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‘A Place To Call Home’

Feeling a tad homesick, I subscribed to Acorn TV on Amazon to watch this Australian soap. NYT: “Designed to satisfy your sprawling-period-saga hunger in the absence of “Downton Abbey,” this 1950s Australian melodrama is at four seasons and counting. It’s … Continue reading

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Same-Sex Marriage Settles The Jewish Question

Jews can’t live in a country that permits same-sex marriage. It is a level of filth so great that a Jew must flee such a land before it sacrifices them to Moloch. That’s not me speaking. That’s Rabbi Aaron Rakeffet-Rothkoff … Continue reading

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The Keepers (2017)

I am watching this Netflix docu-series about the murderous corruption in the Roman Catholic church in Baltimore and how it warped law enforcement and the judiciary, and I am thinking — I’ve heard this story before. I watched the movie … Continue reading

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