running a society of 1.4 billion, people at the top are often cut off from reality. You can’t run a society if you don’t have accurate information about what is going on. That is why you have these ghost cities in China. People are not communicating accurately to decision-makers. That is why they have a brittle society and they want to come to our society and to our high-trust institutions and fake their way into our institutions.

“In our high-trust societies, we have to exclude free riders, people like Jews and Asians, who will exploit our ethos to rise to positions of wealth and power but they hollow out our society by introducing double-dealing and low-trust behavior patterns.

“There was an Asiana Airlines jet (Korean) which crashed in San Francisco… It turned out that the reason the plane crashed was that the pilot did not know how to land that kind of plane but he did not want to lose face and admit he did not know how to land the plane and the co-pilot didn’t want to lose face by correcting the guy. Now imagine a guy is in the cockpit of a country and they are making decisions like that. You can see it is a brittle society.”

I believe that the HBD argument, that East Asians have some sort of IQ edge over whites is not entirely true, or missing some critical aspect of measuring intelligence across racial lines. It seemed to me that the situation related to the engine room between Jake Holman (Steve McQueen) and the coolie points to something deeper. Holman states to the Captain, “It’s all monkey see monkey do.” Americans stationed in Korea call the place “The land of the not-quite right.” I started to suspect that Koreans didn’t understand how things worked shortly after arriving in Korea, when Korean workmen were comfortable with repairing water main pipes without first shutting off the water. They’d take the backhoe, start digging, and sewage would flow everywhere, into buildings, private rooms, etc. This happened all the time, and I presume it still does.

They seem to have no true mastery of most complex things. I believe this is partially due to kibun interfering with an instructor’s ability to be direct. Examples of the lack of true mastery on the part of Koreans include:

The crash of Asiana Flight 214, which occurred on July 6, 2013 in San Francisco occurred because the pilot didn’t really know how to land a Boeing 777.
KAL007, the Korean airline which was shot down by the Soviets, nearly causing WWIII, occurred because the pilot had made a critical error in basic navigation and was blithely flying over restricted Soviet Airspace. If a North Korean airliner made the same mistake flying over Alaska, no doubt the Americans would have shot that aircraft down.
In 2014, the MV Sewo a Korean ferry which capsized leaving hundreds dead is another example of a lack of true mastery in Korea. The ship was modified, making it easier to capsize as the center of gravity was raised (lack of mastery in naval architecture), it was severely overloaded (failure of mastery on the part of the load-master, captain, and regulatory agencies), and the crew gave the wrong instructions to the passengers as the shipwreck occurred thus increasing the death toll (failure of mastery of basic seamanship). The captain of the MV Sewo was the first to leave the ship and first claimed to just be a passenger after being rescued. (An example of kibun over-riding telling it how it is.) This was also not the first time a ferry capsized due to this incompetence. The MV Seohae also sank due to overloading causing a similar number of deaths.

“The Chinese are good at imitating, but as soon as their ethos becomes dominant, things become brittle.”

Host: “People are surprised when they go to asian societies like Vietnam and nothing happens without bribes. These asians want to infiltrate the West… They’ll come to Australia and set up on-seller shops where asians will get a heads up and they’ll go to our supermarkets and bulk buy baby powder and on-sell it to China because they don’t trust the product in China, even when it is labeled as coming from Australia.”

Greg: “You’ll find similar problems in countries like India. There is a description in a V.S. Naipul book about an untouchable washing steps to a temple and after each step is washed, she’ll take the muddy water and throw it on the next step down. She’s not cleaning anything. She’s just going through the motions. We find that mentality baffling.”

“If a person’s role is to make money, then it doesn’t matter if they do it honestly or dishonestly. These asian societies are as dysfunctional as you would imagine.”

“A lot of white nationalists want to carve out huge exceptions for asians because they seem capable of appreciating and carrying forward certain things in our civilization but there are subtle ways that is not going on.”

“The Chinese grand strategy for technology is to copy and steal from the white world. They are self-consciously parasitic on the more innovative white countries. As long as we allow them to steal our secrets, of course they will do this.”

Host: “I am pretty sure we have a Chinese spy in our senate and we can’t do anything about it.”

The Federal Government is intensifying its attacks on Labor frontbencher Sam Dastyari over his acceptance of funds linked to China, calling for him to be dumped from the Opposition frontbench.

Senator Dastyari, who holds the position of Manager of Opposition Business in the Senate, has conceded he should not have asked a company with links to Beijing to cover a personal travel debt of $1,670.

But he has rejected Government claims that his political views on China have been influenced by overseas donations.

Host: “Koreans have a huge amount of circumcision going on because they took their medicine and medical technology from the American doctors who came over.”


Virtually no circumcision was performed before the year 1945 as it is against Korea’s long and strong tradition of preserving the body as a gift from parents.[36] A 2001 study of 20-year-old South Korean men found that 78% were circumcised.[37] At the time, the authors commented that “South Korea has possibly the largest absolute number of teenage or adult circumcisions anywhere in the world. Because circumcision started through contact with the American military during the Korean War, South Korea has an unusual history of circumcision.” According to a 2002 study, 86.3% of South Korean males aged 14–29 were circumcised.[38] In 2012, it’s the case of 75.8% of the same age group. Only after 1999 has some information against circumcision become available (at the time of the 2012 study, only 3% of Korean internet sites, using the most popular Korean search engine Naver, are against indiscriminate circumcision and 97% are for).[36] The authors of the study speculate “that the very existence of information about the history of Korean circumcision, its contrary nature relative to a longstanding tradition, its introduction by the US military, etc., has been extremely influential on the decision-making process regarding circumcision.”

Greg: “When the Japanese wanted to modernize, they got a list of the things that Great Britain did, and they copied them. They decided, we don’t know what is essential and what isn’t, so we will copy everything. They wanted to have a Navy and went to the British naval academy and copied everything. It was like the 1999 movie Galaxy Quest.”

Host: “Normies only get negative [Australian] media coverage of Trump.”

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