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A Nation of Immigrants?

Greg Johnson wrote in 2003: No society is improved by racial, cultural, and religious diversity. These merely become fault lines along which social frictions and upheavals regularly occur. America would be improved by fewer Blacks, Asians, Mestizos, and Jews, not … Continue reading

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Do You Hate Other Races?

Greg Johnson does. He wrote in 2005: I showed a draft of this essay to a friend who questioned the wisdom of giving our enemies a sentence like “I really do hate other races” to quote. My reply was: we … Continue reading

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Women & In-Group Loyalty

Comments at Steve Sailer: * This is the deal with women and racial loyalty: because women have an evolutionarily significant possibility of being raped by an “outsider” during conquest, and therefore having a half-outsider child, women do not fully register … Continue reading

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Nixon and Moynihan on Race and IQ–Know the Truth–Don’t Admit It!

James Fulford writes: The Oval Office tape of Richard Nixon and Pat Moynihan posted on YouTube and recently noted by Steve Sailer has both men saying that they know the truth about IQ and race–but can never admit it. And … Continue reading

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Why Has Australia Moved Left?

Because the Coalition of the Fringe is gaining at the expense of the country’s white core. As whites feel increasingly beleaguered, however, they will discover they have group interests as white people and act accordingly. New York Times: As the … Continue reading

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